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    It is not mentioned in great detail within the surviving sources, but the proto-beings said to have manifested from this intrinsic progresson of the oppossing energies of Fire and Ice are Aurgelmir, meaning Seething Clay, and Audhumbla, defined as the Nourisher. For it is the obvious conception that Life needs nourishment from exterior sources in order to survive whereby one begins to understand the underlying messages of the Ancients, among which is that of Humanity.
    Aurgelmir, also known as Ymir, was a hermaphrodite who steadily sustained the exterior nourishment which he required from Audhumbla, the Cosmic Bovine whom did produce from her teats four rivers of milk which are thought by some to quite possibly represent distinct cultural civilizations in pre-history. Be that as it may, through the energy provided by Audhumbla's milk, Ymir greedily fed in the gloomy darkness until sated, which was obviously tiring work because he then rested for a cyclic period of Time.
    It was during this lengthy period of inactivity, whilst he slept, that he begate the two races of giants from his great seed-form. Those of Risi-Ettin and those of Jotunn-Thurs. The Edda's state that simultaneously his feet yeilded a six-headed being named Thrudgelmir, who was the father of Bergelmir, whilst the sweat from his armpits resulted in a son and daughter respectively.
    However, Ymir is not the only human-like being present at this Time, for we are infrmed that Audhumbla gains nourishment by licking the rime-frost and while doing so during Ymir's deep sleep brings forth from the frozen landscape Buri. Another being, possibly be from an earlier Age, who is suspended in what can easily be understood as crionics. Emerging on the evening of the Third Cosmic Day, which can also be understood as the Moon Period, Buri now surveys his new-found situation.
    The Moon Period is an eons long period of time in which intellience forms into matter through the progressive assimulation of evolution that implies an advanced cosmological experience in which the Cosmic Night, or period of inactive rest in betwixt each Day, brings forth a rhythmic principle of manifestation that is then followed by un-mannifestaton. Of the cyclic Seven Cosmic Days, we ourselves are currently in the fourth period, that of Earth. A period in which the spiritual awareness of the Perfected Being is sought for, and eventually attained in preparation of the next Cosmic Day. It is interesting to note that the Ancients were well aware of this evolutionary conception of vast time frames, as well as countless other ideologies, in an eternal struggle for Humankind to overcome the dark energies of Chaos.
    Never the less, when the giant Ymir awakes and finds Buri before him, a conflict then ensues. This at the first may appear to be a war brought about by hatred, yet one can also see other solid reasonings behind the accruing violence such as; jealousy and fear of the different and/or unknown, the rapid and steady expansion of Ymir's clan-centric group into the surrounding areas, the gaining of telluric magickal energy centers, and quite simply as nothing more than a way of proving one's masculinity to both others and one's own self.
    Using what are known today as guerilla tactics, Buri and his son Bor would have had to more than likely stay on the move, as at this time they were but two against many. We are not sure how Bor was born to Buri. Perhaps along the same methodologies by which Ymir begat his brood. Or mayhaps a method altogether foreign to us at time- or has today's science already discovered the process through genetic cloning? However Bor actually came about, it was still at the first two against many. That is, until Bor meets Bestla, a beauty who is one of Ymir's line.
    Almost immediately Bestla and Bor mate and hence produce their own offspring, who are mentioned of as being triplets. It is probable that these three grandchildren of Buri represent the forces of masculine, feminine, and androgen energies which are respectfully known to this Seeker as Odin, Hulde and Hod. For the widely accepted trinity of Votan, Villi and Ve is but obviously seen by me as implying the thought that these are but differing aspects of the Alfather.
    For I see Three as being based upon the concept of Generation. A notion which can perhaps be better understood if we look at Cosmic activity, both greater and lesser equally, as but Sexual in context; i.e. as a natural joining betwixt two opossing energies. Force, i.e. Fire, and Form, i.e. Ice, combine together and so bring about Manifestation, i.e. Ymir. Look to Force as the active cause and always seen as masculine in polarity, whilst Form is passive and feminine in polarity, ever giving rise to the Third due to this union. Seen as the creative Manifestation of a successive Generation, the Third then repeats this Cycle.
    However, this statement may simply imply stagnant feminine aspects at the first, for the energies are passive only until activated. Yet masculine polarity implies the force of the urge whilst the feminine polarity gives rise to form itself. Thus we have Force (active) plus Form (passive) equaling Creation (manifestation). The polarities are equal, neither above nor better than the other. The proper alignment is the dynamic framework upon which it is based.
    As an example (from Denali Institute's Initiate Lesson Number Four): "For instance, we may send the current through a wire thinking that the current is the active cause. Actually it is not. The current is the _effect of voltage (active) being passed through a wire (passive). Similarly, to have a thought-picture received by another (effect) you must direct (active) the thought picture correctly into the subconscious (passive). In mental operations the poles are unseen, so unless the three operational points of the triangle are clearly aligned in their proper relationship, the Great Principle cannot work."
    Thus all things relate to this fundimental Principle. I apply this knowledge to my runic studies as well. For not only are rune-staves to be utilized as an active (masculine) source for us (passive) to learn from (manifestation), but the rune-staves, too, can easily become the form (passive) which gives rise (manifestation) to new realities from our active Seeking (masculine). All archaic rune-staves have this capability of actualization in the skilled hands of any Seeker. Hence it is the dominant polarity of each individual stave which we, as indviduals, need to understand before thrusting ourselves blindly into the thick. Sorry.. I seem to have gone off on something of a wild tangent.
    At some long-forgot point within the cyclic Moon Period, during which nothing exists but Muspellheim, Niflheim and betwixt these two realms the infinity of Gunungagap filled with the primal mixture of creation, the children of Bestla and Bor grew weary of the unruly ways of Ymir, whereupon they ruthlessly kill him and dispose of his body within the center of the gaping chasm. This chaotic destruction, according to surviving myth, in turn drowns all but two of Ymir's offspring, Bergelmir and his mate Laufry, who, in a hallowed-out tree trunk, float about for quite some time due to the tremendous amount of their father's blood. This catastrophic action can readily be construed as a Great Flood Saga originating within Northern mythology, one of many I might add.

    While firsthand information about the Northern Creation Cycle may be found within the Edda's, which are to be equated with the Homeric epics of the Greeks, the Veda's of the Hindu, and the Kalavala of the Sammi, in that they contain a wealth of information about our ancestors, their cosmic thoughts, farcical humors and intimate worries, it is none the less an incomplete account. The Edda's which remain are but a smattering of various sources which have been repeatedly compiled and re-arranged over the years.
    I would therefore like to offer out my own personal discoveries of what occurred at the point of Ymir's destruction, as a number of things begin happening simultaneously during the:

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