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runic cycles...

My mind is numb with unfolding possibilities for all of the staves have bi-polar meanings.
Foremost Othala leading into Fehu is symbolic of a completion of one complex cycle leading into the next, higher cycle of progression on the Path of Spiritual attainment.
Othala happens to contain within its mysteries the compounded runic energy streams of all the diverse mental solutions which are brought forth through the third aett.
Thus having arrived at this point of ancestral might, most folk tend to think that once at the top we can only go down- but hard! Yet you can attain a new level just as easily, though surely it implies that in order for progression, one must willingly cause certain changes to occur.
The manifestation of our Will and sending it forth through the active use of Fehu's energies hence enables us to easily conquer that which causes our apparent downfall, and/or 'appears' to be holding us back from our inherent divine rights which reside within Othala's complexities.
Thus we look to the Disir, Alfar and Vatier or the female, male, and local beings which are tied to a specific place or family, as these will help us to discover and grasp hold the energy streams which are otherwise missed.
Hence, all those physical situations abounding within the first aett, which then cause emotional changes residing within the second aett, quite obviously lead to mental solutions of the third aett, which then lead to physical situations of the first aett in a never-ending progression.
Therefore these two runic forces thus combine to form an inter-locking geometric patterning of such precision that it is beauty beyond belief. If you could compose a binding of these two and then infinitesimally mirror it in such a way that it falls in upon itself whilst expanding...
Hope I've helped clarify. I truly don't know how to express this with mere words, there are just so many implications with the joining together of these two staves.



Try meditating to Eihwaz through visualization of it as the spinal column. Then look to it as the World Tree. Tie the two together by looking at the stave as a symbolic representation of both nine sections of the spinal cord and the nine worlds of existance.
This stave can be as the mysterious shamanic horse which is ridden to the mystically obscure Otherside.

Bind through your minds-eye as you galdR.....
See where to sit the mighty drasil...


For without Chaos, there simply could be no Order.

It is, afterall, something inherent in each of us which is held in check by the honour bound societal ethics needed for harmonious living through mutual co-existence.

homeward bound

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