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    Tending to be the eclectic that I am my colour chart has no one particular system or tradition, but rather envelopes all which I have gleamed from my studies. There are assuredly more colours than what I have listed, none-the-less it truly becomes a simple yet highly effective table of correspondences containing the heart of all magickly potent powers and energies since the beginnings of time, and awaits their selection for vibrational balance and stimulating absorption. These symbolic colours lie at the heart of all workings, tending to naturally and sympathetically lend their 'hearts' to all we do and say.
    Both consciously & subconsciously & on all levels of Life, colours are a part of our existence, without which all creatures would be but drab beings, for even the blind 'see' colours by sensing emotional feelings.

White: protection, freshness, peace, healing, spirituality, crown hvel, full moon, Yule, shielding, potential, purity, auric healing, transformations, sincerity, neutral, surrender, cold, contains all colours, transcendence. Sound is a gong or bell. East.

Black: banishing, absorbing, negativity, death, presence of light, root hvel, sickness, dark moon, night, Samhain, the cosmos, NOT evil, tension, fertility, dream state, absence of colours. Sound is emptiness and silence. North.

Green: growth, calming, heart hvel, protection, emotional healing, material needs, luck, prosperity, money-magic, Yule, Imbolc, Beltain, sustenance, feelings, the body, nature, honesty, coping with pain, employment, courage, energetic, fertility. Sound is classical. Earth, North, West.

Blue: meditation, healing, forgiveness, tranquility, throat hvel, peaceful, inspiration, patience, improved situations, creativity, awareness, aspirations, refreshing, hopes, wishes, dreams, balances entire nervous system, feelings, magickal studies, quietness. Sound is "the blues". Water, West.

Yellow: power of Sunna, intellectual pursuits, divination, travel, Yule, Eostar, Midsummers, Harvest, solar plexis hvel, attraction, empowerment, psychic workings, trust, meditation, communication, charm, jealousy, sickness. Sound is children playing and birds at Sunna-rise. Air, East, North.

Red: love, passion, enthusiasm, root hvel, energy, courage, Yule, Imbolc, Harvest, seduction, life's blood, change, healing, purification, strength, defensive magicks, sex, emotions, vitality, birth, athletic prowess, consummation, cleansing, drastic change, letting off steam, stress, anger, danger. Sound is a steady heart beat and crackling fires. Fire, South.

Purple: spirituality, wisdom, psychic awareness, both crown and minds-eye hvel, Harvest, dignity, raises energy and power, shielding, self-healing, healing intense and severe dis-ease, intense emotions, visualizational workings, psychic workings, dreamy, meditations, supplication. Sound is inspirational operas and magickal music.

Brown: animal workings and energies, in tune with the soil, physical strength, fertility, calming, earth magicks, grounding energies, life ~ death and re-birth, sensual pleasures, soothing, neutral, self centering, depression, dull-witted, untrustworthy. Sound is leaves rustling in a gentle breeze. North.

Orange: strength, the Will, spirit, kinship, authority, prosperity, attraction, joy, success, spinal hvel, dieting, Harvest, adrenial glands, mellow energy boost, warmth, abstracts, friendship, gaining attention, intuitional senses. Sound is passionate music, and nature after a storm. Autumn, Fire, South.

Pink: peacefulness, gentle strength, romance, harmony, friendship, spinal hvel, non-threatening, turns attentions outward, emotional love and unions, Eostar, overcoming depression, joy, compassionate, affectionate. Sound is variable to each individual.

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