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        Contacting One's Fylgia;
      A Visualizational Technique

QUERY = Will my spirit guide soon come to be known by me? For some reason I feel this will be a fullfillingness for me.

REPLY = I see you receiving help in gaining the attention of your Fylgia, mayhaps it is this letter. Are you aware of the steps to take in order to gain that which you seek? For there are two paths in regards to this most glorious subject, which are that of passive involvement and that of active involvement.

    In the first instance, that of passiveness, the fetch is present in potential only, for most walk around believing only in what they observe, seeing only the visible and rational. It is here, at this level, which the communication skills betwixt one's conscious and subconscious mind is severely limited to situations of stress or extreme emergencies only, thus the recipient misses out on, among many other things, the long term relationship to be gained by the natural association at birth of the Disir, and dismisses the help willingly provided as mere coincidence or pure luck and in some rare cases as miracles. Living in this way, with their blinders on, for any Human Being is a sad state of affairs.
    In the second instance, that of one's highly active and awakened consciousness, the seeker shall be able to differentiate betwixt accidents of fate and facts of advice and act accordingly and in harmony with the inner voice of the Fylgia. It is this psycho-spiritual construct within each of us which provides us with many benifits when properly used, and is demonstrated in three distinct forms: Human Form, or that of the spirit guide - the Valkyr and Disir; Animal Form, or that of one's favorite animal totems - the familiar; Geometric Form, or that of charismatic energy - the aura. Take a moment and realize that there are nine seperate and distinctly important steps to make, though they should be considered relatively simple, you must acknowledge the fact that it does take a few moments to bring them forth into consciousness. So, breathe deeply, listen to some soothing sounds, and relax, for what you are about to do is… FUN!!!
    The following Spread which is designed for contacting one's Spirit Guides (rumored to be from the 1998 Winter Solstice edition of the Llewellyn Catalog) has been slightly adjusted by myself in the desire to better grasp the information sought for. It is not only an extremely well-balanced exercise, but it is also highly practical for the aspiring reader to use, therefore furthering their growing understandings of the diverse interpretations contained within the individual staves.

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[ 7 ]   [ 8 ]
[ 5 ]   [ 4 ]   [ 6 ]
[ 3 ]
[ 2 ]
[ 1 ]
1. Are my spirit guides awaiting contact from me?
2. How can I easily contact my spirit guides?
3. Which of my spirit guides should I contact first?
4. Might we communicate further than mentally?
5. Will I contact each of my guides seperately?
6. Will my guides grant unto me hidden knowledge?
7. Can my guides help me to attain other realities?
8. Will my guides only appear in a physical form?
9. What shall be the overall individual outcome?

    Once the above exercise has been completed and thereby contemplated upon, the Seeker now has a better grasp on what to expect through the following exercise, which is designed to actually gain contact with and interact amomg the various entities that were once unknown. Realize that the Fetch possesses dynamic energies which have been created by your past actions, and those of your ancestral past actions as well, so this Being may not at first be kind and cheerful. You must first approach with the wonderously respectful caution due, with your ears open on how to make any amends, even before requesting any truly helpful insights or other such rewards that shall come from this harmonious union.
    1. Begin by realizing the actuality of the truth that we each have our own personal Fetch from the time of our birth, all through-out our lives, til the time of death who remains with us to enable growth and achievement in ways otherwise hidden from us.
    2. Research as much as possible and yet even more in regards to the actual Being you are going to manifest, some of which can be found through-out the world's diverse traditions, other sources lie within oneself.
    3. Make some personal time where you can be alone and undisturbed, where you can relax and meditate through the act of controlled breathing, where you can attain a sense of peacefulness while you think and visualize what you are about to do in the following steps.
    4. Now it is time to create a bridge of communication betwixt the two of you. Do Not attempt in an way to awaken the Fetch, for if you are awake, so is the Being. The goal here is to simply establish a link of communication between you both. You may opt to seek out and then enter an elemental doorway with the aid of Ingwaz through a cliff-face, cloud, tree, sink-hole, waterfall, etc. each of which happens to signify particular elements. Visualize yourself in the center and simply approach the one of your choice, then enter a glorious meadow or other wonderously natural area.
    5. Only when you feel the closeness betwixt the two of you, shall you call aloud, "I Call You Forth Fetch!" You shall continue to call, awaiting a few moments between each for a signal within your consciousness to arise indicating the connection as a success. At this time there has also been known to come some significant confirmation of its presence in a tangible form, and in a quantity that is more than mere coincidence. You will simply Know when this connection has been achieved, whereupon it is polite to give thanks unto your Fylgia for making itself known to you.
    6. Slowly begin to reinforce this tenative connection by asking such simple questions so that the Fetch defines its character, such things as a name, a single message, gentle advice. You may even hear its thoughts in among your own. Allow it to tell you or to show you how it has helped you in the past and how it will continue do so in the future. But, realize you must, that these things should be weighed against common sense at this time for messages may be garbled and quite confusing until an established link is gained.
    7. Now attempt to bring an image to mind, face to face, regarding its appearance. It is through visualization that you allow the fetch to enter the scene and speak to you - its movement, sounds, form, color, ect. will sometimes subtlely indicate its true power, BUT in no ways should you define and thus limit the Being - instead remain open to the connection freshly formed. Although you should realize that feelings are a much more prominate and natural second impression recieved, for visualization can indeed be difficult for some to truly accomplish in the beginning.
    8. When the session with your fetch does come to an end, you may slowly retrace your visualized steps back to your point of entry, then step back through and out from the doorway. Four or five slow, deep breaths should allow you to feel grounded and whole once again. Understand that Practice, Patience, and Perseverence shall develop this connection from the faint signal first received into a strong bond of Love. Remember always, Do Not be discouraged, for this takes time and effort.
    9. The most important thing is… Do Not Fear! You must approach this exercise with the utmost confidence, making the time neccessary to perform this exercise of meditational contemplation as you gain an understanding of critical lessons as they apply to you and your life circumstances. Realize that you are only bonding with an hitherto unknown part of yourself that shall help you to attain that goal of goals… Spiritual Enlightenment.

  In closing I would like to wish you the Best of prospects in regards to this simple, yet highly fun and effective exercise, athough I am sure there are some who shall disagree with my methodology, until they actually give it an honest try for themselves.

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