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magickal methodology

The diverse denominations which abound within the Northern Traditions are but varying aspects of a solid religion foremost in and of themselves. Yet they all seem to be comprised of basic similarities which are the practical application of honour and self-worth. Such diverse aspects as superstition and prayer or what are known to us as "respect" and "bidden" as well as the use of magical skills are no less sacred.
It is through the actions of giving or "offering out" solely through the joy which it brings unto others wherein one finds a feeling beyond description. Yet, it is through the use of magicks wherein one seeks to gain for purely personal needs, be they for oneself or for others, which none the less requires a steadfast and stout heart.
In short, there are two distinctive styles within Northern magicks, that of Galdr and that of Seidr. The foremost being along the lines of studied esoteric sciences and disiplines, the later more along the lines of inherant abilities and shamanic practices. The general guide below conveniently provides a few known examples of each.

Napping (shape shifting)

Divination by Runes

Human Vocal Techniques

Protective Magick

Healing Magick


Signing/Sending of Energies

Repetative Incantations

Meditational Workings

Magic Through Chant

Talismaic Magick

Curse (non seidr)

Self Kinship

Runic Correspondences

Recels (to evoke altered state)

Lucid Dream Workings
Faring Forth (shape shifting)

Divinition by Colour

Understanding Animals

Color & Gem Magick

Cord & Knot Magick

Astral Traveling

Mediumship Techniques

Non-Induced Visions

Visualization Workings

Magic Through Song

Spell & Charm Work

Curse (non galdr)

Animal Kinship

Ecstatic Dance

Sitting Out

Lucid Dream Workings

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