Bjorn-gil Felag; Rancho Cucamonga, California  
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personal preparations will further enhance this rite:

I, _p_a_r_t_i_c_i_p_a_n_t_s-n_a_m_e_, call upon all
gathered here to bear witness as I pledge my troth–
a solemn vow given upon this sacred object so pure.

the oathing should be stated whilst
ever in contact with the sacred object:

To uphold the callings of a godhar;
To further enhance the Norsk Tradition;
To enlighten others of our sacred Ways;
To hold foremost to personal vows, before all others.

To remain in effect just as long as
Fire burns and Air turns,
Water carries and Earth buries,
Yeast grows and Venom flows,
Salt cures and Iron endures,
Ice binds and Mother nurtures childe;

Thus keeping Frith with all beings,
those whom are visible and sure
as well as those hidden and obscure,
whilst I continue along my Journey ever Bright

a draught is now imbibed, further instilling the
significance of this solemn action, followed by an
appropriate offering being frithfully gyfted out.

homeward bound

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