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Q. "...Okay, what's the difference please between hailsan, hailsa, and heilsa? I've been wondering this a while. Is there a glossary somewhere I've missed? :)."

A. Hailsa and heilsa are simply the same phrase with district or national inflictions. You say potato, I say tater. Hailsan is the pluralative form. The meaning is an archaic warm greeting to mean health, a toast if you will. As to a glossary, there is a page entitled "Hoard To Define Words" in the back of this Bok, see Appendice .


Q. "...What's so wrong with the author Blum? Why is he so disliked?"

A. The main reasoning behind the controversy over Blum and his diverse works is that he shies away from the traditional ordering of the Futhark and provides his own "unique" interpretations of each stave (plus the fact of his adding a "blank" rune which has no factual basis within history.) If you desire, I have written an article of my perspective on his particular style, check it out.


Q. "...Why are there so many diverse denominations within the Northern Traditions?"

A. Individuality is the foremost reasoning. As it was in olden times so it remains today. For not all folk see divinity within the same light, though a basic format is consistant. Thus one may all the more easily find an Organization which suits the needs of comraderie and spirituality or even chose the way of Solitude.


Q. "...Why do we need a full-time clergy? Can't I be my own priest?"

A. While it is tru that we are our own diplomats to the godz, yet to whom do we turn when struggling for an answer but those more learned who have the pleasant leisure to be buried in dusty old tomes, and to those who have successfully dealt with similar occurences before, not to mention often on a daily basis.
What I'm trying to say is.. Hmm.. O.K. Here's an example. You wonder about a study course and are provided one. I am given the same course at the same time. Yet, because I have no "9-to-5" obligation I am obviously more involved with the course more often than you. This does not make me any better than you, but does provide me with a greater/deeper insight, as I am not so solidly planted betwixt two realms, those of mundane work and spiritual study. I have the time (due in large part to my lovey wife's pay scale plus scant contributions which I receive) to search for obscure kennings and indepth UPG's which other's are not able to easily find the time to enjoy or quickly cross-referrence.
Those who are willing to "come out of the closet" and openly explain to a school newspaper or other public source what is vastly different with our way of teaching, of what respect and spirituality mean to us as opposed to other ways are more accepted when it is discovered that we have received a formal style of religious training and are not, for example, some sixteen year old High Priestess of Winnie the Pooh as the incarnate Lord of the Forest. To substantiate this further still, would you have any ol' guy operate on your bladder or would you actually seek out one who is a trained professional, who is immursed in these types of things on a daily basis? In doing so should you then gift some form of equal payment in exchange for his time and energies spent on you?


in frithful troth

homeward bound

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