Bjorn-gil Felag; Rancho Cucamonga, California  
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Cattle die, Kinsmen die;
you yourself shall one day die.
But fair fame shall never die
for the one who gets it well.
One thing I know that never dies-
how each one dead is deemed.

    Know full well that the ancient Saga's say that them who are truly worthy shall return in time, to family, to friends, and to their own folk. And we know full well that our loving friend is the worthiest of the worthy.
    To know the love of family, the warm embrace of a lover, and the comradrie of good friends. To some the years may be long and rich, to some the years may be all to short. Yet, through it all, each does his or her best, as did this beloved one here before us in thought.
    We do our best through the course of life so that when finally each does stand before the godz it is with pride in self and is backed with the loving biddens of those known whilst breathing.
    It is risted within the Wyrd of each of Heimdall's Kin to follow this loved one whom we do so honour in this momentary span of Time. To be re-united with the countless who have gone before us. To pause in the shinning summerlands of Helija's Realm for reflection. Then, to continue on, along our Bright Journey towards becoming the Perfected Being which each of us shall one day attain.
    So, let us now be joyous. For the Sál blossoms as the flower. It flies as a White Bird. Our good friend has gone to a far better place. We shall meet once again, both in the beauteous Lands beyond and here, with family and friends once more.
    Let us call now upon our godz...
    Oh mighty Elements of Life, grant release from pain. Heal those who remain here, in this more lonely world, and speed the Sál of one who is loved into your joyous realms. Godz whom abound, be with us here at this, our time of loss. Will all ills gone and youth anew. Let us be truly happy, for the one we love knows true joy at last!
    We should look upon dying as but only a mode of forgetting. A way of rest and of returning to the eternal Cosmic Source. A time to rest and be re-newed and made whole. Ultimately, to return here to MidgardR. Newly arrayed in some fleshy disguise, sturdier of limb and brighter of brain. Once again the ancestral Fylgia takes to the road! A tenet of loving faith taught since long before history began.
    For those who have gyfts for _t_h_e–d_e_c_e_a_s_e_d_ to take with them to the Holy Halls, it is now time that they be offered up.

The tide is rising, the oars are waiting;
The tough steed stands ready on the strand.
As the mighty Yggdrasil is itself reborn,
May thy self-same Sál live beyond eternity.
Until then, may the godz ever be with thee.


homeward bound

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