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Thanks be unto the wisdom of the Norsemen,
To progress along the Web of Wyrd shows all.
Blesséd are they whom question what is seen,
Unavailing it can be with nothing to build upon.
Blesséd are they whom see what is questioned,
For without trú preservation there is nothing left.
Blesséd are they whom seek accurate knowledge,
Wyrd's progress ever remains within Orlög's past.
written this daie 06-Ostara-2251 RE
There are so many folk who influenced the writing and compilation of this work that I am unsure just where I should begin..

   The logical place is with them whom are not named. Do not feel slighted. You know what you have done within my life towards the accomplishment of this work, and I thank you for aiding me in understanding and/or questioning all which has conclusively enabled the compilation of this work. Without you becoming entangled in my Wyrd and verse vica, this work would indeed be sparse and patchy at best. For it is only through your constant stimulation to my grey cells that I have retained and thus provided accurate knowledge for others to glean their own kernels of wisdom from.
   I would like to extend gratitude to Ragnar of the Denali Institute for his runic study course, his endearing devotion towards the future of heathenry, and especially for his friendship. Through the years I have spiritually expanded due, in large part, to his steady source of input as he nudges me to Seek the Mysteries for myself and for the community.
   To Mama Karen, for without her loving support and gentle direction, I would not be who I am today. About a year ago (July 25, 1999) my Mother, may Helija hold safe her Sjalfr, unexpectedly departed from this plane of existance before I could verbally inform her of her baby boy's official ordination as Reverend Godhi- though she is certainly aware of this fact now.
   With a final acknowledgement to mine frowe, Ida, I close this page. Without her loving support, generous spiritual influence and serious financial backing, I would have been unable to compile this work for I would have long ago been just another has-been, dead by the road-side. Nothing more than another statistic on some report or another. Having been sober and clean for six years may not be a big deal for some (there is a rasberry at the door for these folk) them in the know realize that I have been involved in a daily battle of an arduous nature, yet it rarely comes to mind due to the deep-felt emotions which my bodacious bride and I incessantly share betwixt one another.

One, Four, Three,
The Vow so Tru...
I remain Speechless.

homeward bound  

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