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    The Sign of the Sun is the key to our true self, representing the first impressions of others, and also characterizing and describing our physical appearance of the naked body.
    However, our Asendant (or rising sign) is not the only determining factor. The Decanates (or thirds of each sign) also plays a vital role as does the Cusp (or point at which a particular sign begins.) Also the Aspects (or how one planet appears towards another) is vital to the chart.
    Then there are the Planets to tend too, which include the Moon and Sun in the counting, but not the Earth, for that represents our own selves in Astrology. There are also the Twelve Houses of your individual personality influenced by the planets passing through at the time of calculation.
    Only after becoming aware of these intricacies are you ready to begin casting either your natal (or birth chart) or your solar (or sun chart) which requires a circle divided into twelve equal sectors of 30 degrees.
    Also you should take into consideration that the zodiac does not coincide with the real, physical location of the stellar constellations, but is actually being skewed almost one full month out of alignment. Classical Astrology holds that this does not matter, for the zodiacal signs are but symbolic labels for describing certain periods of time. Hence the true concept of astrology can better be seen as a cosmic clock which marks the passage of a certain time sequence.
    So you see, 'mearly' knowing your Sign is far more complex than one may first think, and way too much info for me to transpose in its entirety here. Athough I can help shed some light upon the subject, and thus informing one well enough so as to hopfully pique curiosities……

our own solar system


| Sun | Moon | Chiron |
| Mercury | Venus | Mars | Jupiter |
| Saturn | Uranus | Neptune | Pluto |


| First House | Second House | Third House |
| Fourth House | Fifth House | Sixth House |
| Seventh House | Eighth House | Ninth House |
| Tenth House | Eleventh House | Twelfth House |

Delineating our general outward characteristics and determining how the World regards us, this planetary body represents the individual's conscious will and distinctive style. Although this basic information has been known to be a rather interesting 'Pick-Up' line at social gatherings, it is but the beginning of who we are, permeating through-out and influencing our birth chart. Known as Lady Sunna or Lord Baldur of the Northern Tradition.
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Second in importance only to the Sun, and delineating our hidden aspects of personality and our unconscious will, the Moon represents our instinctive nature as well as modifying and motivating, and even conflicting with our Sun sign. Known as Lord Mani or Lady Nanna of the Northern Tradition.
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A tiny planetary body which has a diameter of between 100 and 400 miles, orbiting Earth between Saturn and Uranus, and taking 50.7 years to complete one revolution. This "maverick" has no sign rulership, yet portrays, at present, a messenger or go-between for the other signs. Chiron is the wounded Centar healer/teacher urging us to bridge the gap between what we percieve as reality and the infinite possibilities of fulfilling our destiny. Possibly representing either Lady Eir, (the Physician) or Lord Master Loki, (the intelligently wise trickster) of the Northern Tradition.
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This planetary body nearest the Sun completes a revolution every 88 days and appears as an evening star March thru April and as a morning star September thru October. Influences include communication, sarcasm, intelligence, deceit, perception and arguementative. When prominate in the chart, it portrays a quick, clever, high-strung individual with excellent speaking skills and a good memory. Known as All-Father Odhinn of the Northern Tradition.
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Known as the Lesser Fortune and sometimes called Earth's sister because of compatible size, mass, and density, this body takes 225 days to complete a revoution. Sun-light reflecting off of her thick veil of cloud-cover lets her appear at times as both a morning and an evening star. When prominate, her influences include friendly, fickle, socially adept, flirtatious, narcissistic, beauty and over-indulgent. Known as Lady Freyja of the Northern Tradition.
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About half the size of Earth and taking 687 days per revolution, this planetary body comes closer to us than any other orb, except Venus, once every 15 years. Prominent influences include aggression, strife, sexual desires, impatience, enterprisingly resourceful, accident-prone, courageous, and also tells what kind of physical endurance you possess. Known as Lord Tyr of the Northern Tradition.
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Refered to as the Greater Fortune, the fifth planet of our system is 120 times larger than Earth, taking a little under 12 years to complete its orbit around the Sun. Every 13 months or so, this body out-shines all others with a flashing brilliant-white luster. Tending to be cheerfully humorous, influences can also include over-confidence, abundance, extravagance, philosophical knowledge, and blind optimism. Known as Lord Thor or Lady Skadi of the Northern Tradition.
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The Celestial Taskmaker is almost twice as far from the Sun as Jupiter is this body takes a little over 29 years to complete one revolution and is the hottest spot yet detected in our solar system being 300 times hotter than the Sun's corona. Symbolizing strength through the ethics of hard work and influencing responsibility, cruelty, integrity, illness, self-control, pessimism, perseverance, and the things we cannot escape. Known as The Norns, (Urd, Verdhandi, Skuld) of the Northern Tradition.
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Four times larger than the Earth, this rather oddly tilting body, (98º angle ~ meaning that Dawn is in the West & Dusk is in the East.), takes 84 years to complete one orbit around the Sun. Relating to our inner will and secret, unconscious power, and responsible for influencing inventiveness, fanaticism, independence, abruptness, eccentricities, resourcefulness, and also for bringing unexpected change into our lives. Known as Lord UllR of the Northern Tradition.
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Being 30 times further from the Sun than we currently are, it takes 165 years per revolution and cannot be seen by the naked eye. By the year 2011 this body will have successfully passed through all twelve signs of the Zodiacal Circle. Representing our search for the Impossible Dream and also our perfected Spiritual Quest, this planetary body influences glamour, deception, artistic imagination, escapism, mysticism, and when afflicted, a difficulty seperating fantasy from reality. Known as Lady Ran or Lord Njord of the Northern Tradition.
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With a wildly tilting orbit this body, which is about a quarter the size of Earth, takes nearly 250 years per revolutionary orbit, and dwells any-where between 13 to 32 years in each sign of the zodiac. Indicating transformatonal change, annihilation, and powerfully influencing spheres of controlled energy and turbulent domination represented by Human Being's highest and lowest accomplishments we have yet analyze this bodies arcane and mysterious powers. Known as Lady Hel of the Northern Tradition.
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House of Self-Interests which indicates physical characteristics, outward appearances, likes and dis-likes, and denoting what you want out of life and how to achive it. The personality, disposition, health, temperment, physical build and appearance, and bearing on social manners. Ruling sign is Aries.
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House of Money and Possessions relating to how you feel about said objects, things you aquire as you travel through life, and gives a rough estimate of sources to improve your earning power. Possessions and monetary situation, earning capacity, worldly resources which support the physical body. Ruling sign is Taurus.
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House of Communication governs your self-expression, your family ties, and your day-to-day travel which indicates the way that you think, write, and speak especially for work or education. The mind is associated with this house as well as the relationship with your personal environment and your self-expression. Ruling sign is Gemini.
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House of Home indicates your previous, current, and future domestic affairs, real estate holdings, and land ownership, the things you keep secret from the rest of the world. Also indicates ancestral traits of inherit qualities. Home, happiness, house and property, parental matters, reputation, extravagance, responsibilities, domestic affairs, enterprising, maternal. Ruling sign is Cancer.
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House of Creativity and Sexual Energies rules over every-thing which you do for pleasure, things you instinctively give affection to, and amusements of the mind that you relish in. Creativity, pleasures, holidays, responsibility, enterprises, risk, new undertakings, speculation, games of hazard, sport, gambling, self-indulgence, romantic, over-critical, impetuous, competitive, love affairs, children. Ruling sign is Leo.

House of Service and of Health rules the relationships you have wih others you work with and governs over your physical and emotional well-being and your strength of constitution. Work, attitudes towards subordinates and service providers, worries, quarrels, enemies, obstacles, impediments to success, socially adept, gain through service and hard work, health, stress, sensually responsive. Ruling sign is Virgo.
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House of Partership and Marriage blends your personality with others around you so as to persue shared goals. Covering legal contracts and affairs, open enemies, your spouse, and both sides of any given situation. Close relationships of an emotional or business nature, marriage, partnerships, work, unions, politics, contracts, adversaries in the professional world. Ruling sign is Libra.
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House of Death and Regeneration is a mystically difficult domain, dealing with spiritual transformation, inheritance and legacies, taxes and debt, and may give an indication of the conditions surrounding your death. Life Force elements of birth, sex, death and attitudes towards death and after-life, large scale possessions, stock market, insurance, misfortunes, hardships, failed relationships, accidents, dis-ease, crime. Ruling sign is Scorpio.
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House of Mental Exploration ad Long-Distance Travel expands those traits of the Third House, for here resides the Higher mind. Journeys of actual travel by mind, body, and soul are governed in this domain. Spiritual philosophy, study of profound subjects, mental explorations, good fortune, good luck, foreign travel, moral ethics, conscious, dreams, paternal. Ruling sign is Sagittarius.
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House of Career and Public Standing rules all matters of profession, community and social standing, reputation, ambitions, talents and attainments out-side of the home, there-by reflecting your outward image of expression through your own efforts. Aspirations, ambitions, all matters outside of the home, achievements in career and profession, responsibilities, a true sense of discipline. Ruling sign is Capricorn.
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House of Friends and of Hopes and Wishes implies idealism and vision of long-term goals and dreams indicating your ability to enjoy others around you through groups and organizations who can thus further your interests and objectives of life. Social life, clubs, societies, detached day to day acquaintances, intellectual pursuits, objectives in life and their fulfillment. Ruling sign is Aquarius.
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House of Secrets, Sorrows, and Self-Un-Doing is rather self-explanitory for it contains the rewards and punishments for the deeds one uncovers during life as well as containing mystical powers concerning the meaning of life. Seclusion, loss, seperations, escapism, renunciation, the unconscious, hospitalization, impediments, self-sacrifice, drugs. Ruling sign is Pisces.
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I do believe that I have done just about all I can do in regards to this mini-site about Astrology, without actually writing a book. If you have a need for further input than what I have provided here, Please procure either of Llewellyn's 'Sun Sign' or 'Moon Sign' Books; Llewellyn George's "Horoscope Maker & Delineator"; Joanna Martine Woolfolk's 'The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need', or another equally informative resource. Check your local Library! "SG"

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