Bjorn-gil Felag; Rancho Cucamonga, California  
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  Music: 18th Century Melody
  Chosen by: Grimalkin

The Goddess Freyja in Her physical manifestation of pure beauty, wonder, lust, & truly inspiring awe.
The Goddess by   ~   Boris Vallejo

Yaaawwn.. stttrreeeeettch.. siighghgh..

The things I do for my peoples.. It is apparent that they wish for me to inform you of, among other things, my history during this particular life–faze...

    I was born as a pure black, half siamese, long haired, female Kat on Disting, February 14, in the Runic year of 2243. Days later, my mistress was invited by a co-worker to look amongst my siblings and I. Although she was searching for a short hair, I knew she was the witch for me, and so continuously pestered her until she had no choice but to accept me. I have had eight litters of various size, with the last consisting of eight children, all having gone on to good folk or to Freyja's realm. For the last several years now I have been teaching my human pets to magickally include me in their workings. Life is wonderful.
    Thinking that the moments have become extremely lonely for me when they happen to be out and about doing as humans do, and leaving me here to fend for myself at home alone, they have so graciously aquired a personal pet just for me. My very own young and wily orange kat. I asked for a mouse. How so considerate they are of this fact. Hmph! Speaking of the critter, here he is now.

HEY!!!    What's that......   Why I oughta......   Whaa.......   Where.....   Slippery......   I'll show.....   Git.......   Whew!........

git that critter ya Kat!

  incense recipe for Kats ;
      1 tsp ~ gum arabic
      2 tsp ~ frankincense
      6 tsp ~ catnip
      6 tsp ~ pine needles
      rain water for binding

  combine all dried & crushed components together within a glass bowl; burn on any self- igniting charcoal; place out of frolic's way for safety.

    OK, OK, OK. I'm back. Had to settle Sigurd down. He just LoVeS to chase any ol' thing, including my fluffy black tail. "Lick", Liick" "Lickck". OH! Pardon me.. you see, the reason I am so often cleaning myself consists of a vast multitude of reasonings. The most often reason is that my fur is like an overcoat which I use to regulate my inner body temperature, therefore I must keep my coat clean so as to better adjust to the incliments. Another reason is that when I am in what you tend to label bordom, I simply entitle it contemplation, for I have many things happening in various realms which you tend to dismiss, or are not always aware of - unless, of course, you are a practitioner. This ability of seeing into alternate realities is also the main reason why I tend to sleep 16 to 18 of your hours, for I am actually often upon The Wild Road. However, the incense recipe will delight your familiar's senses whilst with you, so much so in fact, that we all will become as kittens once the aromatic fragrance wafts to our acute noses, so be prepared for giggles and laughs as we joyfully begin entertaining one another...

Cat Age Human Age
6 months
8 months
1 year
2 years
4 years
6 years
8 years
10 years
12 years
14 years
16 years
18 years
20 years
21 years
10 years
13 years
15 years
24 years
32 years
40 years
48 years
56 years
64 years
72 years
80 years
88 years
96 years
100 years

    I have often been told that I have a a short attention span, yet actually you humans simply have such extended days. Time, you see, is merely relevant to the beholder.. Realize you must, that although I am five years young in Human time, I am, in fact, fast approaching my fifties in Kat years - as my ageing process is quite different from yours. I shall attempt to explain.. The myth of one kat year equaling ten human years is only somewhat true. In fact, this only occurs in the first six months of our lives, after which a basic standard of four of a Kat's years to one of a human's years is basically the precident standard. Here is a table with which to help you visually understand what I have further shared, so that you may see that my ageing process has, in fact, now become de-mystified by this relatively simplistic table: Pardon me whilst I go clean, preen and other such fundemental necessities...


Whilst traversing the realms recently I came across an interesting piece of work entitled Why Cats Paint. Containing some stimulating kernels on the various aspects of the Kat's fanciful perspectives, assorted works of art, and also a visual test for measuring creative intelligence, this material proves that primates are not the only artistically talented creatures on this realm.
I wanna help!!

Although I am rather indifferent to the whole matter, as there are often more enjoyable things to do than smear paints and colors on a wallcanvas – OH! ... are you going to paint the room?  I'll Help!..  Can I!?..  Can I?!.. Puurrr!.. Pprrrrr!..

bar of pentacles

homeward bound CONTINUE

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