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Aett : O.N. ~ used to describe a group or division of eight. Can signify the eight direction, and also implies one of the divisions of the Futhark row.
Aesic : A.E. ~ possessing qualities or having thoughts which are actively masculine. Often constrictive and dominately aggressive, tending to reside within a set framework which is structured around mental disipline.
Alfreka : O.N. ~ I have been informd that this means to defile an area in such a fashion that the Landvaettir are mercilessly driven away.
Alu : O.N. ~ litterally meaning ale; yet also implies luck or magickal might.
Ancient Ones : O.U. ~ the Old Deities of the Northern Pantheon. Also refers to ones' ancestors.
An Sich : H.G. ~ to be as one with the Higher Self.
Ásatrú : O.I. ~ literally meaning God-Truth. The belief in and faith of the Northern Pantheon of Goddesses & Gods. May also be considered as an alternative phrase in reference to the religious Old Ways of our Scandanavian ancestors.
Athamé : O.U. ~ a ritual knife consecrated for the harrow.
Barrow : O.U. ~ a burial mound in which the body is interred, either intact or cremated. Considered as a cairn and oft times outlined with visible stones in the shape of a ship.
Bifrost : O.N. ~ pronounced as bif-rost, it is the Rainbow Bridge connecting MidgardR and AsgardR.
Bind-Rune : O.U. ~ a result of two or more staves joined together. There are two types: the first is a simple contraction; the second is a magickal act of creating energies into being for various reasons. They may be placed one atop the other, or side by side, so long as they are touching.
Blot : O.N. ~ Pronounced as bloat" this is a blessing or festival to honour the Ancient ones. There are eight of these major ceremonies to coincide with the seasons. Of course, each Kindred may hold its own personal Blots in addition to those already mentioned.
Bok : O.N. ~ the word for book, of which there are, obviously, many different kinds. Two come to mind immediately; Sidabok, a book of ceremonies and Galdrabok, a book of magicks.
Brodir : O.N. ~ a blood brother or sibling who is oft times closer than close.
Bru : O.N. ~ simply means a bridge.
Chin : O.U. ~ a pseudo rune expressing the "CH" sound, having been in use over 1,000 yrs ago. Many use either Kenaz or Sowilo independently to express this sound.
Covadonga : U.O. ~ a battle betwixt the Muslims & Visigoths fought in 718 C.E. in the Asturias Mountains of N.W. Spain. This area never again fell under Muslim rule due to the powerful Visigoth victory.
Croomstick : O.U. ~ not unlike the shepherd's staff with a crook or bend at the top end, which is oft used both physically and magickally to hook or catch some etheric substance.
Cunning : O.U. ~ possessed with the knowledge and skills of traditional folk magicks and medicines.
DagR : O.N. ~ the word for Day. It begins each dusk, and continues through the dawn until the following period of dusk.
Deosil : O.U. ~ clockwise movement, in the direction of the traveling sun. May be used for drawing down Higher energies for workings.
Disting : O.N. ~ another word the Blot which is held on or around January 31. Considered by most to be the time for the Charming of the Plow, yet some consider it to be Freyja's Day, yet others, Vali's Day.
DraugR : O.N. ~ one who has a strong spirit in life, and thus becomes one of the walking corpses in death. They are readily interspersed throughout the Saga's and Edda's.
Drighten : O.E. ~ referring to one who has mastered an art or skill. Originally considered to be a leader of a small, elite warband. It is a title of honour within the Rune-Gild.
Einherr : O.N. ~ a human spirit who died from gapeing battle wounds, who is considered worthy of dwelling in ValHalla.
EitR : O.N. ~ the word for venom or poison, a substance that through its chemical action can injure or kill.
Eugenics : A.E. ~ a science dealing with the improvement, as by selective breeding, of hereditary qualities, especially of human beings.
Ex : O.U. ~ a pseudo rune expressing the "X" sound, having been in use over 1,000 yrs ago. Many use Kenaz followed by Sowilo to express this sound.
Functions : O.U. ~ Dumézil indicates that this word signifies a Tri-centric system. The First is that of Governmental influences, both spiritual and moral. The Second is that of Energy, both spiritual and physical. The Third is that of Well-Being, both spiritual and mental. Each working in harmony with the other two.
    *IMHO I, Yens, believe this to be based upon the Yggdrasil Model, which truly creates an individualistic style for each of us.
Frćdi : O.N. ~ meaning knowledge, learning, lore, studies, etc. By adding the phrase 'kona' after this word, one then indicates a person who is a learned scholar.
Frith : O.E. ~ a temporary peace for the duration of a holiday season, not unlike a truce. Can also indicate a place of sanctuary, such as a hall.
Fylgja : O.N. ~ a Guardian Spirit that accompanies each & every human from birth to death. Also known as a "Fetch", which contains the total of past actions that may affect one's present course.
GandR : O.N. ~ an object or tool, such as the wand. The power which emanates from a charmed object.
Garth : O.N. ~ meaning an enclosed space where the Home-Stone often resides. It may be either inside or out of doors.
Gernhaben : H.G. ~ to have or offer willingly or happily, giving credit unto another.
Glóđker : O.N. ~ a fire-pot often used in ceremonies, not unlike a Wicca cauldron.
Gođi/Gyđja : O.N. ~ the Priest & Priestess of the Ásatrú religion who have the authority to perform sacred rites for the Folk.
Hallow : O.E. ~ meaning to make holy or consecrate, especially an item or area.
HamR : O.N. ~ one's invisible shape-substance, also a shamanistic type of magick used to travel instantly betwixt places, and/or to shape-shift by exchanging appearances with some living thing.
Harrow : O.N. ~ an alter that is made of stone or even another natural substance and is open to the sky. An indoor alter is entitled Stalli.
Heilsa : O.N. ~ used as an individual warm greeting to mean health, and may also be spelt Hailsa. Pluralative is Hailsan andis used as a greeting to all in a given place.
Heit : O.N. ~ meaning a solemn promise or an oath of truth. May also be spelt as Height.
Home-Stone : O.U. ~ originally to mean one's place of origin, but it often means where one's energies are consistantly focused or concentrated.
HopR : O.N. ~ an official Skergardian group. Pronounced as "hope" until such time as a temple is built whereupon it becomes pronounceable as "hoff" though the spelling of the ord does not change. Pluralative form is Hopar.
Ibid : Latin ~ meaning in the same place. Often used as a reference point to a previously cited source, saving time & space in repeating details, although it can lead to immense confusion on the part of the reader.
Íllska : O.N. ~ simply put, it means evil. The fact of suffering and wrongdoing. Causing or threatening distress, harmful.
Invoke : O.U. ~ to petition higher energies for help or support. To bring about or to call forth by an incantation in order to appeal to, or to make an earnest request, or to give thanks.
Isavi : A.E. ~ to mean a person who is not Ásatrú. It is pronounced as "iss-ah-vee", stressing the first syllable.
Jarl : O.N. ~ originally meant a warrior, but came to mean a war-leader, and finally became a title of rank equal to that of an Earl.
Jörmun : O.N. ~ usually to mean something super-natural of great size and/or power. Jormungand is the World-Serpent who resides in the Great Ocean which encompasses MidgardR, all the while biting its own tail. Jormunsol, (Irminsul), is the symbol of Yggradsil and Tyr which represents cosmic order, and is the column which symbolically holds up the World and/or the Universe.
Jötunn : O.N. ~ a being of great strength & longevity, taking shape in all sizes and forms. Suggestions indicate they have the ability to shape-change at will.
Ka! : O.U. ~ containing various meanings, some of which including: "There!", "So Be It", "So Mote It Be!", "Bless'd Be"; the context, of course, depends upon the person using it.
Karma : Sanskrit ~ the force generated by one's actions to perpetuate reincarnation and to determine the nature of said person's next existance. Somewhat similar to Orlog.
Kenna : O.N. ~ meaning to know the nature of, or to be clearly aware of the truth, or to understand by actual experience.
Kenning : O.N. ~ originally meant a lesson, but also includes a poetic coding used by skalds: ex; Heimdall's Sword is a kenning for the mind.
Kveđja : O.N. ~ used as a wish of well-being at parting company. A fond farewell to others, or used as an exclamitory word thrown in betwixt other words.
Leek : O.N. ~ an onion-like herb grown for its mildly pungent leaves and stalk. Any plant of the species Allium, such as garlic, onions, chives, shallots, etc., which may be considered as same.
Liđskjálf : O.N. ~ the High Seat of Odhinn from whence he looks out across The Worlds-All-Wide to see what he can see. Translated as gate-shelf, it may also be spelt Hliđskjálf.
Lot : O.U. ~ a smallish object used in the process of divining, and marked in some way, as with a runic stave. Used with other similar objects each with individual markings.
LundR : O.N. ~ to mean a place of trees, especially a Sacred Grove dedicated for religious purposes. Is inerchangable with the word Wald.
Mead : O.E. ~ an alcoholic drink of fermented honey, though there are substitutes available. Good mead is made only with honey alone, and therefore is rather difficult to get, as Folk like to add 'things' for 'flavor'. According to Kveldulf Gundarsson, any drink with honey added to it may be used for ritual purposes for those of us with Oaths of Sobriety to honour.
Megin : O.N. ~ one's own Life-Force brought into being from transpersonal realms, distinct from physical power or strength. Can be found in the initial pattern of one's etheric or 'subtle' body, also known as the HamR.
Mjölnir : O.N. ~ the crushing Hammer of Thór, or a representative symbol of faith worn around the neck. Looks not unlike an inverted capital 'T' or an 'anchor'.
MyrkstafR : O.N. ~ a compound word of dark, murky, mysterious and stave. It is used to imply the negative aspects of a particular rune. Could easily signify the Dwarven and/or Etin runes mentioned in the Havamal, stanza #143.
Nidstong : O.N. ~ an Insult Post which is runically charged, magickally set, and then 'aimed' at a particular person, place or thing. This is not something to be done lightly, or as a joke, for it is a powerful curse in the form of an insulting poem.
Nine Realms : O.U. ~ This is the division of Yggdrasil, and the Omniverse as well, into nine distinct 'zones', each relating to all the others, which, in turn, forms a Tri-centric sytem of inter-dependent units. See Functions of the Worlds-All-Wide (qv).
Norse Wicca : O.U. ~ a careful combination of hedgecraft, (herbal lore, nature questing, healing skills, etc.), and the teachings of all the Ćsir, (galdR lore, seidR questing, rune skills, etc.), to empower one with the ability to spiritually progess. May also be considered as an alternative phrase in reference to the religious Old Ways of our Scandanavian ancestors.
Novice : A.E. ~ one who is an inexperienced or untrained member of a religious sect, preparing to take the vows of the Order. This includes Solitaries accepting a Faith new to them.
Nymph : O.U. ~ any lesser goddess represented as a maiden who happens to be living in the mountains, forests, meadows, or waters, and who may, or may not, express excessive sexual desires.
Odian : O.U. ~ to mean one who seeks to emulate the All-Father's pattern of true self-transformation, as one personally understands it. May also be considered as an alternate form of Asatru.
Öđrćrir : O.N. ~ the essense of Kvásir, which inspires wisdom or is the cause of inspiration. Connotated so as to imply mead, or even its container.
Önd : O.N. ~ the Breath or Essence of Life, often meaning the soul of an individual being.
Örlog : O.N. ~ another name to mean Wyrd. It is the Cosmic Destiny or Fate of what has been spoken to determine one's events in life, and consists of good, bad and neutral happenings. It has been known to be periodically re-wrote by those of a strong will.
Pedagogy : A.E. ~ the art or profession of teaching educational subject matter.
Poltergeist : H.G. ~ usually a noisy, dis-embodied, and mischievious spirit held to be responsible for unexplained noises, although with regular offerings they can become more a welcome energy than a danger. Thought to be a form of SvartalfR.
Power : A.E. ~ can be either good or bad, depending upon how one uses it. Those with this force or energy should always use it to help those who are powerless, purely because of ethical and moral practices involved.
Propitiation : A.E. ~ to appease or bring into agreement. The act of gaining or re-gaining the favor of.
Primestave : O.U. ~ a wooden almanac, which is most oft risted with runic symbols, enabling folk to keep track of the day, month, lunar and solar occurances.
Pseudo Runes : O.U. ~ symbols oft resembling the staves which represent the phonic sounds not covered by the Elder Futhark. Some are over 1,000 years young, and may possibly be the reason behind the many diverse Modified Futharks known to date. There are five pseudo staves currently in use to write modern English. They are: Chin (=ch), Quoth (=q), Vee (=v), Ex (=x), and Yee (=y).
Quisling : O.N. ~ the name of a traitor during WWII who cooperated with the Nazi Powers when they invaded and subsequently occupied Norway. It is now readily used in many languages to imply one who is a traitor.
Quoth : O.U. ~ a pseudo rune expressing the "Q" sound, having been in use over 1,000 yrs ago. Many use Kenaz followed by Wunjo to express this sound.
QV : Latin ~ abbreviated form of the word Quod Vide meaning 'which see'. It is used to refer the reader to an entirely seperate entry for further details. The plural is represented as (qq).
Rammaukinn : O.N. ~ one who possesses super-human strength through the practice of the northern martial arts, of which three are known, those of the Bear, and of the Wolf and the of Boar. They are not unlike the diverse Oriental styles.  Thanks go to Nigil Pennick's "Practical Magick in the Northern Tradition" © 1989 for this word.
Recels : O.E. ~ an olden word denoting incense which is used in religious ceremonies to produce fragrants odors when burnt or smoldering. It is pronounced as "ray-kels".
Risi : O.N. ~ meaning a giant which are oft described as very tall, good-looking, and long-lived. Never confuse a Ris with a Jötunn or a Thurs – as the three are very distinctly seperate types of beings.
Ristar : O.N. ~ a uniquely styled knife-like tool which is used to carve staves into wood or stone whilst using galdR.
Rúnameistari : O.N. ~ translated as Rune Master. A person who has achieved the highest level of Rune Skill. All Rune Masters are Runologists {one who studies runes}, but not all Runeologists are Rune Masters.
Runwita : O.E. ~ meaning a wise and knowledgeable person, such as a sage or an advisor.
Saga : O.N. ~ a novel of biographical or historical content mostly written between 1150 & 1350 C.E. Also it is the name of a giantess who resides in Asgard, possibly in the Hall of Sokkvabekk for her name means "Seeress". She is considered to be one of the Asynjor.
Sax : O.N. ~ originally a fighting weapon in length smaller than a sword, but larger than a regular knife. Now mainly used for religious and/or ceremonial purposes.
SeidR : O.N. ~ The magick of Freyja which she taught to Odhinn. Pronounced as "sayth" it is a unique style of shamanistic magicks which can, among other things, be used to ascertain the future or to reveal unknown or hidden realms through trace-like states. Few men seem to practice this form of Craft, and fewer still are willing to admit that they do.
Skáld : O.N. ~ word for a Poet or Bard, but including composer/reciter/historian in skills of both poetry and music.
Stead : O.U. ~ oft considered as a stave-surrounded sacred enclosure which is used for religious observences.
Skertru : O.N. ~ to mean "Cliff-Tru." The Norse Pagan Organization of Skergard is based upon this unified belief of Asatru and Vanatru which has been blended into one belief system that is based on a general consensus. May also be considered as an alternative phrase in reference to the religious Old Ways of our Scandanavian ancestors.
Tafl : O.N. ~ another word for a table or board. There are numerous games with the ending of tafl, however, it should not be confused with the word TaufR (qv).
TaufR : O.N. ~ a charm or talisman which is most oft worn around the neck for protection. They are usually small, metallic pendents which are more commonly in the shape of bind-runes.
Thularstoll : O.N. ~ a special chair, or body position, which is used by the runester when beginning a cast. Literally meaning the wise-one's chair, some present day scholars use the term Theal's Stool for this word.
Thurs : O.N. ~ a strong, surly, slow witted supernatural being hostile to all entities except themselves.
Tölvîsi : O.N. ~ meaning skill with numbers. The word Tölva is modern Islandic for computer.
Troll : O.N. ~ a type of photo-sensitive Frost-Thursar who usually go about at night to avoid death-by-sun-light. They are to be considered generally ill-willed and uncanny wights.
Troth : O.E. ~ related to the word Truth in that it means loyalty, or one's pledged faithfulness and the keeping of same.
Úlfhéđinn : O.N. ~ a unique type of warrior who oft fights alone and often at night specializing in long-range operations far behind enemy lines. Their symbol is that of Wolf, and some sources claim them to be especially dedicated to Ođhinn.
Unconsious : A.E. ~ the part of one's mentality which is often a powerful force, but is seldom perceived. When something is unknowingly done through instinct so that one is not aware of doing so.
Ut : O.N. ~ the word for out, which can also mean 'outside of' something. As is the case of Utgard, the Giants' stronghold, which is outside MidgardR, in Jotunheim.
Vanic : A.E. ~ possessing a temperment or mentality which desires to see things follow along a natural course of events, simply acting from each incident as it arises.
VćttR : O.N. ~ a spirit, wight or supernatural being of any kind.
Valkyr : O.N. ~ an individual "Chooser of the Slain" within norse myth. Mounted upon swift horses, and oft depicted with spear or drawn sword, these maidenly nymphs rush into the melee of battle and select those destined to death. These heroes of battle they then conduct to Vallhalla, where they wait upon them and serve them their drink of choice in the skulls of those they had vanquished.
Vanatrú : O.N. ~ meaning a specialized faith in, and belief of, the Vanir Gods and Goddesses. May also be considered as an alternative phrase in reference to the religious Old Ways of our Scandanavian ancestors.
Vardlokur : O.N. ~ this is one who sings and watches for a volva while she "sits out." A description can be found within the Greenlander Saga for further illumination.
Vé : O.N. ~ an open-aired sacred enclosure which is most oft triangular in shape and marked off with stakes and rope.
Vee : O.N. ~ a pseudo rune expressing the "V" sound, having been in use over 1,000 yrs ago. Many use Wunjo reversed to express this sound, there-by removing some confusion.
VikingR : O.N. ~ a type of amphibious warrior of the period from 750 to 1066 C.E. who landed along numerous beaches bays and inlets to mostly explore and trade, yet now the word is sadly synonymous with the terms of raid and even plunder.
Warlock : O.E. ~ simply put it means traitor, to the Clan and/or to the Folk. It does not imply a male witch as some would like to think.
Widdershins : O.U. ~ the opposite of deosil. To travel counter-clockwise against the movement of the Sun, thus dis-spelling or opening, such as a circle.
Worlds-All-Wide : O.U. ~ the division of Yggdrasil, and the Omniverse, into nine seperate "zones" each relating to all the others and having a very definite order. Alphabetically they are; ÁsgarđR, HelR, JötunheimR, LjósálfheimR, MiđgarđR, MúspellheimR, NiflheimR, SvartálfheimR, VanaheimR. The Nine Realms are all seperate yet rely upon each other for uniquely different Functions (qv).
Worthship : A.E. ~ being worth the time or effort spent to give honour to those supernatural powers and divine beings of one's Folk with full respect and due merit, without comprimising one's own strengths according to the value of being equally measured by one's own qualities of sufficient energies. …for are they not our ancestors?
Wyrd : O.E. ~ also spelt as 'weird'. It is the Anglo-Saxon form of the concept of Orlog (qv) which basically means primordial law, destiny, doom, or fate.
Xanadu : O.U. ~ an idyllic, exotic or luxurious place, not unlike Sir Thomas More's Utopia of ideal perfection. Samual Taylor Coleridge used this term to describe a locality in the poem "Kubla Khan."
Xenophobia : O.U. ~ the fear and hatred of what is strange or foreign to one, sadly including people such as strangers and foreigners. This is a rather prevailent dis-ease which appears without warning, anywhere…
Yee : O.U. ~ a pseudo rune expressing the "Y" sound, having been in use over 1,000 yrs ago. Many use Isa to express the vowel sound, and Jera to express the consonant sound, although this oft results in some confusion.
Yggdrasil : O.N. the Steed of Ygg can be seen, in one sense, as the human spine, yet, at the same moment, include the all-encompassing Omniverse of Norse Mythology. See the various entries throughout the Word Hoard such as Functions, Nine Realms, and Worlds-All-Wide for varying input on this subject. Somewhere's within this Site there's a greater amount of info on the subject…
YlR : O.N. ~ meaning the essential glow of life. It can also be used to mean the healing warmth of the Sun, or that of love; for example, "to bask in the YlR of Sunna", could mean "to comforably expose oneself to the heat of sunlight and enjoy the warmth." Of course, other connotations may be seen by some.
Zenith : O.U. ~ the highest point in the heavens. It is not Midheaven, but is instead directly overhead one, which is always at right angles to the plane of its horizon.
Zodiac : O.U. ~ a belt or circle of animals in the heavens that encompasses the paths of the planets and is divided into twelve seperate constellations or signs.

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