Bjorn-gil Felag; Rancho Cucamonga, California  
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Rune Number;
02   1st Ætt


GaldR Sound;
steady, yet forceful lowing, like a bull.
ooo, oah, eeo, uay, oho


Fire, Water
dark green


birch tree

tiger-eye, carbuncle

sudden change, brings into being, vital healing megin, raw strength & primal tenacity

Eir, Thor, Adhumbla


Danger and force I willingly face,
Triumphantly purged of fear,
Awaiting my Orlog of Wyrd.

    The primary healer within the Futhark, Uruz calls forth a basic manifestation which occurs with one's hamr shape, or organic energies, of life.
  Bringing with it positive growth to purge, purify, and regenerate one's primal instincts, one must be wary of disappointments, obsessions, and dominance by others. The raw, tame-less power opens the way for unlimited creative potentials and unconscious shaping energies which brings into being not only sudden change, but also pierces the veils of other realms.
  Defining origin and destiny, this is the Rune of Wyrd. A patient humility shall bring forth good fortune, yet one's own endurance is sure to be tested. Fear not, instead one must have bold courage and tenacious will-power to advance towards one's inner goals.
  By having the freedom to let go the mental baggage which weighs one down, the questing of pure, galvanized thoughts become a reality. Without the personal disipline of sacrificing a part of one's self so as to attain happiness, or any higher consciousness, only a form of lip-service is given to one's Self.


Aurochs, it is a savage beast,
fierce with huge horns to fight,
a famous roamer of the moor,
a courageous animal of the land.

  The suggestion which I see put forth is that Uruz is a forceful stave which enables one to instantly overcome any adversity through the wisdom which is gained naturally, over an extended period of time. This can be life-times as father tells child, who then builds upon what knowledge is given, thus in turn passing down what has been gained.
  Suggestively resulting from one's repetitious mannerisms, this does therefore imply that Uruz is the stave which begins the twelve Cycles of Self-Change, that of the basic manifestation of Will. This concept can be grasped through the notion of utilizing assertive actions which are hence seen as cyclic motions themselves. For situations continually arise and must be dealt with on a steady basis.
  Furthermore, the ideology that one must be strong, both of limb and of mind, is also carried throughout by the various kennings within the series of runic rhymes. From the repetitive banging of iron to the constant working of fields. From the need to maintain one's footing, to the roaming of the chill, dank moorlands.
  Strength is a sound quality much admired, for without it one stands little chance of survival in the prevalently harsh Northern clime. Stout of heart, or to be of courageous conviction, is yet another quality brought forth. For to fear only invites fear.
  Therefore these rhymes reveal unto me that a quick, decisive action of physical strength which is derived from mental aptitude brings forth successive results being sought. A wild rawness of berserk frenzy, seen as a lacking of structured orderly energy, is also quite blatantly hinted upon as what the herdmen dis-like.
 Yet nowhere can I discover a mention of the restorative healing aspects of this stave, unless they are well hid within kennings. However, this symbol does indeed hold the properties of initial nurturing attributes to replenish one's megin (or life-force) as it is a proven, time-tested, primary healing force within the Eldar Futhark.
  However that may be, I arrive at my version through an understanding of what this stave happens to personally hold within for me.

homeward bound

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