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prepratory orientation should be given beforehand.

Hear me, all ye holy kindred, greater and lesser offspring of the Bright-Shining Lord Heimdall. At this time we do have amongst us a childe who does seek the way of becoming reborn as a young maiden, a beginning step towards womanhood. Thus I ask thee, _c_h_i_l_d_s_n_a_m_e_, in the Sacred Name of AlFather Odin and his mighty Host so high, to willingly come forth and stand ready before us.

Hammer is used to sign sigil
With this Sacred Object and by this Holy Sign I do sanctify this place, to set it apart from everyday life, and in so doing ceate hallowed ground.

address crowd
This Coming of Age Ceremony can be likened to a Jewish Bar-Mitzvah or a Catholic Confirmation in that the Seeker symbolically leaves behind her childhood; To embrace her worth as a maiden; To accept the natural changes occurring within her body; To acknowledge her own unique qualities with which to better the community around her.

invokation of deity
Thus I call forth Freyja's daughter, Hnossa the Beautiful, She who guides young maids. Bestow your blessings upon us I do ask, as you witness this sacred act of ours.

Young Maiden removes her shoes during the following
G: As you begin your symbolic journey, may your hand be steady, your footing solid. YM: My footing shall be solid and my hand steady as I begin my Journey.
Young Maiden is ready to pass through the archway
G: May thee have strength and wisdom and the cool head to protect thyself, thy parents and thy people at all times. YM: By the godz, I do.
passing through archway step over egg into new pair of shoes
G: As you pass through one life phase into the next, gaining knowledge of womanly power, know that now you are recognized as fit and ready to accept full responsibilities of your actions, henceforth to be recognized as a maiden from this time on and from this place forward. YM: My life shall from now be changed. I have become a maiden. For myself, my people and my godz.
mother now presents a symbolic gyft of maidenhood

Young Maiden then fills horn in Godhi's hand with apple cider, accepts said horn and makes an appropriate toast, such as "Lathu Gebo." Whereupon she takes the filled horn to her Grandfather and asks him to, "Drink with me on this, my Day of days." Re-accepting the horn, she then returns to the side of the Godhi whereby all remaining folk approach her to partake of drink. When all have been served, the horn is handed to the Godhi who then makes his toast to the Young Maiden. Whereupon a libation is then poured into the hlautbowli.

Godhi sprinkles folk, using twig and libation, whilst stating:
To friends, to family, to all gathered here, gyfts to and fro ever help a friendship endure. To a friend be a friend and give equally, but to a friend's foe be ever wary. Let us each in mind and will, become that which we hold in esteem as blessings are bestowed upon all assembled.

Hammer sigil is risted over the assembled

Now we return to that which is mundane. To thus end the day of days- yet ever it shall remain. This Ceremony is ended.

homeward bound

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