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Björn-gil Félag Bylaws

The following is a formal set of rules, policies and tenents adopted by the Björn-gil Félag to enable the smooth management of its internal and external affairs.

A.   Because we are aligned with another, larger organization, we have included the following:
  1. An MSR Kindred is described as any kindred who has officially affiliated with the Midhnott Sol Regintroth Organization and has been approved as such by the MSR Council.
  2. No MSR Kindred can officially affiliate with any other organization without prior approval from the MSR Council.
  3. Only the MSR Council can name a godhi/gydhja for the MSR. MSR kindreds can of course name godhi's and/or gydhja's as they see fit but they will not be considered as such officially by the MSR unless they complete the full godhard training program or are taken under personal training of one of the council of godhard.
  4. Although it would be proper etiquette to consult the head of ones MSR kindred first, any member of an MSR kindred should feel free to contact the MSR Council any time concerning guidance on any issue concerning MSR, MSR Kindreds or our ways in general..
  5. Individuals of the MSR are representative of the MSR, ones actions must be honorable at all times, for any stain which you bring upon yourself you also bring it upon the kindred and our Elder Kin, whether this be in the religious sphere or even within ones personal life which makes it way back to affect the kindred. Any actions which are deemed intolerable by the council can and will be punished by the council by banishment from the kindred or by what ever punishment is deemed necessary.
  6. All decisions made by the MSR Council are final.
A.   As an affiliate of the Midhnott Sol Regintroth Organization, Bjorn-gil Félag honours their commitment:
  1.   The Midhnott Sol Regintroth is a Heathen/Asatru organization dedicated to restoring to our people their birthright, to assisting those who hear the calling of our Elder Kin, the gods and goddesses of the North, in re-establishing troth with them. We are dedicated to providing education, texts, materials, and services that will assist the serious aspirant in living 'tru. For more information on becoming a member of MSR see also:

B.   To further the above goals of MSR, BGF also holds to the following assertions:
  1.   It is our intent to honour Humankind, and especially our own family and folk, through the observance of special occassions, seasonal rituals and Life's many celebrations. To thus improve upon one's own self through the active seeking, learning and practice of the Old Ways, whilst primarily focusing upon those to be found within the Norsk traditions.
  2.   To educate and instruct our children, kith and kin, students and organization members, as well as those whom show an interest in our religion. To enlighten them who have false and preconceived notions, without prostelyzing our Faith, in the Ways of our ancestors.
  3.   Readily holding to the above whilst obeying the Natural Laws wherever appropriate through an adherence to the Six Fold Goal and the Nine Inner Merits of Virtue both of which are themselves core tenets within our religious beliefs.
A.   Requirements and Qualifications:
  1.   Membership is in no way limited and is open to anyone of any gender, physical handicap, sexual preference, race, ethnic background, or age*. (Those seen as minors through the blinded eyes of America's judicial system should have parental approval, both verbal and written.)
  2.   Any who express an honest, heartfelt interest shall be offered an invite to open activities. Those desiring to become full-fledged members will be given unbiased consideration, pending offical word from the MSR parent kindred.
  3.   No active participant or membership shall be denied, curtailed, suspended, or otherwise terminated without due justification and general consensus.

B.   Dues:
  1.   There are no dues currently required, nor in the foreseeable future, from either BGF or MSR.
  2.   All monies which may be required for any supplies, foodstuff, educational materials, fieldtrips etc. et al shall be determined as the need arises.
A.   Specifically within Björn-gil Félag:
  1.   Godhi/Gydhja; Them whom lead the rest of the fellowship during blöt, sumbel and any other rite. This role may alternate betwixt those members who are within the Félag proper and is oft dependant upon the purpose of any given gathering.
  2.   Member; Them whom express an interest in the Björn-gil Félag and are active participants. One need not belong to the MSR parent group.
  3.   Guest; Them whom are either invited or are present at the bequest of a member for various reasonings.

B.   Those positions held within the Midnott Sol Regintroth Organization by it's members is structured as follows:
  1.   The Council of Godhard: The Council of Godhard is made up of four individuals (Yens being one of them) who are empowered to guide the group in any public relation issues, answer any questions, and assist any people who are in the group with questions they have on issues pertaining to the group.
  2.   Godhi/Gydhja: are those who have felt a calling of our Elder Kin to serve their fellow kin. They are responsible for the education and well-being of their kin. The godhi/gydhja is a leader, counselor and an example.
  3.   Elder: are those who have mastered the lore and have through experience learned to live 'tru and wish to assist others in obtaining the same goal. The Elder has proven themselves in the kindred and as such is deserving of the most respect.
  4.   Journeyman: are those who have committed to learning the lore and to living 'tru. That is taking what they have learned and applying it to their every day life. For our ways to have a true resurgence in our society there must be those who live 'tru, who work to bring back our culture and place it in this modern context. This is the goal of the journeyman.
  5.   Novice: are those who are beginning within the group. The Council of Godhard reserves the right to deny the request of any person who applies for the status of novice if that said person has any conflicting allegiances with other organizations which are not in harmony with the goals of this group. We are not an elitist organization but, we insist on internal harmony within the group. If any member of the group, no matter at what level, can not abide by this rule the said member will be judged by the council and expulsed from the group. The Council of Godhard's decision is final.
A.   Gatherings:
  1.   Rites, rituals, and assorted honourifics, shall be held on their actual date or when pre-determined as most convienient.
  2.   The place of gathering shall ever be open to discussion and unanomous agreement, with the Bear Gulch Park being foremost for public workings.
  3.   Once a date and time has been scheduled, it shall not be changed unless requested by two or more members, and never at the dreaded "last minute."

B.   Study-Group:
  1.   The curricula shall be periodically re-determined based upon the needs of those committed upon attending, but shall always offer out accurate knowledge for the progression of all involved.
  2.   Classes shall be held at a designated location, at the least bi-weekly, to cover a specific topic with book titles and other work interjected to enable easier retention of what is broached.
A.   These points of interest are brought forth not as dogma, but rather as common knowledge oft forgot:
  1.   Understand that that discreetness is primary, neither the identities of the members, nor their personal business, nor any kindred business, shall be shared outside this fellowship without the express permission of all those involved, for some are in positions of high profile and lothe persecution.
  2.   Have a strong desire to explore the Old Ways as a viable spiritual path, and this fellowship as a potential spiritual family in all seriousness whilst maintaining a fun environ.
  3.   Never be afraid to ask questions, no matter how foolish you may think them, for the only foolish questions are the ones unasked.
  4.   Make a serious, open-hearted effort to become involved with the fellowship, whilst getting to know all of the other members by building good relationships with them through communication and cooperation.
  5.   Be fully supportive of others within the fellowship whilst yourself maintaining a lifestyle which is physically, emotionally and mentally settled enough for powerful new experiences of personal growth to occur.
  6.   Openly and unabashedly share accurate knowledge among fellow members, and use all knowledge provided by this fellowship for the betterment of self.
  7.   Agree that no one is above reproach for we are Seekers all, decended from the godz.
A.   Any part of these By-laws may be amended by consensus of the members of the Björn-gil Félag and upon further approval by a member of the Council of Godhar, Midnott Sol Regintroth Organization.

effective this daie the 15th of Harvest, 2250 RE      

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