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  Going by various names, this cycle of the season is also referred to as Spring Equinox. Known as a Lesser Sabbat when Light and Dark are in balance, it is a renewal in the wildest sense, for this is the turning point at which the Light over-takes the Dark.
  Signifying the sacred marriage and the Right of Succession of kings, all power lay within the queen as the earthly representative of the Goddess. What she loves she can destroy, it is of her choosing who is to be given life or taken from life in an everlasting cycle of love and death so that his essence may then be re-absorbed and thus ensure her continued fertility.
  Hot cross buns, a symbol of the union between the male and female, and also symbolizing the four quarters of the lunar cycle, are a most appropriate offering for this sacred marriage of the Spring-time.
  Eggs, a symbol of female fertility, were once colored red, signifying the Life-Blood of creation and placed on graves as magickal resurection charms.

Eggs, apples, water, teas, and candles of white, red and black, your choice as to how many. Runes are always of personal preference, as each year different ones come to our minds. Just remember that this is a wondrous time of renewal, so Berkana (growth) and Pertho (birth) are most useful. We follow the rite with a huge fast breaking which is nibbled on through-out the day (only lasting till around noon-tide), while the kids hunt for their 'goodies' and then play leap-frog and other such 'childish' activities out-of-doors. This is also a choice time for healing the inner child within all of us.

((At sunrise you greet the morn with the
Items mentioned; light all the candles; gift
offerings and libations with pure thoughts:))

Long was the Winter Wolf's reign,
Yet now messengers of Spring abound.
Day-fire on hearth and high harrow flames.
White is to be for the birth of Day,
Red is to be for the rule of Day.
Black is to be for the fall of Day.
To the seasons of fresh beginnings
Giving of Love and Passion and Beauty,
And of the promise for the future.
Life everywhere returns anew
As we drink now to the Lady;
Hail Ostara mighty maid most fair.
Hail Eostre enduring thru all time.
Hail Aostar witness our words.

homeward bound

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