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  This blot may also be referred to as the Greater Sabbat of Imbolc simply because they are within the same general span of seasonal time. Pronounced as "Im-bole" from the Celtic word oimelc (to mean sheep's milk) possibly due to the fact that this is also the time of newborn lambs.
  However that may be, this particular period is not only a time of birth, but is also a time for cleansing as the festival of The Maiden is in preparation for the growth and renewal about to emerge from winter's frigid grip. For now begins a dramatic change from the apparent "Death of Winter" as signs of new life slowly begins transforming all with the promise of fertility to come.
  Corn and rushes, ashes and flames, make a doll from a sheaf of oats or corn left from harvest last, then dress it in women's clothing and invite The Maiden into your home. All the while burn candles throughout the night to thus insure prosperity and well-being as you reflect upon a belief in the house-spirit who does reside within the hearth-fire.
  Various magickal rituals are now enacted upon at this time to greet the familial Goddess and further mark and encourage the revivial of vegitation.

13 candles; 1 Yellow (alter or harrow), 3 Green (1 each - left, center, right), 3 Red (left), 3 White (center), 3 Black, (right); a hand full of assorted seed of your choosing; a libation made from oil, honey, yeast and milk; an area of open beauty to perform said rite. Before beginning, carve into each candle, in the order given from top to bottom the runes of Uruz (to bring into being), Sowilo (to visualize & activate the other runes), Hagalaz (to focus & control energies), Raidho (to guide energies), Othala (to manifest the Will), Tiwaz (to correctly target the energies), Naithuz (to unloose the energies), & Fehu (to send the energies); also you must then anoint all of the candles with the libation mixture, saving the rest of the liquid until needed towards the end of the rite.

((Light the harrow candle, then recite:))

Hail to thee, Lady of Light,
As thou awakens from thine long slumber.
Prepare the fields and forests,
wax up the crops as you protect all.
Fill this land for the coming of Spring,
As you send to us thine friends and servants
That they may become one with us.

((Light the 3 Green candles while reciting:))

We invoke thee, Three-Fold Goddess of Life.
Bring re-newed promise
and blessings to the Land.
As you keep the harvest in Frith,
and hold it against all harm.
As we prepare for that which
is noble and god-like.

((Light the 3 White candles while reciting:))

We give thee greetings, Maiden of Fire.
As you spread your blessings
through our very beings,
While all begins generating anew.

((Light the 3 Red candles while reciting:))

We give thee greetings, Mother of the Sun.
Now returned from the depths of Hel's realms.
As there is visible renewal abounding without,
So shall inner renewal ease away our pains.

((Light the 3 Black candles while reciting:))

We give thee greetings, Crone of Rebirth.
Spinning your threads of new life,
Containing that which was done
and yet left undone.
Grant to us love and joy,
growth and fulfillment.

((Distribute the seeds while reciting:))

In the Names of the Ancient Ones
May all of Human-Kin
Be blessed and consecrated
Through the eternal cycle
Of Birth, Life, and Re-generation.

((Generously pour the libation while reciting:))

To Freyja and all of the Goddesses,
May they give to us
mystery, magic, and beauty.
So it is wrought
So mote it be.

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