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  Midsumar is but an alternative way of spelling the Mid–Summer Solstice. A Lesser Sabbat filled with great rejoicing for the daylight hours are longest as Sunna, in all of her glorious splendour, is at her highest.
  Sadly, the Solstice which greets the solar zenith is also a fond farewell for a time, for she is also beginning her gradual downward slide into the darkness.
  Celebrated by lighting magickal fires in a ceremony of union, bonfires recall the splendor of Sunna, while torches bless Nerthus with their rays of light, and spinning wheels mimick the rolling passage of her wagon through the heavens.
  Again a pattern of the ever-present pair emerges, as The Green Man shows a more dignified side during this time of the Seasons, maturing into the form of the Oak King. Thus symbolizing Old Time relenquishing power to New Time and marking the pivotal point of the Summit of Time.
  This thereby makes herbs gathered on this day extremely potent as faeries and elves abound moreso than other times.

Green, Gold and Red candles for the morn-tide; a BBQ at noon-tide; a pot-luck at even-tide; and a bonfire at sunset-tide; a decorative wreath made from natural items, i.e. seeds, flowers, feathers, branches, foods, etc.; cleansed, blessed, consecrated water; an aspergill or blessing twig; earth, and water, and sun coloured balloons for the 'Kids'; for us the Runes Kenaz (fire), Sowilo (sun), & Dagaz (day) are appropriate for this rite; it is also an excellent time for destroying worn or broken magickal tools by respectfully adding them into the fire, and then to save and use the ashes for blessings, protections, chargings, etc.

((Light all candles at the rising of the Sun,
have at the ready consecrated water and also
a Blessing-Twig to sprinkle both harrow & folk,
as well as the wreath placed upon the harrow.))

Hail Sunna, breaker of Dawn's might
We stand upon ceremony beseeching thee,
Banish the darkness in this Golden Hour.
Accept this Water of Life,
Even as thou bless those
Of us which you touch,
While your Sun-Wheel
whirls ever onwards.

((Recite just before the noon-tide feast,
whilst blessing both foods and drinks and
making offerings and libations to the All))

Now shall we gather together
To give thanks unto the All
For that which sustains us,
Life promoting fruitful Life,
Remembering that in aught we have,
We share to them who have nothing.
Eat, drink, and be joyous
As we share and give
To honor the Lord and Lady.

((After this light-feasting, it's time to engage
in water balloon games, and other such fun and
joyous out-of-doors type activities. Even-tide
is the time for the pot-luck, when the following
shall be vocalized before the meal by the Folk.))

Family and Friends have gathered
Bearing nourishments for Body & Soul.
Let us partake of these gifts together.
Join with us, Lord and Lady of Light,
As we celebrate the end of one
Phase and the start of a new.
As we share what each has given,
May all the goddesses and gods
Enter and participate in
Our Midsumarsblot extolation.

((Into the sunset-tide bonfire the day's wreath
will go, also any/all tools, and other offerings
shall be added. After which there is to be dancing,
story-telling, singing, and other such festivities.))

The half-year now is passing,
The Lord and Lady of The Summer-Fest
Have endured to once again return.
Honoring us with their presence
On down through the Ages of Time
As we let the blaze before us burn
Glorious prosperity to our works,
Strife to strengthen our very will.
We give these gifts to the All,
A gift for a gift, blessings bright
As we rejoice in your presence.

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