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Norsk Beings Reference Sheet

    Asatrú, meaning True to the Gods, is the ancient religion of the vast, cold northern lands of what was once known as Great Sweden; Northern Great Britain, Islandia, Norway, Sweden, Western Russia, Danmark, Germany, Greenland and Vinland. In this Day, countless other regions as well are home to this, and other equally unique indvidualistic branches of the Faith of the Trú.
    Our own distinct style is one such branch within the Northern Heathenistic Religion. It is a unique compilation of our ancestry, brought about through the careful combination of surviving lore, family teachings and personal mentalities into that of a well-balanced and quite self-sufficient symbiotic whole. This then naturally brings forth various ideals and actions for the betterment of each of us and for our community as well.
    The myriad Northern Traditions today are, for the most part, working to re-establish the honourable development of family, kith and kin that has sadly been torn asunder, oft by subtle subjugation. It is working together as one, not unlike the Asa helping to make one another strong, that Norsk Heathenry teaches one, among other things, to understand that each person relies upon others, yet at the same time actually remains quite self-sufficient, independent yet part of the whole, and that only by working together towards common goals of survival can people truly live in harmony, not unlike the World Village image many are striving for.
    The Asa are the Gods collectively known as the Aesir and the Vanir. The Aesir are primarily known as warrior godz of sacrificial feastings, and generally counted as invaders, or late-comers, to the areas the Vanir, who are mostly fertility godz of riches, though they fight a mean battle in their own right. At one time the two tribes of godz incessantly warred against one another until, finally, a truce was successfully parleyed and hostages exchanged and/or held to thereby establish a peace, at least betwixt these two races, for the world of the Norsk Heathen contains many diverse beings.

Northern Deities

  • Ćgir  - Alebrewer. God of the deep seas and furious storms. Husband of Ran.
  • Baldur - The Shining One. Sacraficially killed. Dwelling in the halls of Hel to await the coming of Ragnorok. God of Trust and Hope. Husband of Nanna.
  • Bragi - Skald to the Ćsir. God of Poetry, Eloquence, and Literature.
  • Eir - Physician to the Ćsir. One of the Asynjor. Goddess of Healing, Health and Well-Being.
  • Fiörgvin - The Strengthener. Frigg's father. God of Weather.
  • Fjörgyn - Earth Mother. Another name of Frigg's.
  • Forseti - The Lawgiver. He holds court to solve disputes of any nature. God of Civil Law and Government. Son of Baldur and Nanna.
  • Freyja - The Lady of The Fields. Priestess of Seidhr. Second of the Asynjor. Goddess of Love and Lust, Fertility and Magicks, Battle and Death.
  • Frey/Fro-Ing - Lord of The Forest. Priest of Spring. God of Harvest and Plenty, Fertility, and the Farmer. Sacrificed his flaming sword for love. One of four hostages to be exchanged betwixt the Vanir & Ćsir. Husband of Gerd.
  • Frigga - The Beloved. First of the Asynjor. She is the all-knowing Völva and the only other allowed to sit on Ljidskalf, Odhinn's throne where all Worlds can be viewed. Goddess of Marriage, Family, Finer Arts, and Childbirth. Wife of Odhinn.
  • Gefjun - The Giver. Fourth of the Asyniur. Goddess of virginal, unmarried women. An aspect of the Maiden.
  • Gerd - Goddess of Frost. She is the maiden daughter of the giant Gymir. Wife of Frey.
  • Gulliveig/Heid - Gleaming One. A witch thrice burned; thrice reborn. Her deaths bring about the War betwixt the Ćsir and Vanir.
  • Heimdall/Rig - The White God/Father of Humanity. Watches over the Bifrost Bridge for the coming of Ragnorok. God of Security.
  • Hella - Queen of the Dead. Ruler of Helheim. Goddess of Death and Renewal. One of Loki & Angrbođa's children.
  • Hermod - The Brave One. Asa-God who rode to the depths of Hel seeking Baldur's return.
  • Hlin - Goddess of Compassion. One of the Asynjor.
  • Hnossa - The Beautiful. The most glorious to behold in all the Realms. Daughter of Freyja.
  • Hodur - The Blind. He who slew Baldur.
  • Hoenir - The Silent One. One of four hostages to be exchanged betwixt the Ćsir & Vanir. The God of awareness.
  • Hrelsweg - The Mighty. A Wind Giant. Possible source of all winds in the shape of the eagle at the top of Yggdrasil.
  • Hulda/Berchta - Black Earth Mother. An aspect of the Crone.
  • Hyldemoder - The Elder Tree Mother. Possibly an ancient dryad spirit.
  • Idunn - Keeper of the chest of life-sustaining golden apples. Goddess of Sustenance and Youth. An aspect of the Maiden.
  • JordR - Earth Mother. The daughter of Night. Mother of Thorr. An aspect of the Mother.
  • Lödurr - Of the Trio who created Ask and Embla, (man & womyn). He who gave Blooming Hue and Hamingja. Possible aspect of Loki.
  • Lofn - Goddess of Forbidden Love. One of the Asynjor.
  • Loki - The Trickster. Blood Brother of Odin. Fettered til the coming of Ragnorok, with venom dripping upon him. God of Wit, Creativity and Cunning. The source of earthquakes. Sigyn's Husband.
  • Magni - The Strong. One of Thorr's children who will survive Ragnorok and in turn protect the Human Beings.
  • Mánni - Teller-of-Time. God of the moon. Also known as Man in the Moon.
  • Mimir - The Wise One. Keeper of the Well of Ancestral Knowledge. One of four hostages to be exchanged betwixt the Ćsir & Vanir. Uncle of Odhinn.
  • Modi - The Couragous. After Ragnarok, this son of Thorr, along with his brother Magni, shall wield Mjolnir.
  • Mordgud - The Watchful. Keeper of the Bridge Gjoll, which runs from Midgard into Hel.
  • Nanna - The Selfless. The Great Moon Mother. She cast herself upon the funeral pire to be with her Love always. Wife of Baldur.
  • Nehellennia - The Fruitful One. The original Great Earth Mother of the North. Ancient beyond Time.
  • Nerthus/Erce - Earth Mother. An aspect of the Mother. Thought by some to be the sister/consort of Njord, while others think that this is an aspect of Freyja.
  • Njord - Sea Ruler. God of Safe Harbors and calm seas. Father of FreyR and Freya. One of four hostages to be exchanged betwixt the Vanir & Ćsir. Husband of Skadi.
  • Od - The Unknown. Husband of Freyja whom caused Freyja's eyes to tear, for he has long been away from a short journey.
  • Odhinn - Allfather. Often referred to as The One-Eyed. God of Royalty, Battle, Poetry, Wisdom, Runes, and Death. Husband of Frigga.
  • Ostara - Goddess of Spring. It is she for whom Easter is named.
  • Ran - The Ravager. Goddess of storms and hurricanes. All sailors carry a coin to gift her should they be caught in her net and drawn under.
  • Sif - of the Golden Hair. It is She who is the goddess of The Harvest, Vanity, and Beauty. Wife of Thor.
  • Sigyn - The Faithful. Sits ever beside Loki to save him from the venom of snakes. Goddess of Forgiveness and Mercy.
  • Sjofa - Goddess of Love. One of the Asynjor.
  • Skadi - The Huntress. Goddess of War, Winter, Hunting, and Independence. Wife of Njord.
  • Snotra - Goddess of good manners. One of the Asynjor.
  • Sunna - The Shining One. Goddess of the Sun. Possible aspect of either Freyja or Sif
  • Surt/Loge - Although a Giant, he is, in fact, the God of Fire. Ruler of Muspellheim.
  • Thor - The Thunderer. Protector of mankind. Wielder of Mjollnir. God of War, Strength, and the Working Class. Husband of Sif.
  • ThrudhR - Might. Daughter of Thor. Goddess of Personal Resources, Power, Authority, and Probabilty.
  • Tyr - The One-Handed. Often referred to as Skyfather. Sacrificed his hand to bind the Fenris Wolf. God of Justice, Loyalty, the Sky, and War.
  • UllR - The Magnificent. God of the Given Word, Hunting, Archery, and Winter Sports.
  • Vár - Goddess of Love Vows. One of the Asynjor.
  • Váli - Light-Bearer. He who avenged the death of Baldur.
  • Vili/Ve/Óthin - Will/Holiness/Wisdom. The Trine to slay Ymir the Roarer and thus create MidgardR from his body.
  • Vidarr - Far-Ruler. Will slay Fenrir to avenge Odin's death by same.
  • Vör - of The Pledge. Goddess of Infinite Awareness, Understanding, and Insight. Possible aspect of Frigga.
  • Zisa - The Trü. Goddess of Order and Stability. Thought to be the ancient counter-part of Tyr.

Some Other Facets of Interest:

    Besides the Ćsir and Vanir residing upon/within the Worlds-All-Wide there are other races, beings, and creatures, both benign and malevolent, who are equally important within this unique Spiritual Tradition. Although there are indeed a few of the more promenent listed below, this by no means covers all of those known to exist. It is recommended to "keep one's eyes open and one's tongue still," for you never know who you may meet upon your journey through the Realms of Reality.

  • Etins/Jötunn - One of three races of Giant Folk. They are those who often represent the Chaotic forces of the Universe. Initial Runes are Thurisaz and Hagalaz.
  • Disir/Idises - Good Spirits of one's family line who promote healing, love and safety in the home. Their first primary concern is child-birth, though they have a dark, death-bringing side. Initial Runes are Pertho & Berkano
  • Fenris Wolf - The Wolf of the Swamp. Bound with the supernatural fetter, Gleipnir. The devourer of Tyr's hand. One of Loki & Angrbođa's children.
  • Fetches/Fylgja - Personal or familial Beings that accompany one through-out life. Represents the Spirit Guardian of Self and is a "felt" presence. Initial Runes are Gebo and Wunjo.
  • Hugin and Munin - Odin's Ravens Thought and Memory who travel the Nine Realms, informing Odin of all they learn. Initial Runes are Raidho and Laguz respectfully.
  • Huldafolk - Hidden Folk that travel Midgard unseen in daylight. Descendants of children AskR and Embla hid from Odin because they were not washed.
  • Jormonger - The MidgardR Serpent. Often considered to be a sort of personification malevolence which the gods repeatedly battle so as to preserve this earthly realm. One of Loki & Angrbođa's children.
  • Kvásir - The Spirit of Knowledge. Created from the combined spittle of the Ćsir and Vanir. The inspirer of Wisdom and the cause of Inspiration. Initial Runes are Ansuz and Eihwaz.
  • Landvćttir - Land Wights. Protective Spirits of The Earth that live among us in Midgard. A type of LjósálfR guarding or connected with a specific place or thing of nature.
  • LjóssálfR - Dwellers of the Forest. There are many diverse clans. Although most are friendly, some are hostile towards Humans. All are connected with FreyR.
  • Nornier - Weavers of Wyrd. There are three: Urd, that which was; Verhandi, that which is; & Skuld, that which could be. Initial Runes are Nauthiz and Pertho.
  • Risi - One of three races of Giant Folk. Very tall, good-looking, and long-lived earth dwellers. Known to be cordial until provoked. They should never be confused with the other giant races.
  • SvartálfR - Great Smiths/Tool Makers. Dwarven Guardians of naturally occurring metals and resources. Some are friendly, but all have a reputation for being difficult and grumpy. Said to turn to stone if caught by the light of Day.
  • Thurs - One of three races of Giant Folk. They are surly, stupid, and extremely strong. Of the two types of this race, those who dwell in Muspelhiem are Fire Thursar, while those who dwell in Niflheim are Frost Thursar. Both are hostile to all beings, even those of their own race.
  • Trolls - Mischevious Spirits who dwell in Midgard under rocks, in streams and anywheres else you may imagine. Most are known to be man-eaters. They are a type of Frost Thursar.
  • VćttR - Spirits, Wights or Supernatural beings that are attached to a particular place or family. Most are of a friendly sort, often doing small chores, and asking little in return. Some torment sloths and sluggards, for all loathe lazyness.
  • Valkyries- They collect the Battle Dead and deliver them first to Freyja's and then to Odin's Halls. Initial Runes are Ansuz and Dagaz.

In Closing I Would Like To Say:

    All in all, the Northern Way is a rich and vibrant religion and way of life for the here and now, not some distant future. Holding many facets of Life within this System, there are wonderous myths and legends, many worlds and countless beings, glorious rituals and mysterious forms of magick. All one needs is a strong assurance in self, and the bold sense of adventure…

homeward bound

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