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  Yule is also refered to as Winter Solstice. This Lesser Sabbat is the time of Death and Regeneration, as the days are shortest while Sunna is at her lowest point. It therefore signifies the turning of Nerthus' force tides. Remember, a feast cannot be provided for without first providing a sacrificial slaughter.
  The orgy of food and drink that is practiced is based upon the sympathetic magickal principle that like produces like. Thus, ensuring plenty now ensures that it will be plentiful throughout the year.
  Let us not forget the Yule Log burning for the required length of time (until the first of the following month, one of many ways to call back Sunna) and seen as a light to hinder the darkness from retaining it hold and bring good luck in the coming year. Keep a piece of the log all during the year to rekindle the sacred fire again at the next Yule Feast.
  The first full Moon is considered by some to be the most powerful of them all for it shines the brightest in the dark of day.

A log or candle which will burn the night through; lots of evergreen boughs, pine cones and other such green decorations of the season; Journey cakes, Apples, or other foods made especially for offering out; also a libational offering; and last, but most important, family and/or friends gathered together for a pot-luck dinner on this night of nights. Appropriate runes include Dagaz (bringing forth that which is hidden), Ingwaz (astral doorway), Berkano (passive warding), Sowilo (regenerative aspects), Jera (embodies cyclic completion), Gebo (root force of runic orders), Kenaz (binds together opposing runes), and Uruz (unlimited creative potential).

((Light the Yule Flame while reciting:))

As Sunna sinks below, so begins
the longest night of the year.
Standing in stillness behind all motion
let ye who would watch this night,
Bid farewell to the Ancient Ones
Who become re-born into another Life.
As we kindle the Yew Flame
May the reigning Darkness give way
To the ever-growing Light.

((This is the Blessing of the Foods))

Bid welcome to the Ancient Ones
For now shall begin the feast as we give
Blessings to the Spirits of the Land,
Blessings to the Guardians of our Family,
Blessings to the Lady and to the Lord.
For food is the gift of Frey,
Warmed and lit by Sunna,
Coming from the Goddess
By the powers of the God:

((This is the Blessing of the Libation))

By light o' Sun and light o' Moon
As we drink of this libation,
We drink of the power of All the Gods.
Of Fire and Lightning and Rain,
Of things that are wild and free,
We shall ever strive to remain true
To the ways of the Ancient Ones.

((Now it is time for the pot-luck feast,
followed by gift-giving, after which all
shall relax and bond until such time as bed
beckons, whereupon the following is recited:))

All hail to thee,
Skies of Wind and of Storm.
Blow ye sharp, clear and cold
During this, the Wolf-Moon,
When the dead fare on dire wind-ways,
For Sunna now stands in her lowest stead.
Lost is all light, all life be asleep,
For now begins the Wild Hunt.
In howe-mounds high, rise this night
All who are kith and kin,
For full well do we know you.
Hail the Yule-Wights high!

((First thing next morn, assemble all
out of doors to recite the following:))

Our Yule light glowing which
gleamed the night through,
Now kindles the keen fire,
As we greet the new day with open arms.
Look now down upon us Sunna
As the Darkest night now is done,
As this Rite of Winter has been honored.
Hail the Yule morn !!!
Hail the Yule morn !!!
Hail the Yule morn !!!

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