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    The Words of Power contained upon this page are, one and all, copyrighted & true to form; kindly give credit where it is due, or at least make an full~hearted attempt to do so if transcribing any of them; any publishing or claiming as thine own will result in the fullest extent of Karma! You are hereby forewarned… and are therefore forearmed!

  The following are for preparing to cast or draw the Runes, and are chanted in a sing-song style to gain attention of the Ancient Ones, for the soul purpose of attaining True Wisdom. They are excellent for setting the mood for any rite in which a runic divination is sought. They may even be adapted for use while one is attaining a meditative state upon a single stave.

  Bright Blessings Childe. "Smile"

  #1.)     I cannot seem to recall the origin of this one, however, if memory serves me corectly, it is possibly a combination from various sources, mayhaps from Freya Aswynn and/or Edred Thorsson and even Lady Wilde herself! which I have re-worked into what you see below…

Sisters of the Wyrd
weave a cloak for this Vitki
for I am on a journey
between the Worlds All Wide
Maidens all-mighty
Lead me to true knowledge
Reveal to me the future paths
Urd, Verdhand, Skuld
Within you I shall read the runes aright
Rünar (roonar) Runes
Råðha (rowtha) Rown
Rétt (reet) Right
Råðh (rowth) Read

  #2.)     Havamal stanza #111

It is the Time to sing
on the stool of the Theal
at the Well of Wyrd
I saw and I thought
I saw and I spoke
heeding the Lore of Hår
of runes I heard it spoke
nor thought I of reading
at the Hall of Hår
in the Hall of Hår
so I heard it said

  #4.)     Havamal stanzas #138 ~ #139

I wot that I hung–
on a windy tree
nights All–nine..
wounded by the gar–
given to Odhinn
myself to mySelf
on that tree
of which no man knoweth–
from what roots it rise.

They dealt me no bread–
nor drinking horn
I looked down;
I took up the runes–
roaring I took them
and fell back again›:

  #3.)     Havamal stanzas #142 ~ #145

Runes wilt thou find
and rightly read
of wonderous weight
of mighty magick
which dyed the Dread God
which that made the Holy Hosts
and were etched by Odhinn.

Odhinn among Æsir,
for alfs, Dain,
Dvalin for the dwarfs,
Alsvith among etins,
but for men of MidgardR,
wrought I some myself.

Know'st how to write,
know'st how to read,
know'st how to stain,
know'st how to understand,
know'st how to ask,
know'st how to offer,
know'st how to supplicate,
know'st how to sacrifice?

'Tis better unasked
than offered overmuch:
thus did Odhinn write–
ere the earth began–
when up he rose–
in after time

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