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Where We Are Heading…            

Who, my friends, is superior to Death?
Only the Gods live forever under the Sun.
As for Mankind, numbered are their days;
Whatever they achieve is but the Wind!"

    The Northern traditions are comprised of many differing cultural facets of intelligence, yet the one thing in common is that they are all from the northernmost portion of our planet. Often seen as a harsh climate just out of reach from mainstream population, one has to realize that our particular branch of worthship is, and always has been considered a living, growing religion, not simply a recreative one. Looking to the past for insight is well and good, finding out how our ancestors lived and died within our particular time-honoured faith does enable us to continue the tradition in a positive manner, and in certain situations this is indeed helpful, yet at the same time it may also hinder us from progressing.
    Understand through this example if you will. The runic aetts are placed within their specific arrangement for a particular reason. If you take the time to learn of their individual Cosmic insights you will find that one leads directly into the next, until you arrive full circle so much the wiser. The original Elder Futhark order has had Ages to build upon the esoteric knowledge and energies which are bound within each unique stave. Yet they are but a portion of the mythic teachings left us by our Northern ancestors still brought forth by our Elders. These diverse codes of archaic insight have been orally distributed and thus passed down through the generations in this personal fashion for well over 5000 years. Furthermore, although I don't attempt to particularly discourage others from bold exploration, some things, quite simply, should not be so abruptly and dramatically changed without the slightest acknowledgement of and investigation into their overall import to humanity.
    Granted, as time passes things naturally change, where once there was a river now there is a gully, where a grove of forest was now is a farmer's field. Our ancestors coped with these changes by gradually changing the religion as necessary. However they were able achieve and maintain the upper hand within their natural environment is beyond present day comprehension for most of us, for a better understanding of what it was like for them we must turn to surviving records. Yet we should realize that insisting verifiable documentation of things must be provided for at every other step along the way will surely cause profound stagnation within some areas that desperately need further enlightenment for continued growth.
    We are an intelligent species who constantly re-discovers ancient wisdom, only to dismiss it as highly improbable whilst hap-hazardly eradicating yet another species, all in the name of Progress. However, if you are actually searching for whatever factual proof which may exist of our vast cunning, I recommend a book entitled 'Ancient Inventions: by Peter James & Nick Thorpe; 1994, Ballantine Books'. A short quote from this thick volume puts things rather simply; "– there is no evidence that the human brain has evolved at all in the last fifty thousand years at least. Modern people are merely benefiting from thousands of years of accumulated knowledge and experimentation, not from increased intellect." Sheesh... I could not have said it better, thank you gentlemen.
    Therefore it is not what one actually thinks up, but is instead what one remembers from some long ago, forgot time. An awakening of the senses dulled by sleep. We, as human beings, are simply meant to be the caretakers of this big blue marble of diverse life, not its exploiters and rapists. Yet there are sadly so many who would ridicule this simplistic fact, prefering to madly run around with thoughts of the sky falling on their heads due, in large part, to the greed of a few as they themselves also dip into the same explosive cookie jar as those they oppose.
    We _must_ stay within the moment so as not to loose sight of what the future has to offer us and in turn what we have to offer. As the Havamal states, a gift demands equal worth. For over 5000 years Asatru (under various names and titles) has survived due to the wondrous ability to change as needed without forever remaining static. This quite simply means that though we may happen to be required to remain within a series of stoic boundaries by a defined set of specific cosmic decrees, there is nothing that is not within our grasp to limit us but those limitations which we happen to create for ourselves.
Ragnarok     We must admit to ourselves that there are more energies on this planetary body than what the common folk wants to realize and acknowledge. There is no destined World Destruction because of this honest fact, though there is of course Ragnarok. Yet this utter destruction in itself is but a natural cycle from which Humankind shall assuredly survive. However, we are currently closing in on ourselves through reproduction (six billion in 1999 and still counting) with nowhere to expand without hurting Mother Nerthus, although each extinction of a species is sickly thought of as a form of expansion. It is slowly being realized by more and more folk these days simply because we are now in the Age of Communication and Enlightenment. We must continue to become one with not only our Self's but also with our own surroundings and eradicate the hate and stupidity, as well as illiteracy and hunger, not extinguish the diverse energies of life which are all too fast becoming faded memories. It is not impossible nor is it out of reach, each one of us does make a difference.
    Look to the moment at hand, for this is where we are. Blindly plugging away to gain so many materialistic toys, envious of what another may have that we don't. Or better yet, becoming ever more aware of our surroundings. This can be seen as the ever-expansive search which simply involves the understanding and attainment of accurate knowledge for one's own personal enlightenment. It also involves traveling along the wide road to becoming what is known as the Perfected Being, joyously sharing what has been discovered with all who will listen. Either way the Journey of Becoming requires the full attention and open-minded awareness of the Seeker, which sadly is oft lacking among the general populace of today.
    However, we are in fact finally beginning to progress in world recycling, in nuclear dis-armament, in world military police (thanx Sadam), in planetary exploration instead of exploitation, in environmental awareness... In what other areas can you think of which needs positive thought and energy? There are still quite a few, how about world polution, higher education- particularly in the United States, hunger in Africa and elsewhere, or peace in the Middle East, perchance freedom of religion in Northern Ireland, the Serbian Conflict… Sound to good to be Tru? If so, you're one who is holding the rest of us back for "-if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Get with the program, whilst ever continuing to retain your seperate individuality." An unknown quote that I feel sums this paper up quite nicely.



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