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Esoteric Bibliography

This reads more like a who's–who in our green~room (the library) than an esoteric source of writers who's books have helped to put together this work of studies, in fact it's pert' near both! I have just listed the authors ~ not their books, as most have more than one published work from which was gleaned one form of knowledge or another- for better or worse of the writers sake! If I have forgotten anyone, which is quite possible, kindly remember that I'm only another human on a spiritual quest. Be that as it may... on with the list. Oh... By the way, some of these authors are actually the same people but with different names.. do you know who all is who ???

Knot work
Freyja Aswynn
Zera Starchild
D. Jason Cooper
Donald Tyson
Ralph Blum
D. J. Conway
R.T. Kaser
Susan Gitlin–Emmer
Bernard King
Marijane Osborn
Stella Longland
Edred Thorsson
Ed Finch
Kveldulf Gundersson
Lisa Peschel
Ray Malbrough
P.M.H. Atwater
Clive Barrett
William Grey
Nigel Pennick
Stephen E. Flowers
Guido Von List
Snorri Sturlason
Silver Ravenwolf
Stephan Grundy
Cliff's Notes
Valerie Worth
Lars Anthony Cone
Ingri Parin d'Aulaire
Edgar Parin d'Aulaire
Lee M. Hollander
C.A. Jerome
Putnam & Sons
Raymond Buckland
Courtney Davis
Elsa–Brita Titchenell
John Grant
Marguerite Elsbeth
Raven Grimassi
Heinrich H. Verlag
Isa D. Duncan
Scott Cunningham
Elinor Person
Aleistar Crowley
Peter Quiller
Diane Stein
Ragnar of Denali
Gay–Darlene Bidart
Peter J. Carroll
Patricia Telesco
Anna Riva
Ashleen O'Gaea
Celsiwr Serith
David Harrington
Gerald J. Schueler
Betty Schueler
Prudence Jones
Joanna Martine Woolfolk
Joseph Campbell
Al G. Manning
James George Frazer
Else Roesdahl
Janina Renee
John Matthews
Barry Cunliffe
Ramsay MacMullen
Jane Hope
Robin Briggs
Lloyd Strayhorn
Depak Chopra
Gunilla Norris
David V. Barrett
P. Scott Hollander
Nick Thorpe
H.R. Ellis Davidson
Peter Berresford Ellis
Gwyn Jones
John North
Donna Henes
Peter James
Chester G. Starr
deTraci Regula
Daya Sarai Chocron
S.M. McCoy

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