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  May Eve is also referred to as the Greater Sabbat of Beltain (Bowl-tan-a) which is primarily a fertility festival of fire.
  Marking the end of the winter half of the year, this crucial turning point of the seasons just might include such festivities as; a mock battle between the victorious Jack in the Green and Old Man Winter, who would be symbolically driven off; singing and dancing around the May-pole in order to strengthen the universal energy-force of creation; sacrificial bonfires ritually kindled atop hills and visible for miles.
  Pilgramages to sacred wells and rivers with offerings are also common at this time so as to unite the doner and the well's deity; often spending this night out-of-doors one is capable of enjoying both sensual and erotic pleasures; and finally a glimpse of - or even access to the Otherworld, as this is a time when the veils are truly thin.
  Natural powers are growing at this time so as to reach their peak during the next Sabbat.

Lots of wood for a bon-fire; music, songs and dance for both the eve of, and the day during; eggshells left over from Eostar; libations and offerings; a pot-luck picnic; target games like archery, horseshoes, darts, and rings; a May Pole hung with ribbons flowing free to be danced after the picnic; the runes of Wunjo (joy), Nauthiz (need), Sowilo (sun), Laguz (flowing motion), and any others you feel that are 'needed' should be openly displayed through-out the day. NOTE: This is a time when the veil is thinest. as during Samhain, so divinations and other workings are best when done during this time.

Be prepared for whatever the future does bring.

{ Rede of Honor }

((On the eve before is when this section
is recited, & the balefire is to be lit.
Jumping over or walking around the fire
is expected, as it brings forth fertility))

OH, Leader of the Wind Riders
The Night of Need fast approaches.
As we call forth the Need-Fire
We shall look within ourselves,
Giving strength, honor, and love
And thus in return see re-birth
As the Wheel turns once again,
Every stop becoming a fresh start.
Now is the keen Fire kindled
To spread light and warmth,
Expelling the cold of Winter.
As we share this glorious night
With spirit-guardians, kith and kin.

((The following morn, as the rays of Sunna
begin to shine bright; recite this section,
joyously offering the eggshells, libations &
any other appropriate items you may think of))

Hail mighty Sol, Queen of Day,
Spreading thy brilliant light
Thus to drive out the Darkness.
We call to thee across all of Time
And across all the Worlds of the gods
So that we may comprehend the mysteries,
To celebrate the return of summer.
Draw near to us and give comfort
As we welcome and rejoice
In your presence.

((At noon-tide before the feast,
all offerings and libations shall
be made at this time. Afterwords,
the celebrating shall commence with
the song and dance of the May Pole:))

To our Gods we give these gifts
In thanks for things that are,
And for thing that shall be.
Fill us as a cup, full with
knowledge and understanding,
A cauldron of life and inspiration.
During this, the time of joyous glee
For the triumph of FreyR the Good,
Laughing Lord of the Greenwood.
We thank thee for thy
Enchanting presence here
As the Celebration begins.

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