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The Denali Institute

        of Northern Traditions

    The Great Work of the Denali Institute is to assist in the resurrection of the Northern spiritual tradition in the form it would have evolved into had the evolutionary curve of the tradition not been interrupted for the past 12 centuries.

    This means that the Cosmic Force of Love, now coming into full manifestation in the energy envelope of Earth, would have been integrated into the Northern tradition in its own special way, suited to the mind dynamics of the Northern cultures instead of being imposed from without by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures.

    Many people intuitively long for this Northern model of spiritual insight, for many are the souls who have enjoyed Northern incarnations, only to find the valuable threads of Elder tradition disappearing as the centuries passed.

    The Denali Institute welcomes those of the Northern mind, be it by family blood or through an independent spiritual quest, to reawaken unconscious memories of a relatively simple, yet extremely effective spiritual Path leading to individualization of Self and ultimate Mastery of the great mysteries of Life.

    It is our purpose to assist each student in achieving this spiritual destiny.

1 800 336 2548 (DENALI 8)
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    The Great Cycle...

      Are you feeling that there is just so much more for you to learn within the Northern Traditions? Are you truly seeking to expand your mind? Might Ida and I suggest a site that you should check out, one that will help you to truly understand what the rune staves hold for you alone? The Denali Institute of Northern Traditions located at:… The entire system is based upon three progressive cycles which are then individually divided into twelve intense quarterly themes.

      There are three lessons per quarter, one lesson packet per month. Each quarter discuses a specific theme or topic of interest, and each lesson includes details on one rune, along with other juicy tid-bits of interest. At the completion of each tri-level within the First Cycle, certification is given and another level of instruction begins. The final quarter of this Cycle is devoted to an open-book exam to thus enable you to better understand what you have been retaining. The Second Cycle continues along the same standard pattern of specific quarterly topics which has now been solidly established through the previous three years of study whilst requiring greater student involvement through the use of runic self-tests and quarterly reports about what has been discussed. Not too sure about the third cycle, yet, as I am in the midst of my fourth year with the Institute.

      If you hook up the information packet, which is free and non-obligatory on your part, you will be given a listing of the quarterly themes within the First Cycle, along with other information. Realize that there is no pressure involved and you can take a break if you so desire by simply declining any further quarters at your discretion. The price is $35 for the introductory quarter enrollment which covers such basic subjects as understanding what the Northern Tradition is all about, and general information and the procedures involved. After this first quarter the price is then $25 per quarter, or $88 for four quarters.

      Although I had been neck deep into runes well before I signed on, I found new inspiration as an actual course outline and required material both were given. Like Thorsson's "Nine Doors of Midgard," The Denali Institute offers a wondrous journey through the Self as you find and discover what the Tradition holds for you personally. Unlike the Nine Doors, the pace is at your own rate, purely up to you, you can even advance purchase quarters 2-7 to get a jump-start, or simply take your own sweet time. Both Denali and The Nine Doors are truly excellent learning tools, with each demanding a certain amount of required reading. But remember, you only get out of it what you put into it.

      Also, on the last Thorsday of the month, a sort of psychic get-together is held, which is called "World-Watch." Not unlike a meditational outreach program, we focus on sending runic energies out to world events which need that extra 'push' to get the ball rolling in the proper direction. A paper is sent in advance explaining the situation, what is needed or hoped for, and also certain details in regards to the preferred rune-staves with which to concentrate upon. It is an intense session indeed!

      I thoroughly enjoy the course. I have delighted in the way in which the material is presented, and look forward not only to each new packet as it arrives, but also to my next level of advancement as well. Although there has been little need for interaction betwixt the Institute and I during the First Cycle, if I was to have intense problems I could have simply begun a detailed correspondence with them for further enlightenment. It's not like they don't care, for they do, but each lesson is in fact rather self-explanatory. The Institute's main desire is to continue to keep the Northern Traditions Tru, alive and well, through the growth and expansion of the individual Seeker's mind…

Yet why take our truth about it, look it over for yourself completely risk-free …


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