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The Freedom Fighters, for your Religious Rights: 

The Freedom Forum, for up to date news:

Wren's Nest, with information regarding your rights:

American Civil Liberties Union: 

Lawyer Referral Services On-Line: 

Witches Voice Links of Sites for Free Legal Aid: 

Free Legal Advice and Law Information: 

Earth Religions Legal Assistance Network: 

Searchable data-base listing Lawyers and Attorneys: 

World-wide Legal Resources and Law Databases: 

Find a Lawyer in your area on Law Street®:

~Freedom Organizations~

Fellowship of the Earth:

The Watch:

Pagan Federation on the Web:

Witches Voice:

Witches League For Public Awareness:

Earth Religions Assisstance Page:

The Religious Rights List:


The Military Pagan Network:

Pagan Educational Network:

~Pagans In Action~

Council For Truth:


Pagans Unite:

~Know Your Rights~

Witches Voice Rights Guide

Parents Guide To Religion In School:

Witches Federal Law Memorandum:

US Military Chaplin's Handbook Excerpt On Wicca:

US Military Chaplin's Handbook Excerpt On Asatru:

Religious Discrimination Information:

Federal Discrimination Laws:

Handling Religious Discrimination At Work:

Free Legal Advice For Child Custody & Divorce:

What Do Courts Look For - Child Custody:

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President Of the US:

State Senators:

Governors & Lt. Governors:

Politicians Listing Worldwide:

Tips on Writing to Elected Officials:

US Dept. of Education:

US Dept of Housing:
(Housing Discrimination Hotline: 1-800-669-9777 )

US Dept of Labor:

US Supreme Court Justices:;qe

Better Business Bureau for US & Canada:

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Our Voices:



W.I.N.E. League:

Beyond the Fear:

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