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The Nine Inner Merits Of Virtue


To be able to heroically conquer fear or dispair on any level by way of the personal use of self-control through the extraordinary ability of spontaneous restraint whilst considering the precariousness of the moment at hand which is upheld by one's own virtuous determination.

Also understood as conductive of an instinctively brave act of marked courtesy irregardless of personal safety in response to outer stimuli.

Not all was learned of the near and far worlds before
Asa-Thórr came of age, Asa-Thór knew not all;
Worlds within the World tree, warrant his protection
From the Utgards withal, from the Jotuns within.

  Æsir Saga; Skerbok
Hoenir soon after became aware
Of the part he plays in Wyrd
And fell silent.

  Vanir Saga; Skerbok
The generous and bold live the best lives,
seldom will they sorrow;
then there are fools, afraid of everything,
who grumble instead of giving.
  Havamal; Poetic Edda


Possessing the strength of mind to bring under control any encountered danger, inflicted pain or otherwise adverse conditions with enduring courage gained through practice, training and/or experience which corrects, molds and/or perfects said condition without having to relie upon others.

Also seen as independently hardy, confidently trustworthy, and dependably disciplined, foremost to self, in ways beneficial for all involved.

Time begat time, space begat space,
Búri and Borr battled on;
Outcome always, ending the same,
Yeast to venom, venom to rime.

  Lay of Creation; Skerbok
Sank I further into the Void, Nothingness,
Lest I be disturbed, blesséd is my Path,
Long held secrets I reveal what I give.
As such is the path inspiration grants.

  Lay of Holde; Skerbok
The wise guest has his way of dealing
With those who taunt him at table:
He smiles through the meal, not seeming to hear
the twaddle talked by his foes.

  Havamal; Poetic Edda


A steadfast adherence to a code of values which are based upon given principles that are either diligently learnt or inherantly aquired over an unspecified period of time so as to be truthfully free from deception and thus benefit from the attainment of accurate knowledge.

Hence it is the inclination to the telling of the truth through the spontaneous possession of sincere ideas or authentic concepts which are then naturally brought forth.

Better it is to be careful than boast
Overmuch what is within your mind;
Keeping council arouses no anger,
Better friend has no man than good sense.

  Havamal; Poetic Edda
Frigg answered the question in honesty,
That she did not ask to mistletoe
To offer protection to Baldr
Because she felt it was to young.

  Aesir Saga notes; Skerbok
I tell thee, Loddfáfner, heed well my council;
Be not first to fail a friendship;
Faithful be or grief will rend the heart
If dare not another your whole mind tell.

  Havamal; Poetic Edda


Implying the ability to distinguish individual intentions and motivations through perceptive intuititions based upon merits of specific characteristics as opposed to a hastily drawn conclusion which is based solely upon superficial familiarities and depreciative perceptions.

Can furthermore be seen as a conscious consideration which brought about through the distress of others that is oft closely followed by a desire through heartfelt compassion to abate said distress.

Never open your heart to an evil man
When mis-fortune does favor you;
From a man of ill will if a friend you make,
You receive no thanks for your trust.

  Havamal; Poetic Edda
Odhinn shall speak then, all shall hear him say:
"this night shall be used, for new thought for counsel;
each one who can, each by the morrow,
find some solution, for the Aesir's weal."

  Nannaspa; Skerbok
Trú bonds are formed where folk keep faith
And don't hide their hearts.
Anything is better than a breach of friendship-
Trú friends say what's rather not heard.

  Havamal; Poetic Edda


The fact or state of confidently holding to a complete allegiance and solid trust to such loyalties as duty or folk or deity, with an utter belief in said dedication which is based upon an accurate understanding of what is required without any fear, apprehension or mis-givings.

Can also be understood to mean a voluntarily offered gyft, reliably steady contribution or willing devotional service so as to purposely show the recipient due respect, honest gratitude, or trú affection.

Hand to knife finding, hand toknife cutting
Blood on Itha Plain dripped, blending to the other
As Lopt's friend by Odhinn Æsir became by blood;
Boasted Odhinn of mead, boast Lopt's blood-brodir:
Mead would drink not lest mead would Loki partake..

  Aesir Saga notes
The Gyft gave I to this childe in time,
She waited nine years in my cave well spent,
She emerged, cunning in the arts of Seidh.
Freyja is her name, in Cliffs I wait still.
  Lay Of Holde; Skerbok
As the young fir that withers and rots,
Shielded by neither needles nor bark,
So too is a man whom no one loves;
Why should he linger for long?
  Havamal; Poetic Edda


To accept the observance of general proprieties within one's own community whilst at the same moment avoiding extremes, without actually conceding to any misgivings in the interest of others, thus lacking the concern for the desirous coveting of material possessions, be they one's own or another's.

Also the mentality or behavior of confidently relying upon an informal request to another for action which is free of false bravado and phony airs, and often requires diligent development betwixt all concerned to successfully secure.

From the Nothing of the cliff-corners,
Frigg slipped forward, I see Her still;
Hulde taught Her well, Her gown embroidered,
Flax-spun, Gold-wove, on that cliff-face.

  Meili's Story; Skerbok
Hulde sank into the blackness
Away from Her brother Odhinn
Who arose to the light.
Into the Unknowable, depths of the Universe.

  Vanir Saga; Skerbok
When I beheld two scarecrows in a field
I covered them with my clothing;
In fine fettle they were, when robed in rags;
A naked hero suffers shame.

  Havamal; Poetic Edda


Characterized by earnestly doing what is expected of one through a careful, energetic effort of industriously applying what is known with what has been gained without the hinderance of being told to do so, yet with an absence of all improprieties of behavior.

As well as wisely possessing a strong objective veiwpoint regarding people or situations, though they may often times differ from previous experiences, whilst at the same moment reserving judgement through the positive action of impartiality.

Depend not on a new-sown field, nor to soon a son;
Nor on a brother's bane, even on a wide road;
Nor on a house half burnt, nor a horse swift,
Worthless is the steed with a broken leg;
No man is so confident as to trust in these.

  Havamal; Poetic Edda
I stood and waited, a guest came that day,
Flax gave I to the man, and seeds, my gift,
Forever welcome are the workers here.
Treat them well, and for the lazy Nothing.

  Lay Of Holde; Skerbok
Mock not the traveler met on the road,
Nor abuse the guest, nor turn any away,
A strong hinge it takes to keep open the door to all,
Ever give freely, lest bearing thee grudge,
One wish you all manner of mischief.

  Havamal; Poetic Edda


Given to openly welcome and receive guests with generous, pleasant and heartfelt emotional and mental feelings, and thus be willing to offer generous and cordial sociality to one who is not seemingly hostile to you, or to those whom you associate with on friendly terms, in a warm and comfortable environ.

Also understood as visibly giving respect or admiration to those who are thought to be deserving of said high regard, due to their decent conduct, until such time as otherwise shown through their merits or deeds.

Water there needs be, when to meal a guest comes,
A towel dry, and the offering to partake;
Good welcome, kindly words, a friendly listen,
And be bidden to banquet again.

  Havamal; Poetic Edda
The Gods together created the God Kvasir
By mingling their spittle
As a way of sealing their Oath.
In Asgard the Vanir were
Well received and made welcome.

  Vanir Saga; Skerbok
Glad in his home, to his guests ever cheerful,
Yet cunning should one always be;
Of good memory and easy speech, if wise he be thought;
A witling is he who has naught to say,
For such is the way of the senseless.

  Havamal; Poetic Edda


The practicality of holding to a respectable reputation, formost to self, which remains equable as befitting the individual situation without any deceitful or fraudulent actions, or the weight of the moral majority defining what is improper behavior, whilst counteracting the effects of those which may attempt to oppose said acheivement.

May also be defined as striving for the attainment of a balance within, to mentally keep alive the integrity of both the Aesir and the Vanir equally, so as to spiritually manifest as the Perfected Being.

In the center of, Ginnungagap stood,
The four brothers, steadfast, and strong;
Outcome always, ending the same,
All pushing each other away.

  Lay of Creation; Skerbok
Mind only knows what lies near to heart,
Each does clearly show the soul;
No sickness to the wise is worse to assail,
Than to live without inner peace.

  Havamal; Poetic Edda
Odin, an oath on a ring did give,
How trust his troth, now overcome;
Suttung's feast is bereft of mead,
Gunnlöd beguiled, grieves.

  Havamal; Poetic Edda

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