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Pronunciation Guide


Long Vowels
Vowels are long when followed by
1. a single consonant
2. the pairs pr, tr, kr, pj, tj, kj, pv, tv, & kv
ulike french eux in deux
alike a in father
ilike i in wig
elike ai in hair
olike aw in paw
like ur in urgent
Short Vowels
Vowels are short when followed by
1. a double consonant
2. consonant pairs other than the long pairs
ulike french eux in deux
alike a in sand
ilike i in fit
elike e in set
olike o in knot
like ur in purge

Accented Vowels
Accented vowels occur before the pairs ng and nk
or have an mark over them.
u, like oo in boot
a, like ou in mouse
i, like ee in leek
y, like ee in seen
like ye in yet
like ou in soul
ei, ey, like ay in hay
alternativelylike i in mine

b, d, h, k, l,
m, n, t, v, x
Pronounced the same as in English
f1) beginning of word like English f
2)middle of word like English v
3)before l & n like English b
jlike English y
lllike ttl in wattle
nn 1)after ,,,,,ei/ei like tn
2)everywhere else like English n
p 1)before k,s,tlike English f
2)everywhere else like English p
hvlike qu in quibble
like th in there
g 1)beginning of word like English g in great
2)middle of word like English g in bargain
3)after a vowel and before i or y like English y
4)after , , usually not pronounced
rtrilled like Scotish and Irish r
rllike ttl in wattle
rnlike nn above
slike English s, never like English z
zlike English z
like th in thwart

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