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    Not knowing how else to begin here...

And as I have been informed by various peoples of my Household that I have been spending an undo amount of time on this project whilst my more 'mundane chores' seem to be slacking, I thought to do this page simply for everyone's convenience and list the sites throughout the World Wide Web which I feel are useful to any who may be interested in the art of herbology. Therefore, I give you this page in it's closest form of completion that I can possibly attain at this particular time. Realize that I am in no way responsible for any information posted upon the following sites, nor am I libal in any way what so ever for inept bumbling nor for the simple fact that they may no longer exist.

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§: Herbs For Kids 

Rather self-explanatory. This site offers a free reference booklet of invaluable herbal input; "–providing safe, gentle and effective herbal remedies especially formulated for children's health." Brought to you by a concerned parent for concerned parents.

§: Prevention'sª Home Remedies

Although there is a bit of back-buttoning here, you can select an ailment or condition on anything from acne to warts and receive an informative list of treatments, (most of which are common household items), and tips for prevention, and then you are even given suggestions when it becomes necessary to see an M.D.

§: Medicinal Herbs OnLine

Not only giving you a list of dis-eases, but also a list of common herbal names, the parts to use, the medicinal properties of each, how to prepare and apply them, as well pictures of some of the herbs, this is truly a useful site.

§: SilverSage

The Outrageous Herb Lady has a rather extensive and informative site containing herbal lore, how–to's on tinctures, poultices, salves, and more 'recipes', an article on the history of herbs, and even explaining what herbs you may use when crafting a protective sachet.

§: Algy's Herb Page

This highly extensive index page contains such useful information as the basics of herbology, preparation of herbs, non-Western traditions, herbal databases and resources, selected individual plant information, a miscellaneous selection of articles, and just so much more than I know how to list.

§: Greywing's Herbal

If you can get past the annoying disclaimer box which appears every time you access the T.O.C., you will find a wonderful site filled with such information as terms, definitions, preparations, and even a magickal correspondences page, all of which are done in full detail, right down to the Latin names of various herbs of choice. It even includes a how–to on preparing a non-alcoholic tincture, Huzah!

§: Wellspring Research Service

This interesting site contains information on how to order personalized medical and health-care question reports where-in they state that they will fully investigate and deliver a customized packet to answer your specific needs and queries. Prices do, in fact, vary depending upon which report you request, for there are quite a few to choose from.

§: Herbal Index

Although not listing which parts of each individual plant to use, this is a truly extensive list of over 200 herbs, spices, and botanicals, with actual proven medicinal properties written about each one that you are able to access.

§: Moondove's Spiral

Containing recipes for such simples as after-shave, lip-balm and other useful items, this site's page also contains the usual how-to's on oils, tinctures, decoctions and the like in a well written and easy to follow format. It also includes useful information of herbal simples to use for our ever-present animalistic familiars.

§: A Modern Herbal

"first published in 1931, by Mrs.M. Grieve, contains Medicinal, Culinary, Cosmetic, and Economic Properties, Cultivation, and Folk Lore of herbs." The only thing that I can think to add is that you can even obtain your own copy of this informative book.

§: The Bach Centre Index Page

Begun by Dr. Bach himself, this system continues to treat the ailing personalities and feelings that his patients, then as now, express. He came up with 38 different flower remedies, which can be combined into numerous tinctures for curing the emotional ailments that prevent the natural healing system of the body from curing itself. Quite an interesting concept...

§: Hena's Herb Garden

This rather extensive site contains such topics as a fascinating history of the herbal usage, and a highly thought out combination herbal index/encyclopedia, as well as other such useful items as how to prep and make your own natural medicinal cures, what herbs cure what symptoms, even a definitions index of terms.

§: The Magick Pantry

Well put together source of information which is excellent for the beginner, as that is what this page is geared towards. Containing such sections as advice on preparing, how to store and the various uses of herbs, a section concerning indoor growing, and quite a few useful cures for such things as bruises, bites, and bad backs that even the experienced herbalist will find a pleasantly fresh breathe of air here.