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stones, rocks, and gems

    Pretty stones have always caught the attention of both the human being's mind & our eye since before the known beginnings of time. As the Ages came and went, we began to notice that the colorful rocks contained certain properties of magicks, not unlike the herbal gifts from Mother Gaia. After countless attempts to identify and categorize the various properties and vibrations of gems, this joyous knowledge was publicly - yet privately - passed from runwita to seeker... until the dread  Burning Times 
    It is during this point in Time when this information began to waver in the minds of all. Even now in this age, as the "Burning Times" continues, most tend to deny our hereditary rights of positive energies, but as long as there is at–the–least one who actively seeks to further gain input of knowledge, we as existent beings are not lost.
    It is, therefore, with great joy that I set down that which I have learned of the magickal properties of gems, knowing that some few will learn from this scant list. Realize as there are many specific guides to the magickal emanations of gems in relation to every force, there is no reason for the fascination and glamour of stones to be outside your energies control.
    In order for the stones energies to properly work, they must be applied to that specific part of the body being threatened or protected. If any amount of discomfort is 'felt', or if it 'hurts' the wearer, or if the gem 'falls' off, it must be ritually disposed of immediately, so as to appease the etheric influences.
    A final word says I to them that continue to seek true knowledge;
ßless'ed ße & ßright Journey...

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Glimpses more sublime
Of things unseen before,
Unto his wondering eyes reveal
The Universe, as an immeasurable wheel
Turning for evermore
In the rapid and rushing river of Time.

Rain in Summer
The Longfellow

AGATE: bears great success.. wear jewelry on shoulders to reconcile intellect & intuition.. brings stability into life..

AMBER: holds curative powers.. prevents infections from invading the body.. aids in maintaining healthy teeth.. provides warmth against coldness.. stimulates strength, wisdom, & peace..

AMETHYST: worn on the feet, evokes an increase of wealth & political power.. rubbed on the temples, engenders vigilance & allays all earthly distress.. placed in alcohol, inhibits drunkenness & lethargic hang-overs.. relieves fatigue.. inspires & encourages meditation.. dis-spells anger, fear, rage, & anxiety..

AQUAMARINE: can bestow purity & innocence.. aids against nerve pains.. excellent for purifying throat congestion.. aids in clarity of eye vision..

AVENTURINE: may bestow a soothing feeling upon user.. aids in neutralizing damaging effects of suppressed emotions.. aids in relieving constrictions of the heart & solar plexis regions.. grants a sense of well-being by balancing energies in the entire body.. use in tandem with other energetically active stones..

AZURITE: vitalizes damaged body parts.. aids in opening inner sight.. stimulates innate psychic talents.. can bestow a sense of duty.. aids in memory retention.. awakens powerful cosmic perceptions of truth..

BERYL: stone of the seer, visionary, & mystic.. insures a powerful personality..

BLACK ONYX: represses our passions that are emotionally self-destructive.. absorbs, & yet can contain extremely 'old' negativity..

BLOODSTONE: possesses magickal & divine powers.. prevents hemorrhage & wounds caused by violence or war.. invigorates the whole body.. stimulates aid in bladder problems.. helps to understand the energies of Mother Gaia..

CARBUNCLE: increases popularity.. reveals Life's reversals of chance..

CARNELIAN: prevents dis-ease of the nervous system.. grants wearer power of overcoming anxiety attacks and also of debility due to worry.. aids against blood poisoning, rheumatism, & wounds.. indicates flowing power.. use for grounding & stabilizing influences..

CAT'S EYE: promotes restful sleep.. wards off night terrors.. aids night-time vision..

CITRINE: aids in cleansing & purifying the entire body.. stimulates higher consciousness.. works against depression..

CHRYSOCOLLA: balance & harmony for the heart.. aids the digestive tract.. alleviates inner fears & insecurities..

CHRYSOLITE: this stone of great actors & orators grants the wearer eloquence..

CHRYSOPRASE: protects against greedy schemes.. wards off rheumatism.. protects against evil.. clarifies unconscious problems..

COPPER: although not thought of as a stone, copper is commonly used as a wrap to secure stones for hanging from the body or other objects.. this mineral aids in transferring thoughts into actions..

CORAL: promotes fertility when worn around the neck.. used in times of menstruation to help abate or lessen mood swings.. averts the evil eye.. generates a warming influence on the body..

CRYSTAL: helps possessor communicate with others.. used for intuition & divination.. confers the gift of memory & clairvoyance.. balances & harmonizes the aura.. aids against dizziness, hemorrhaging, & diarrhea..

DIAMOND victory over enemies.. grants reconciliation & indomiability.. when worn on the head, it then becomes a charm against insanity.. left hand, will bestow the consistency of love.. offers protection against negativity..

EMERALD: paralyzes serpents & "snaky" peoples who are poisonous to good living.. normalizes blood pressure.. provides abundance & richness in inner self.. aids against eye infections.. grants peace & serenity to the entire body..

FIRE OPAL: aids the digestive system.. helps its wearer to develop intuition.. helps us contact our Higher Self..

FLORITE: calms the nervous system.. grants possessor cosmic wisdom & truths.. aids in controlling high frequency vibrations..

GARNET: wards off infidelity if given to a friend or lover on parting.. stimulates the sex drive.. raises energies from passion to purity.. aids against arthritis..

HEMATITE: bound on the left arm, dispels enchantment.. bound on the right arm, draws in money-making projects.. drives away sexual apprehensions.. absorbs negativity..

INDIGO SAPPHIRE: expels negative elements from the mind.. develops our perceptions of clairvoyance & intuitions.. aids against insomnia.. heals the bodies sense organs..

JADE: superior truth & knowledge of a spiritual nature.. possesses the qualities of immortality.. relieves troubled kidneys & stomach.. increases natural forces.. provides protection against witchcraft.. grants possessor virtues of humility, wisdom, courage, & justice..

JASPER: reconciles family quarrels.. prevents difficulties in the struggle for knowledgeable input.. may bestow the strength of Mother Gaia.. aids against internal infections..

JET: inspires religiosity.. heals tooth pains.. aids in digestional problems.. eases headaches.. can absorb negative energies..

KUNZITE: worn around the neck, counters heart pains.. links the hearts emotions to the higher realms of existence.. alleviates old sufferings of the body.. grants truth, softness, & light to the heart..

LAPIS LAZULI: clears disorders of the blood.. when shaped into an eye & a heart, this gem cures timidity.. instills a high idealism in its possessor.. aids in swellings & inflamations of the limbs.. aids in opening congested areas of the throat..

LODESTONE: attracts love.. protects wearer against slander.. set within the wedding ring, it guarantees passionate sex for the life of the marriage..

MALACHITE: worn in bracelets to preserve the bones in a healthy condition.. reveals deepest fears of change.. balances & vitalizes the entire body systems.. aids in eye infection, poisoning, menstrual dis-order, asthma, & rheumatism.. may grant creativity & change..

MOONSTONE: provides mental inspiration.. helps the bearer decide between affairs of love or business.. aids in areas of inner growth & strength.. opens emotional aspects of ones feminine self..

MOSS AGATE: aids all who work the land.. tunes one towards the energies of nature..

OBSIDIAN: grants knowledge of the highest truths.. inspires passive mentalities.. absorbs all negativity.. grounds one in true wisdom..

OPAL: wards off selfish lovers.. clears the mind of past traumas.. promotes foresight.. absorbs negativity, then returns it to the individual..

PEARL: in a necklace, insures against scattered energies or dismemberment.. confers sexual genius when sewn under the skin of the penis.. draws wearer closer to mystical center of being..

PERIDOT: aids in developing mental capabilities.. purifies, calms, & balances physical energy.. relieves constipation & inflamed conditions of the bowel.. opens inner sight to gain inspiration..

QUARTZ: provides a shield of protection.. removes fears from the mind.. aids in our inner searchings of consciousness.. acts as a conductor of energy.. possesses powerful healing potential..

RHODOCHROSITE: conducts energy.. helps influence positive creativity.. generates a magnetic energy field..

RHODONITE: aids the heart.. grants peace & tranquility where there is confusion & unrest..

RUBY: purifies the heart.. aids in retrieval of rightful possessions.. revitalizes the bloodstream.. signifies danger to the wearer when color changes to black.. contains life & love giving energies..

SAPPHIRE: aids in cleansing & healing areas of the throat.. endows wearer with spiritual enlightenment.. creates & manifests pure thoughts of devotion.. frees one from sorcerous enchantments.. used as a meditational tool..

SARDONYX: inspires courage.. keeps one from revengeful acts.. when worn around the wrist, it can bestow self-control..

SODALITE: aids in maintaining a clear throat.. useful as an amplifier of other blue stones..

TOPAZ: aids in focusing thoughts.. promotes mental & physical digestion.. grants the heart strength.. aids the traveling, the restless & the true seekers.. affects the spinal column.. protects the sportsman from unforeseen dangers.. harmonious reconciler of the self.. inspirationally stimulating for the soul..

TOURMALINE: grants a positive influence on all.. wards off sadness & depression.. will bestow balance & maintains the proper function of the nervous system.. aids in directing, channeling, & intensifying our insight & perceptions of emotions.. comforts the grief-stricken..

TURQUOISE: grants wisdom of both earth mother & sky father.. guardian & protector of both body & soul.. absorbs negative feelings for its wearer.. contains pure healing energies.. can bestow good fortune to its possessor..

WATERMELON TOURMALINE: helps balance & redirect energies.. possesses healing & harmonizing influences to the nervous system & the heart.. soothes, calms, & feeds the life energies of the entire body..

ZIRCON: promotes great honour.. wards off & yet ensures a happy death.. makes the wearer truly attractive to others..

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