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  The Eternal Flow of Energy:

    Through the Nature of the godz we have all been gifted with the inherant power to freely cleanse our Hvel, but because we tend to close ourselves off to this wondrously simple ability, we are continously clogging up.
    There are however a series of ways in which we can flush out the toxins which develop in our systems from having to cope with the daily challenges of life and the accumulating stress of holding jobs, raising families, and managing businesses. Ridding one's self of this mindless pollution through effective cleansing and alignment of each of the seven focal centers within the body entitled hvel (Olde Norsk to mean wheel) allows for an awakening which can furthermore be skillfully combined together to provide an even greater source of attaining pure energies.
    For years upon years Master's have preserved and carefully guarded this knowledge of the inner and outer workings of the human being, cautiously revealing the process as they verbally pass it down to whom they desire. Selective in this process because knowledge gives power, and power can corrupt those whom are un-prepared.
    The "Lay of Rig" which is found within the Elder Edda may actually be the telling of one such Master imparting wisdom to his chosen disciples, though it is in fact thought by a few Purests to be of class distinctions within the Scandinavian society of the times, circa 700-1000 BCE.
    However, I personally feel that this Lay is in fact orginally an oral documentation of distinct races going back at least fifty thousand years. For today's science has proven that circa 100,000 BCE there were three distinct races of humanity. They were Neandertal, Homo Erectus and Homo Sapian, each individually unique, and known to one another. Yet it is also known that by 40,000 BCE only one race continued to exist. An interesting side note is that the DNA of two of these races is virtually non-existant, only the genetics of Homo Sapian can be found in the humanity of today.
    Upon reading the aforementioned Lay you will note that Lord Rig spent an equal number of nights with three distinct "family groups" advising and teaching, each in succession more culturally civilized than the last. Yet we are only privy to a portion of the vast amount of information gleaned by these groups. It is the children of Fader and Moder, the third family, where we learn the most. Knowing of weaponry and falconing, sports and gaming, and other leisurely past-times, Rig taught to the youngest of Fader and Moder's brood runic knowledge. Thus Kon did with this Lore learn greatly. So too can we.

    Hvel or Chakra, Kundalini or Aura, Yin-Yang or Qi, Wheel or Moving Power. Inner Light or Life Force, Spiraling Vortex or Electrical Current, Energy Center or Nervous System.
    Whatever you want to call it, it still remains the complex system of natural lay lines, ever causing problems and creating solutions dependent upon how "clear" each individual center may be which reside within all bodies of creatures. It is the discovery of divine origins in each of us which provides the Path.
    Thus dealing specifically with the most powerful thing in the universe, the energy of one's life force, known as Önd, thereby provides one with the ability to join with the spiritual Self by enabling the broaching of the energy-streams and higher consciousness which readily exists within each one of us and further teaches us how to effectively use said streams.
    This then creates a harmonious bond brought about through the merging of one's individual consciousness with that of divine consciousness and applies the resultant efficiency to our being, which is aimed at spirit which has no discriminating lies of demarcation.
    For the fastest way to heal both Body and Mind is through Spirit. To harness the mental, physical and nervous energies of the body and put them under the domain of the Will, which is the instrument of the SjalfR or soul, provides a personally customized method whereby one can achieve the sacred purpose of life, that of becoming the Perfected Being, through a spiritual experience of the highest consciousness.
    Since the Second Ætt primarily deals with the emotional aspects of Humanity, though there are a myriad of underlying paterns as well, the possibilities that GaldR, or the skill of utilizing vibrational frequencies, to adjust the hvel was recently brought to my attention. Interestingly enough the symbolic imagry of Pertho is lacking in the Norsk and Islandic Rune Poems. Therefore this entire Ætt may in fact represent certain mysteries held within this particular stave.
    Be that as it may, by combining the necessities found within each stave of the Second Ætt into that which can simply be termed "meditational workings" then brings forth the harmonized balance found within the Cosmically Feminine, or receptive aspects of Pertho, those of Cause and Effect. This can be expounded upon futher and likened to daily situational conflicts which must be resolved in order to continue living, thus resulting in an educational lesson no matter the ultimate outcome and thus reflects upon Life itself.
    This technique enables the Seeker to grasp, understand and grow whilst providing an excellent mode of attaining those pure energies with which all sentient beings have contact with. Enabling each of us to cleanse the mindless pollution from our spiritual containers, so as to attain mastery over each highly intricate Hvel, this cleansing also balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system and enables us to harness the energy of the mind and the emotions, so we can be in control of ourselves, rather than being controlled by our thoughts and feelings and thereby expands our awareness.

              In order to see, first one must believe…


The Coccyx, Muldhara, the Realm of Niflheim. The element of Earth, and the sense of Smell. Stones include Obsidian and Bloodstone, while the colours are White, Red, and Black. Lets you manifest your energies into what-ever form you desire, where-ever you may be. Survival, rooting, grounding, support, founded upon the sexual personality, this is the doorway to all other Hvels. Body parts are the skeleton, muscles, blood, and adrenal gland. Blockage includes fear, paranoia and all defensive actions.

The Genitalia, Svadhisthana, the Realm of Svartalfheim. The element of Water, and the sense of Taste. Stones include Amber and Carnelian, while the colours are Orange and Purple. Helps you to develop purity of both your personal and spiritual consciousness. Emotions, sexuality, desires, raw energies, aspects of our psyche which prevent us from evolving. Body parts are the sexual organs, ovaries and prostate gland. Blockage includes both anger and guilt.

The Solar Plexis, Manipura, the realm of Muspellheim. The element of Fire, and the sense of Sight. Stones include Topaz and Citrine, while the colours are Yellow and Blue. Creates positive peace by activating problems to provide confrontational solutions. Personal power, metabolic energies, individual essence, movement, astral, distributes pranic energies through-out the entire body. Body parts are the stomach, liver, intestines and pancreas gland. Blockage includes hostility and ills in this area of the physical body.

The Heart, Anahata, the Realm of Vanaheim. The element of Air, and the sense of Touch. Stones include Malachite and Ruby, while the colours are Green, Pink, and Rose. Contains the seed of pure divine Love for creative aspects of creation. Love, compassion, relations, associations, inner wisdom, positive thinking refined into pure emotions within the brain. Body parts are the heart, lungs, and thymus gland. Blockage includes a true lack of compassion.

The Throat, Vishudda, the Realm of Jotunheim. The element of Ether, and the sense of Hearing. Stones include Turquise and Sodalite, while the colours are Blue and Clear. Manifests the restful strength and self-less humor of the higher Self. Comminication, creativity, vibrations, focus, directness, psycological transformation of death and regeneration. Body parts are the lymphatic system, the larynx and thyroid gland. Blockage includes lack of creativity and vocalization.

The Brow, Ajna, the Realm of Lossalfheim. The element of Light, and the sense of Mind. Stones include Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst, while the colours are Violet and Green. Draws energies into, while protecting the brain, for this is the key of the spiritual domains. Intuitive knowledge, imagination, psychic, astral, dreams, the hidden essence of symbolism appears. Body part is the pituitary gland. Blockage includes sinus or eye problems and also head-aches.

The Crown, Sahasrara, the Realm of AsagardR. The element of Thought. Stones include Crystal, Clear Quartz, and Diamond, while the colours are White and Golden Yellow. Represents a deep, all-embracing wisdom, leaving no-thing obscure. Time, knowledge, priority, information, wholeness, understanding, refined thinking, all potential resides within this source. Body parts are the brain and the pinal gland. Blockage includes psycological problems of all types.

Kundalini, The Fylgia (Spirit Guide), the Realm of Hel. The element of Spirit. Stones include Hematite, Obsidian, and Herkimer Diamond (a Crystal pointed on both ends), while the colours are either Light and airy, or Dark and claustrophobic. Provides inner knowledge through ancestral pathways of muinin, or memory. Interconnecting relationships, past life recall, psychic visions, astral travel, the path to symbolic death as you leave the physical realm behind. Blockage includes dis-belief and/or resentment to those claiming to have visioned this Hvel. The word kundalini is understood as "the curl of the lock of hair of the beloved."

The Seasons, Planet Earth, the Realm of MidgardR. The Element of Life and Reality. Stones are individualistic and include all those known and un-known, while the colours are not un-like those of the Rainbow. Symbolizes our own self through the consistant cycles; youthful in the Spring, adult in Summer-time, mature in the Autumn, regenerative in Winter-time. Time, affinity, love, amazement, bliss, true understanding of the cycle of Life. Possesses all, for it just is the whole body of things observed or assumed. I have arrived at the conclusion that this Hvel, being uniquely different for each one of us, yet contains a constant of holding to the idea of doing the best you can with what you have. Buddist Mahatmas have attained this level. Blockage includes not caring about the environment, wrapped up in your own self-worth. A resignation of trying, attempting, succeeding and fulfillment of learning what you need in this incarnation in order to move on to the next.


I would just like to state that all
of the lower 7 Hvel have at least one
glandular body part. I would also like
to show my appreciation to those of you
who have honestly inspired me to research
into this wondrously astonishing segment of
the spiritual realm witch I no longer neglect.

         "I Thank You With Purity of Mind,
                  Body, Soul and Truth."

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