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  This Fallfest, which is also referred to as Mabon, is a Lesser Sabbat which is a time of rest, dressing down, simple enjoyments, and a paganistic Thanksgiving after laboring hard for the completion of the harvest in preparation for the coming winter-night. For the hours of day and night are in balance at this time, with the darkness slowly increasing.
  There is no one specific Ancestral ceremonial festival, excluding the feast of course, which ought to be done at this time of the season.
  Instead, it is a time to reflect upon the past year and to bear in mind the knowledge that the completion of one cycle is the beginning of another, as death is a precondition of life.
  For life and the multiverse are eternal and continuous, defined only by the cycles wihin it.

Assorted fruits of the vine; nuts harvested at this time; pork meats; dark breads; lots of different liquids ~ preferably home-made juices; a gathering of peoples for pot-luck, games and stories; leaves and flowers for decorations; oh yes.. candles, musn't forget yellow and orange and gold candles and carve the entire futharc into each, even if you happen to rist them over one another use the entire runics. how many candles? This is your choice for you may have as many or as few as you want, but you should have at the least three!

((When the folk are assembled all
of the candles are to then be lit))

Now are all bid to join in
As we give Thanks and Blessings
For the fulness of this time.
Good friends, loving family, rich harvest,
Comfort, passion, strength and freedom,
Each equally important to the others.
As we once again give joyous delight
Before the Ancient Ones among us,
We mark the fulness of the season
With this offering and sacrifice,
And in so doing, honor them.

((Hallow all foods and liquids in
the style most appropriate to you))

To the good seasons gone past,
And the good times yet to be had.
For the Foods have been growing,
And lo, Harvest is upon us
As we let the feast begin.
As now the leaves of Autumn fall,
Making way for the ashes of Winter.
For life does fulfill its cycle.

((Make your personal offerings
at this here particular point))

And know ye full well
That we cannot give
Nothing that is not
Already among thine own.
May you bring peace and fulfillment
To all of your joyous children.

((Each assembled makes a toast,
in truth, not unlike a sumbel))

Let now the celebration begin
For life is the light of man
As we are brought back once again
Into the beauty and mystery
Of the ancient ways.
Hail Nerthus, Mother of all!
Hail as well glorious Sunna!

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