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    To begin this paper on the Nine Realms I shall start, where else, but at the beginning. Thus it becomes obvious to those who look with an open mind of the countless directional expressions which underlie the evidently clear patterning within the sacred writtings of any religion.
    For all begin with an overview of the macrocosmic Universe, its diverse functions and cessations, and then quite naturally proceed to show divine consciousness reflecting in upon itself as a microcosmic creation in time and space. Yet these source writtings always require personal insight on the part of the Seeker, and the Northern Ways are no different...
    As to what I consider to be the particularly inovative diagram (yet to be uploaded) which I present above, I would like to stipulate that it is a well known fact that our ancestors considered the world to be flat. Not as one would first think though, likened rather to a piece sawn from the trunk of a great tree with a substantial thickness to it and placed solidly above what is already known to have occured, yet below what may- or may not happen to occur within the next moment. Therefore it is upon this solid notion that I have expounded.
    Before anything was, there existed ony the eternal Void known as Ginnungagap, which can be interpreted to mean a "seeming emptiness" of primordial matter. Yet, within this Void nothing exists while all things become possible. There are no firm absolutes in existance to hinder this seemless universe of energy to manifest what it may. There was nothing but a gapping openness of chaos before the World Tree, known as Yggdrasil. So, according to Northern Cosmology, what occurs next can be seen as an introduction of Orlog within this unbounded Void in which a Tree shall grow.

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