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interpretively speaking...

* * *

Assembling for the Blot, harmonious agreements (FEHU) are brought forth to honour Thy wild and divine bond, (URUZ) which thereby bestows unto us a solidly protective defense (THURISAZ) from the J÷tnar who are ever the devourers of us land-getters. By Thy mead of thought (ANSUZ) do kennings warmly flow, as we commence to traverse the World under all Worlds (RAIDHO) where all is eventually revealed. To return hale and inspired (KENAZ) once again, thus are we who do frithfully troth compensation (GEBO) initiated and thereby rendered as the glorified ones (WUNJO) of Thee.

This first Ătt is quite initiatory, staying physical and mild all the while. It can easily be seen as a descriptive journey of materialistic understanding. Opening in the form of group praise while describing all beings coming forth into existence shows the import of companionship, yet it delicately reminds of personal adventures through the subconsious which then teach us basic characteristics and personal talents that must be learnt and mastered individually on the path to higher consciousness.

* * *

Striving against the furious-edged storm of destructive creation, (HAGALAZ) the hoard-robber increases energies of Iarnsaxa's Wind (NAUTHIZ) to free the hawk-spirited one of any frozen gestations which bind. (ISA) The gyfts of Golden Sif may then be beneficially harvested, (JERA) thus the host to feed, as the newly strengthened travel along inner pathways of balance (EIHWAZ) to loudly Wolf-Sister's brŘ echo. Beware mis-perceiving the woven mysteries of Írlog (PERTHO) discovered, for this oft creates an internal oppressor, yet it is through an awareness of warding (ALGIZ) which enables survival. A choice, then, is revealed betwixt the physicality of MidgardR and the spirituality of AsgardR through an affirmation of victorious piety. (SOWILO)

Realize that this Ătt, though highly emotional and mentally severe, signifies that success through strife can be achieved and is oft the preferred path, for this then seperates the dilligent from the languishing. While the first Ătt was about individual effort, this second Ătt boldly touches upon group endeavor and the advantages to be gained through equable companionship. Describing what are seen as the necessary anatagonistic forces, subjective trials and confrontations to be experienced on the spiritual path, one is also given insight into what the fulfillment of completion and eventual success from having gone thru these required growing pains will bring.

* * *

The Powers that be offer Vidblain's highest grace (TEIWAZ) on MidgardR, good recompense to come, and aid in times of Hiadning's weather. All hol­ar to fulfill their own mysterious shaping force of Wyrd (BERKANO) as Great-Mother Hulde assuredly grants growth, for the web of the Nornier is a common journey (EHWAZ) which we do take. To be as one with the folk (MANNAZ) in thought, action and deed; to understand underlying motivations (LAGUZ) for what they be and gain from admonitions; to proceed through the doorways (INGWAZ) in behalf the forces of Light, knowing at the same time forces of Dark; ever cognizant of tr˙ balance (DAGGAZ) and so use one's ancestral inheritence (OTHILA) in benignity; Honourable traits these all be, a conduit to Fehu.

This third Ătt brings forth positive understandings of life in a community which humbly honours it's own identity, as well as that of it's godz, thus showing a spiritual balance and giving an overveiw of clancentric mentality. This Ătt also provides an underlying look at the human condition of sociality whilst revealing the characteristics of runic energies at their peak, including a self~sacrificing discipline of ancestral incarnations. Providing the ultimate destination sought for attainment of the Perfected Being, this Great Cycle remains ever perpetual within its own right.

* * *

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