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    To begin this paper on the Nine Realms I shall start, where else, but at the beginning. Thus it becomes obvious to those who look with an open mind of the countless directional expressions which underlie the evidently clear patterning within the sacred writtings of any religion.
    For all begin with an overview of the macrocosmic Universe, its diverse functions and cessations, and then quite naturally proceed to show divine consciousness reflecting in upon itself as a microcosmic creation in time and space. Yet these source writtings always require personal insight on the part of the Seeker, and the Northern Ways are no different...
    As to what I consider to be the particularly inovative diagram (yet to be uploaded) which I present above, I would like to stipulate that it is a well known fact that our ancestors considered the world to be flat. Not as one would first think though, likened rather to a piece sawn from the trunk of a great tree with a substantial thickness to it and placed solidly above what is already known to have occured, yet below what may- or may not happen to occur within the next moment. Therefore it is upon this solid notion that I have expounded.
    Before anything was, there existed ony the eternal Void known as Ginnungagap, which can be interpreted to mean a "seeming emptiness" of primordial matter. Yet, within this Void nothing exists while all things become possible. There are no firm absolutes in existance to hinder this seemless universe of energy to manifest what it may. There was nothing but a gapping openness of chaos before the World Tree, known as Yggdrasil. So, according to Northern Cosmology, what occurs next can be seen as an introduction of Orlog within this unbounded Void in which a Tree shall grow.
    The "Terible One's Steed" is the giant ash tree which is known to link and shelter all of creation. With It's roots and branches binding together the physical, mental and spiritual triadic layers of consciousness, this Horse of Ygg is considered to be the center of the universe, a visual conception of the known realms. Containing worlds not only of beings but also of emotions, feelings, and intellects, these areas are connected by the World tree, which also exists within one's spinal column, and can be reached via special "bridges" of runic energies such as that of Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge, which connects MidgardR to AsgardR; and Gjoll, the bridge connecting the dark under-realms of Helija to those realms of light above. It woud therefore seem apparent that the Tree came after the Void but before all else. Hence some beliefs which are based upon this surviving Lore state that it was only after the demise and destruction of the creator of all giant-kind, Ymir, that the Goddess Hulda sank below into Ginnungagap to become the Tree incarnate, sprouting forth leafage from her own body. Yet, now I digress.
    Through the formative patterns present within this centrality of creative intelligence and primal energy which exists within the Void, and is inherant in all seed-forms, germenation begins to commence thus bringing forth material manifestation. Realize, if you will, that through this beginning unification of natural forces, well before the subsistance of humanity began to form and develop, even before the world of men and godz existed, those energies of Muspellheim's initiatory, positive polarity combined with those energies of Niflheim's receptive, negative polarity. For deep in the frozen wastes of Niflheim the spring Hvergelmir, or Roaring Cauldron, gave rise to eleven rivers which are collectively known as the Elivagar. Over a long forgotten period of time the waters of these frigid streams of ice ran across the Fog World and poured into the northermost part of Ginnungagap. The waters then began to freeze, forming vast sheets of ice in the Void. Hot air and sparks of fire emitted from the World of Muspell melted some of this ice, thus creating a zone of meltwater betwixt the two raw elements within this great gaping nothingness.

    ...So the active cause of Muspellheim is thus said to have become the first plane of actuality within the Cosmos. This fiery stratum of chaos, energy and dynamic action is the realm of vital energies, including those emotional responses of activity and intuition. The element of White Solar Fire is herein placed, the blazing portion of the flame which is full of scalding torridity, and is located ever to the South.
    White is the colour which I envision this realm to be comprised of. It is seen as symbolizing the life-force of spiritual enlightenment. Containing pure potential for transformations, often of an obsessive nature, it yet remains none the less neutral in clarity to bring forth a freshness of trancendental healing.
    This realm is represented by the rune Sowilo. For through the white-hot, fiery energies of this archaic symbol, the primal forces of restriction shall be gently and persistantly destroyed, all the while bearing towards higher consciousness, no matter the drastic changes which may, and oft do occur during the process. This return of consciousness towards the evolution of self-individualization thus becomes evident upon many diverse levels within one's life, even representing the eternally dominating spiritual struggle of Dualistic Forces, those of Light over Dark, Order over Chaos. Never the less, with the promising advancements of mystical plans now beginning to become evident and to attain fruition, the power to actualize consciousness manifests in the motivated form of a pure energy force unhindered by restrictions.
    Oft referred to as the "Home of Desolation" by skalds, it is a flaming region of burning fire. A land far to the south whose animated coals were flung into space becoming a part of the celestial bodies, Muspellheim indeed offers the Seeker a primal path to the wondrously powerful experiences of spontaneous and estatic emotional excitement. Ruled over by the sons of Muspell, of which Surt is thought to be the eldest, the masculine counterpart to the femininity of Sinmore. He is known to be the one who will set the World Tree on fire and to slay Lord FreyR, both with the flaming sword freely given by this Lord in exchange for the hand of Gerd. These dramatic events shall occur during the inevitable struggle of Ragnarok.

    ...And then next came the passive cause of Niflheim into being, a potently opposing plane of cogency which is considered the negative pole within the Law of Polarity. This icy realm of fog, cold and impelling darkness is unshaped and difficult to travel through due to it being the stratum of Resistant Influences, those hindering binds of conflict and dormancy. The element of Grey Frozen Ice is herein placed, holding all in a perpetual statis of uninvolvement. I see the colour of this realm as grey becase it contains the contrariety of a constant state of uncommitted movement which is continuously changing upon itself. This happens to be a necessary essence of Life, and thus this colour can be seen to hold within its grasp a complexity mellowed by calm. This then brings forth the possibility of achieving a neutral balance through passive solitude devoid of exteral stimuli and/or influences.
    The realm of Niflheim is represented by the rune Isa to symbolize the Winter of Spiritual Life which both preserves and conserves and further causes spiritual essences to clearly form into matter. Thus these energies of absolute stillness cancel any disrupting energy or aggresive force that is, in fact, attempting to inflict intensely harsh psychological and spiritual blocks. To thereby balance the unchecked motions of chaotic force by causing said energies to solidify enables a stabalization of energies to survive overwhelming odds of failure. This then further marks the high point of static gestation which forstalls events and brings into being a protective barrier that slows down the creative Fire of Energy, and enables the conception of Time to further define and make any necessary changes which may be needed in the root cause of any given situation- in this particular case, that of Creation itself.
    Oft referred to as the "huse of mists" by skalds, this icy, snow-packed realm of primordeal creation is said within the surviving myths to lie underneath the third root of Yggdrasil, close to the source-spring Hvelgelmir. A race of malicious Thurs-Giants, along with numerous, unknown creatures, are said to dwell within this murky dampness of cold.

    These two Lands then in turn become the central foundation for the generative Principle of Polarity whereby active and passive causations thus solidly bind together and become a third causative, manifesting into an entirely different energy force. It is this universal concept of extreme opositions naturally combining together through a complexly simplified series of sequences to reproduce the concentrated and amalgamated primal guiding forces of directing principles which proceed to give rise to tangibly stale bodies within physical actuality, thus bringing forth...

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