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  I shall start this paper by explaining that the branch I shall utilize for this particular set comes from a pine tree gifted unto me for Arbor Day in 1973. I planted it, tended it, and watched it grow. In times of stress or anxiety this stout friend would comfort me as it listened to, and thus eased my pains. For a long while I have been contemplating which branch would cause the least amount of harm and/or damage. Recently I was afforded this dreaded opportunity, for the gods had brought down this mighty symbol of my youth in a fierce storm this past winter season.
  Because pine-wood is not a very durable material when compared to stone, I have therefore elected to include a bonding product of wood glue into my final sealer of milk, honey and blood. I am using a hand-held jewelers saw-blade for a fine cut and slicing each stave into an oblongish shape to further gift strength. Each is approximately of a one inch diameter and is one/quarter inch thick to start. All work is done within our Vé.
  There are nine distinct steps I shall take to craft my new set of staves, though the Havamal makes mention of eight. The nine phases by which I craft this rune set are;

1) Invoke; to thus call forth witnesses.
2) Cleanse; to release any negativity.
3) Consecrate; devoting the set to the gods.
4) Load; to ritualistically charge this set.
5) Shape; to thus define their purpose.
6) Rist; to place individual characteristics.
7) Name; to bring into being through galdR.
8) Bleed; to further megin and bring forth.
9) Offer; to gift my humbled appreciations.

    STEP ONE; invoke
  It is through these words which the tone of the working and the setting apart from the mundane are begun so as to provide beneficial results throughout;

To those who would listen,
Boldly fourth out across the lands
Step I forward to begin again;
Ever gathering into these frail hands
Untold strengths in thy honour.

All-father are ye who secrets keep,
Bright One who oft lends humour;
Mistress thou art fair of magick deep,
Sisters three who are oft demure;
To each make I this plea:

Make now known the ways unlit,
Release me from all which does hinder,
Deem me worthy as you see fit,
Long have I traveled the ways kinder,
For that which I seek tru.

    STEP TWO: cleanse
  This is a process actually begun during the previous full moon as I placed a crystal and some rock salt together with the limb to be used for this set of staves under Máni's Light to thus gently release into Mother Erce any ill will or bad vibes which may have accrued unbeknownst to me. Now it is but a matter of a few well-chosen words as I bury the crystal, salt and any pieces of branch which easily flake off;

Through thy shining grace
All negativity is banished;
Seeping into the eternal womb
Only to await assured rebirth,
Thus bringing forth balance.

    STEP THREE: consecrate
  By hallowing the tree branch and declaring that it is now sacred to the Higher Powers which I am a part of, I have begun the process of grafting my megin into the life-force which is already inherant within this limb. This gentle merging of the two shall produce a font of information that will always be relevant to the querant, no matter the given situation.

In the here and now   before those presiding;
By the eternal power   of three times three
Through the duality   which I find sacred;
My being unto thine   equal unto the other;
Thus bringing forth   ever insightful wisdom
It restores balance   from the Well of Urd;
Unto them who do ask   gift exchanged for gift.

    STEP FOUR: load
  It is through this act whereby I now begin to charge the limb in question with runic power, stating what my actual intent is, and furthermore that I shall offer the remains of the results unto each being which I have called forth in such a way as they see fit to inspire me. A thoughtful care indeed is needed at this point so as not to overstep the boundries of my own limitations, and to accept whatever "project" that I am given, ((or which may come to mind, such as the three-faced figurine from this remnant)).

    STEP FIVE: shape
  Bringing forth eight rough blanks at a time, and thus working each aett at a given time- the better to focus, I shall now go about smoothing them into their final outward appearance by eliminating the rounded edges with my sax, ((so that they do not roll quite as easily)), using 180 grit sand-paper to further smooth and remove any blemishes, then risting the back of each with a pattern of nine lines, ((thus forming the nine-twig shape)). It is my intent to proceed in this fashion until all twenty-four of the rounds are ready for the risting of the individual runic symbols.

    STEP SIX: rist
  Now that the previous step has been completed I shall use a sun-glass to burn each symbol into its respective blank. I have opted for this particular style as this will become a rune-set which is aligned toward the aspects of healing through the combined energies of the tree's own latent properties and those of Sunna, plus any other obscure energies which may abound.

    STEP SEVEN: name
  This proccess has actually been occuring the entire time, for I constantly catch myself thinking runically as I shape and rist each individual stave. I decree at this time through a set and defined statement of actually using the galdR sound and then the calling out by name, starting with Fehu, each of the now completed twenty-four staves and thus bring them forth from their perticular energy-streams, all in order to further affirm the esoteric position which each is to take within this newly crafted set of the Eldar Futhark.

    STEP EIGHT: bleed
  It is at this point that I apply the sealant mixture to the staves. Consciously placing each stave, one at a time, into a bowl made of tin, I then take the first one deposited and, using my fingers, begin working in the "blood". This is a rather sticky concoction, yet it does work wondrously well as it adds not only a low sheen to the staves, but the resultant colour is of a rich, earthy tone, and is a combination of:

1 part blood,1 part wood glue,
2 parts milk,2 parts honey,
and 3 parts water.

    STEP NINE: offer
  Some claim this portion to be supplication, yet that is totally unrealistic, for within the Northern Traditions to plead, beg or implore is to show a weakness better left within whatever religion it came from. Yet to give one's thanks for a gift received and then return this act of kindness with a gift of equal import or value is to be highly commended. The Deities of the North are to be considered as equals, siblings, or elders, and the offering of gifts should show this symmetry of balance.

'Tis better unasked   than offered overmuch;
For ay doth a gift look for gain;
'Tis better unasked   than offered overmuch;
Thus Óthin did rist for the passage of time;
Where up he arose in after time.

  These steps may be combined with one another without creating adverse energies, so long as the individual Vitki understands the forces which are being tapped into. This is by no means the only way to craft a set of staves, but it has produced desirous results time and again for me…

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