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    The Words of Power contained upon this page are, one and all, copyrighted & true to form; kindly give credit where it is due, or at least make an full~hearted attempt to do so if transcribing any of them; any publishing or claiming as thine own will result in the fullest extent of Karma! You are hereby forewarned… and are therefore forearmed!

  What exactly is a Protection?? Well, it is, in a sense, shielding one who is smaller and/or weaker from dire injuries, while at the same time supportively freeing, or guarding, said one from an oppressor. We have supplied several Positive incantations of unknown origins, except for numbers four, five, and six, which are Yens' own creation. These can all be invoked with little or no prep on the spot as need dictates and warrants, by using the True Power within to create the Power without:›

  #1.)     There is nothing wrong with being straight-forward and to the point. So, we present the following for just such a cause…

Everything that is bad
Everything that could hurt

  #2.)     Two distinct, but yet they are somewhat similar, versions of what one may say whilst casting Bless'ed water where-soever you may happen to be when the situation requires a verbal.

Where this water holy is cast
No Thing of darkness shall last
That not be in harmony with me
From this moment you must flee.
Through this holy water pure,
No negativity shall endure
Consecrated as you should
Be dedicated for the good

  #3.)     For those moments of personal crisis, we consider the following to be a good cleanser of one's soul, and to help one to get back upon the proper track of any situation with wonderous focus.

Ever as I pass through the Ways
Do I feel the presence of the Gods
I know in aught I do
They are with me, and I with them
No evil shall be entertained
For purity is the dweller
Within me and about me.
For Truth do I strive
And for Light do I live
Love unto all things,
do what thou wilt
So be it forever

  #4.)     Used for creating the Circle of Conformity which seems SO necessary with Wicca, possibly because it protects you and places you in another realm to better help one focus on completing that which has been started… But within the Northern System, no such circles are needed, for MidgardR is our circle. I, therefore, use this quite effectively for specific workings & travels when a barrier is needed.

Here In The Center Of The Worlds all Wide I Stand;
Neither Envied, Nor Feared, Nor Bland:
Beseeching The Four,
Come Witness And Join Thru Every Door:
Send Your Powers Across The Lands,
Straight away Into These Hands:
Banish ALL Malevolence,
As I Complete My Fence:
In The NAME Of The Same,
Freyjĺ & UllR
This Circle Is Consecrated!!

  #5.)     A protective working in which the runes Algiz & Othala should be bound together & carried upon your person at all times. Also work into your own bind-sigil the runes of; Uruz, Raidho, Hagalaz, Nauthiz, Eihwaz, Mannaz, Dagaz, and insert this into an Ingwaz. Sing-song the cant whilst risting into a wind-broken limb from a graveyard tree of many years. Milk, honey, blood and 'personal juices' mixed together are used to bring this talisman to Life. By doing so, you will craft into being a personally loyal guardian who dwells within said item.

By all that is right
With all my might
I place this power
In this appointed hour
To provide full protection
With complete detection
Against any fool or wight
For all are within your sight.
None shall slither through
Gift to them their Just Due
They are yours to do how you see fit
Rend & tear, give utter dispair, remove their wit.
For it will bode you ill
Should you fail to fulfill
In this, your appointed task.
Heed well these forces I call;
Dwarven Dainn the Dead One;
Valkyr Rota the Curser;
LodurR the Hamingja Giver;
Mordgud the Keeper of Gioll;
Freyja the Mistress of Magick;
Odhinn the Master of GaldR;
By these names most powerful,
This charge is now complete!

  #5.)     For especially dense areas of negativity we recommend the following to be done upon the Full Moon for best results. A handful of blessed beans to cast about will also aid in removing any nasties which are flittering about.

By the Power
of Air & Fire & Water & Earth
we cleanse this space
and all that resides within.
Purify any and all who do so enter,
defeat all wicked conjouring,
prevent evil forces from any entry,
so all may be safe, happy and secure.
Evil forces begone now and forevermore!!

  #6.)     Moving into a new house? So many diverse binds come to my minds-eye. You should most definitely "draw" each stave as it is mentioned. The first thing would be to address to all realms that you are only here in MidgardR for a short time and shall mark out your briefly permanent boundaries with the aid of torch or candle light by walking the parimeter of the property, flame burning bright if at all possible. You also do this by walking through-out the house, going room to room with flame in hand, (if you so desire you may also cast about bless'ed salt and/or magick beans), whilst stating in each specific room of the house that…

Light brings warmth to banish the Dark,
with Kenaz, Sowilo and Dagaz all is dispersed
through the Cosmic Seed of Hagalaz
beyond my set boundaries
which are visibly marked by Othala.
With Algiz do I thus protect,
with Tiwaz do I thus triumph,
ever through the power of Fehu.
So Mote It Be!

    NOTE: The first three staves mentioned are drawn in the "darkest" areas, as you envision Hagalaz "sweeping" the room in a counter-clockwise direction. Next, you need to position Othala onto, or over, windows or any other egress, such as sockets, phone jacks, cable access, exterior doors, etc. et al. When you are done marking boundaries, this is then followed by a binding of Algiz and Tiwaz. Fehu is only then drawn when these steps have been fully completed per room, as it is truly used to send your willed desire forcefully out into the Nine Realms for all to observe.
Enjoy your new home…

homeward bound

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