Bjorn-gil Felag; Rancho Cucamonga, California  
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Rune Number;
01   1st Ætt


GaldR Sound;
constant hissing, like as to a crackling of flames.
foo, fah, fee, fay, foh



red-gold, brown, intense green


elder tree, myrtle bush

amber, carnelian, moss agate, green tourmaline

increase, projection, transference

Nerthus, Freyja, Audhumbla


Adhumla, the white cow with gilded horns
opening the fertile year,
release your vital energies to me.

    Possessing the continual mindfulness of responsibility towards one's own honour, this stave signifies the need for continual cirulation within the personal sphere of megin as well as the energetic force needed to exercise this psychic force and thus project it out from one. For it is better to spread the wealth in whatever form that it may take, than to selfishly hoard it away, unused. To acknowledge the futility of awaiting the proper moment to arrive. To understand that in order to achive success one must continually strive for the unattainable.
  This rune shall always foremost signify monetary fees, negotiable properties, community wealth, movable possessions and material gain. But it also signifies the underlying energies of good luck, simple gratitude, sexual desires and riches, self rule, and conservative nourishment of the will.
  Fehu is the Fire of Life. By freely sharing this creativity and fertility which each of us possess, we feed all of creation and thus open an outwardly transendental experience which takes us to new heights. However, we must be wary, ever watchful for the negative aspects of this Fire to manifest whilst attaining our new perspective such as those of avarice, hatred, envy, greedy tendencies, frustrations, cowardness, strife and the like.
  A simple rule of thumb for one to follow when tapping into this stave's energy flow is.. As Within, So Without. By drawing in, something must be expelled. Shall one do something knowing it is wrong, with nothing to gain? Or shall one strive all the harder to set things aright, and thereby expand one's transpersonal realms!


Cattle die, kindred die,
every man true is mortal;
but never the good name will fade,
of one who has done well.
Cattle die, kinsmen die,
thyself also soon will die;
but know I of one never to wither,
the glory of the great deed.

    The surviving rhymes of this stave strongly imply monetary wealth and the need to share it, yet it is something which the uppper class, that of kings and jarls, does not readily worry about. Also, as any student of the runic ways will readily acknowledge, this first stave of the Futhark is also highly symbolic of transportable wealth, namely cattle within an agrarian society.
  However, one should realize that the constant usage of kennings was highly popular when these rhymes were finally placed to parchment. This was to enable memory enhancement as well as to contain valuable esoteric knowledge.
  One can understand this process by looking to the first rhyme wherein the "wolf is in the wood." This could be just what it says, but it can also imply an outlaw or even one who does not follow society's standards, living on the fringe.
  The Olde English is the only straight-forward rhyme (the Islandic being chock full) of those to have survived, or so it would at first seem for it too acually contains subtle implications within the highly Kristjanized overtones.
  I therefore take this notion of kennings a step further with my version of the rhyme, to thus show three aspects which are found within the runic streams of this particular stave. I do this by thus bringing forth the conception that this is a stave of primal wealth in the first line; a stave of generous opening through the second line; and a source of runic force in the third line.
  Fehu is not a cyclic stave itself, though this rune does mark the beginning of a fresh period. It is here that one needs to survey the surrounding environ, which should be taken with a steady and continual mindfulness of negative forces awaiting the weak.
  Likened to the seed-energies of Muspellheim anticipating the nourishing energies from out of Niflheim, Fehu is the natural receptacle from which one brings forth desirous potentiality.

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