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    The Words of Power contained upon this page are, one and all, copyrighted & true to form; kindly give credit where it is due, or at least make an full~hearted attempt to do so if transcribing any of them; any publishing or claiming as thine own will result in the fullest extent of Karma! You are hereby forewarned… and are therefore forearmed!

  What exactly is a spell anyway?? Well, not unlike a Kristian prayer, a spell is attempting to make certain forces go in your favor, except that while we make the change happen, they await the change to take place by another's efforts. There is nothing wrong with this concept, so don't mis-understand what is meant. The following are a jumble of spells, incantations, and workings, so you should find something of interest.

    ßright Journey……

  #1.)     No Galderbok is complete without at least one Knot~working spell. Remember the order of tying the knots? Look it up least ye be incorrect! For me it goes: 1,6,4,8,3,9,5,7,2. Or, if you prefer: 4,9,5,7,2,6,3,8,1. Decisions, Decisions....

By knot of one, This spell's begun
By knot of two, It cometh true
By knot of three, Stronger than any Tree be
By knot of four, More solid than any Door
By knot of five, This spell becomes alive
By knot of six, This spell I fix
By knot of seven, events I'll leaven
By knot of eight, It is become Fate
By knot of nine, What's done is mine
I send my spell for the Gods to see,
Sent out on Winds of Power
To return full-grown within this hour
Bless'ed Be

  #2.)     Hey, this is a love spell that aids in mending broken fences or problems between you and your loved one...
  Need: white (purity of heart and soul), pink (restoration of romance), yellow (strength, wisdom, and friendship), and red (passion) rose petals, a red candle (preferably rose or cinnamon), a bandana or piece of cloth (black or white or both), a personal item from your loved one, rose scented incense or oil, and a CLEAN needle or pin (you will be pricking your left index finger) a piece of paper and pen.
Bathe in a hot tub and breathe deeply clearing your mind of all thoughts except the person that you love who you are having problems with at this time. After your bath, set up your alter with all the things you need, cast circle, call the quarters, light the candle, then on the paper write your lover's name, underneath draw a heart, and below the heart write your name (full names are the best), below the names write this phrase as you verbalize:
I pray upon this love so true,
open our hearts and souls anew
let this love be pure and shine,
let it last until the end of time

Say this three times, prick your finger and let the blood fall unto the heart on the paper, cover the blood with a bit of wax from the candle, put one of each colored rose petal on the paper and us wax to secure the rose petals. Then fold the paper, seal it with wax, put in in the cloth with more rose petals, the item that belongs to your lover, and tie it up in the cloth. Everyday for three days, say the phrase as you think of your lover while you hold the cloth and burn the incense, after each bath or shower, spend some quiet time either rubbing the rose lotion on you or burning the incense and think about what the problems are in your relationship and how to best deal with them with an open heart and soul…
  Author unknown
Whispered Prayers Newsletter

  #3.)     A simple yet effective working witch will release ones hold on another; needed items include a picture of person charmed; a red marker, wax, or even crayon; one orange, pink, & black candle; and the Will: Before beginning, raise the Cyclone and annoint candles. While canting the following incantation, draw a heart around intended to be released; after canting, state name or simply 'the person' who is causing said binding. Let candles complete cycle, then place picture where it can be veiwed unobtrusivly.

Air turns,
Fire burns,
Water carries,
Earth buries;
As this magick spell is spoken
May your power now be broken.

  #4.)     A truly stylistic, and purely effective incantation, the following was originally used as a dedication, passed down from my Mother's Mother, (it is unknown where she received it from). The first four lines of this devotional may be used for raising the Cyclone of Power:

Day is Night
Night is Day
Now is Time
For this Rite
Listen I Say
Power is Mine
All IS Light
I'll not Stray
Reveal the Sign
Send your Might
Mold this Clay
In YOUR Honour

  #4.)     A bed-time meditational prayer, if you so choose, written by Shadoe Dancing Grass. It is her first, so if you would like to help her grow, any comments would be joyously appreciated. Simply send them to the addy listed through-out our site, or mention it in the guestbook. Thank you…

Friendship brings a harvest of
happyness, love, kindness and joy.
Time goes by, love comes in,
friendship comes and goes.
Because I care, I have love,
joy, and happyness in my body.
Let all of these grow within
to help the Lord and Lady,
and help me be a loving, kindful,
helping, joyful, friendly creature.
Bless'ed Be
to The Lord
and The Lady

  #5.)     This is a childe's chant, by an unknown author, which can also be used as a bed-time meditational prayer.

Now I lay me down to rest.
I pray that all the world be blessed.
Brother Moon and Lady Star
Watch over me from afar.
Mother Earth is always there
And keeps me safe within her care.
The Lord of Dreams will dance and sing
And happy dreams will to me bring.
And when I wake to greet the day
Sister Sun will light my way.

homeward bound

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