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To Quaintly Open...

     Within this first paragraph, Ida and I would simply like to state that we believe there is no validity to the commonly believed concept of.. "an' it harm none" that is steadily gaining popularity in our youth of today, for surely somewhere someone or something is being harmed by the simplest of workings, no matter the purity of the cause, or the skill of the practioner.
   There are many examples to illustrate our point; i.e. Job Magicks – in order for you to gain that raise, promotion, or what-have-you, someone else, perchance more qualified, loses out.. Love Magicks – no matter how you look at it you are still forcing another's will into something they are not.. Prosperity Magicks – you gain it, someone else looses it, no matter the situation.. Weather Magicks – forcing your will upon Mother Erce is definately hurting the local, if not national environment.. Light Magicks – if you only do "white" workings, there has to be someone doing the same amount of Dark Magicks in order to keep the balance pure..
   If you but honestly look within, you will agree that without balance all would be one way or another. Mr. Crowley stated "..and the whole of the Law shall be Do As Thou Will". The fundamentalists then came along and added "an' it harm none.." because, in our opinion, they were afraid of the Raw Power of Self, and of what others might do with the said energies. Realize that within each and every one of us are the energies of both Law & Chaos, you cannot take from one without jepordizing the other, therefore a balance within is one of the many Tru ways to seek the Key of Knowledge. Take everything with a grain of salt in hand and as you explore your future...

May Ye Guide Heimdall's Reaver Ever Forward.

    Now then, about circles.. In the Northern Tradition there is no real need for a circle to be cast that I am aware of, except perhaps for personal preference or for the Folk Celebrations. Try to comprehend, if you will, and understand that it is our belief that we all inhabit a protective circle which was erected by The Trine of Odin, Vili, Ve. It is a continual, unbroken, and always ever-present circle which we inhabit for the most part, and it is entitled MidgardR. Do not mis-judge, for we are neither careless nor hap-hazard, although I have been known to be some-what jovial in a bumbling sense. We tend, however, to be intently focused in what we Will to achieve from any of our various workings. Should there be a need for a protective ring, mayhaps in the need to contain an energy which could otherwise wreck havok if it were not contained, or as when working with others to bind the Will of all involved together, we will join together as one in casting a circle or performing the Hammer Rite to consecrate an area and hold in the energies raised, such as those in a Blot Rite or a Seasonal Celebration, and we have been known to send out across the Lands for energies, but on the whole that is again more towards Ceremonial Practices.
    Does it not seem a simple waste of drawn energies as you raise a circle to contain the Will lest it escape while you focus upon your Intent. The whole idea of casting a circle is so that you can focus upon what you Will to be, containing it until the time of Release. It is actually a first step in visualization, so I can see the need for some to use this method. If it works for you, use it. The whole concept of Religion is one of awakening Spiritual Consciousness, not about what you get out of it - but what you give into it, yet you mus'nt forget… a banishment works wonders if things become a tad bit too sticky - too fast for your liking.
    Realize if you will, that Norse Heathenry truly is more shamanistic (an oft mis-understood word) than ceremonial, all things considered. It is troth with the gods for the current here & now, it is a true spur of the moments-notice style of eclectism, which I might add, has its own benefits along with the drawbacks - not unlike any of the other numerous Traditions that are presently being practiced, but that is for another un-timely installment mayhaps. I would like to close this round by stating that it's just not my style to have a definitive style, so I say to each their own, as what works for you, may not work for me...

The sharpness of one's mind better serves
than that of the tongue's harsh edge.

    Another line of thought which seems to cause some confusion involves the concept of pre-destiny. Within our Tradition fate can roughly be defined as Orlog, which is literally Olde Norse for "primal layers". It is this root concept of the Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect that is not unlike the Karma of Eastern Traditions whereby past actions and deeds are woven together to thus influence the present and possible future Wyrd of one's personal experiences. Wyrd ((defined as "that which is meant to be")) can actually be bent to act as a counterforce against anticipated events and thereby change one's Orlog. It is this ability to bend or subtly push one's individual outcomes through the Seeker's illuminated mind which bond's the past and present into an attainable future. The Fylgia ((one's Spirit Guardian)) stores this innnate energy of transpersonal power that is contained within one's Wyrd and carries it forth through Death to a newborn of close genetic relations during the first nine days of birth and thus life is continued.
   As an example, a recent discussion regarding Baldur's DraumR brought to my light a curiousity… Could Loki's fate have been known way ahead of time and this is a part of what Odin whispered to Baldur? He could have easily been set up by Frigg, who knows but seldom speaks, though all of the minute details from start to finish were not obviously foreseen. It begins with her myriad oaths obtained from all but the meek mistletoe and the telling to Loki of this fact, though in disguise he was, about this simple oversight which is used to fell Baldur, leading in turn to a whole series of incidents. From Rind's rape which is closely followed by Hod's death and ultimately leading to Loki's bindings of imprisonment bursting to thus herald the beginning of Ragnarok. After which, when all is said and done, Baldur emerges unscathed to lead the new order of gods. Could the Flyting of Loki detailed within the Poetic Edda have something to do with the realization that he has, in a most clever way, been ultimately used for the benefit of the Aesir? Consider it self-fulfilling prophecy or Wyrd, either way the unfolding issues can indeed be seen as linked with the Orlog of all involved.
    The above drama therefore shows that although nothing is written in stone, certain specifics are a necessity for the evolution of Life to continue and develop. Yet at any given moment the re-direction of these energies could indeed change the ultimate outcome. If the release of Loki by the Aesir could actually avert the arrival of Ragnarok would it willingly be done? It is how we, as Seekers of the Mysteries, approach our own personalized DraumR that influences the final outcome of everyday situations which we find ourselves in. To be herded along and meekly take whatever falls our way, or stand defiant until the bitter end making our Life what we choose, the choice is yours...

To believe in one's own natural prowess
is to thereby manifest success.

    Here's another thought… It is never a good idea to Muse over things under the influence of any chemical substance for the simple reason that you are under its influence. No matter how well you think you are doing, you're not doing ~ the substance is. And this then leads to various false pathways, which at the time may seem to be the 'true' way. It may be years later before you realize where you were lead astray, or you may never learn. All from what is termed today as a recreationally induced vision. Brought on by an attempt to chemically drown the truth of the matter at hand. Some even think that this is the way to aquire faster and even possibly better what the Ancient Ones have naturally given each us. Which is quite simply the ability to look inside ourselves.
    It is because of this personal mentality of ours that we believe that the use of 'stimulants' are not the only way to spiritual enlightenment, but are indeed a common one. Natural herbals and hallucinogenics were not meant to be daily abused the way that they are in today's society, but they do, in fact, have established roles to play in the ceremonial process of communing with not only the inner spirit, but also the outer spirit as well. The body must be prepared for such a system shock, and only a minimal amount is to be ingested ~ if any at all. We are blessed with the senses of sound, sight, smell, touch, and taste.. All should be combined together to enhance the sixth sense for a truly spiritual experience one will not likely soon forget.
    To ingest a 'simple' or potion in an attempt to commune with higher powers takes a rather involved process of preparation involving first a fasting of food, alcohol, tobacco, and intercourse of ALL types for no less than 12 days to three weeks, depending upon your current dietary intake, while ingesting only fruits and vegetables for bodily cleansing; after which you shall drink only fluid juices of a pure content, (not the store bought stuff, to many different chemicals & preservatives in them), this process is to last for at the least a minimum of seven days, although more would not harm your bodily or mental functions; now you are primed for drinking nothing more than water, water, water – for no less than five days, where-upon your body, mind, and spirit shall be pure ~ although your minds–thoughts may not be! ::LoL::
    During this involved process of fasting, you will begin to notice subtle changes in the environment around you. Listen to what you hear, but make no mountain from a mole-hill. Experience your inner child, while enjoying the outer realms of thought. Let your imagination flow freely, while sensing the world around you. Involve the whole clan, (household, kindred, coven, ect.), for this will make it not only an easier fast - but full of fun as well. Put your entire being into it, morn, noon, and night ~ for it can indeed be successfully accomplished! Plus, once the cleansing process is fully complete, you will have become a new people full of vital energies awaiting a directional course of action. Now is the time to invoke the All, begin your Rite of Power, experience the joy of emotional ecstasy, relish in it, and enjoy your new–found reality as you begin this life-time anew.

Through the exploration of one's own Yggdrasil
can the joys of the Outer Nine Realms then be found.

homeward bound

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