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    These are all great projects for the small ones to 'get their hands dirty', whilst doing something which is constructive and at the same time educational. Any of these projects will provide interesting lessons, and topics of discussion, provided you put the time into developing a subject about those which beckon, and include responsible supervision of course.
    We have garnered these wonderous craft ideas from various sources. In each instance we have listed said source, except for one which was sent anonymously, thus giving full credit to each and a place for you to refer should questions.
    Enjoy them with an open mind and in good health.

  Yens & Ida

  #1.)     Subject: How to make paper

1 blender
paper, denim etc for pulp
2 screens a little larger than the paper size you want
(& for us lazy people an iron)

1. Select medium: my personal choice is denim and toilet paper (NOTE: if you decide to use denim cut it into 1/2 inch squares before blending, to get the same coloring you may want to try dryer lint as it is a lot easier).
2. Blend the medium to a pulp. Need I say more? Try for an oatmeal style consistency.
3. Now the fun part, with your hands, smear the pulp on the screen to a little more than the size you want, (you may be cutting the edges for a clean look), place your flowers, glitter, string, etc on the pulp where you want it.
4. Top this mish-mash with the other screen.
5. Place all of this between towels, for thinner paper I use 2 towels on each side and then place heavy books on top
6. Let sit for a day or so.
7. If it is still moist, Iron the dampness out or put it back between the towels.

Voila.. you've successfully made paper.

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  #2.)     Subject: How to Make Cauldron Candles

Cauldron candles are simple to make, a lot of fun and they look great! It's a wonderful way to recycle left over wax.  What you will need:
Clean Sand
A Box or Container
Heat Source
Cooking Pan
Oven Mitts
Small Cauldron or mayonnaise jar
Candle Wicking
Coffee Can or Heat Proof Jar

For wax, you can use paraffin (found in the canning section of the grocery store), beeswax (can usually be obtained cheaply from people who sell their own honey), or even left over candles. If you don't have candle wicking, you can buy them at craft stores or do what I do - use small twine or get the wicks out of broken candles.

Directions to Prepare the mold: If you are using a box, line it with a plastic bag to keep the moisture from destroying the shape. Moisten the sand with water so that it will keep its shape when pressed. If you have a small cauldron, press it tightly into the wet sand until it comes to the top. You don't want the sand over the edge, just flush. Make sure that you have at least one inch of packed sand around the top so that it will hold its shape once the wax is poured in. Carefully remove the cauldron, trying to avoid loose sand particles from falling in. If it doesn't hold its' shape, or you are not happy with the results, redo it! Depending on the size of the container, you can make as many candle molds as you have room. If you don't have a small cauldron, use a small mayonnaise jar or other container that will give you the basic shape. You can even use your fist for a unique looking cauldron. Kids especially love to do this. You will however, need to make legs for the cauldron. Simply use your little finger or a chopstick and press into the bottom of the mold three times. Try to keep them at the same depth, and spaced evenly around the bottom, otherwise you end up with a lopsided cauldron!
To Prepare the wax: Put the wax into the coffee can or the heat-proof container into a pan of water; bring to a boil on the stove. Caution - NEVER leave melting wax unattended and if there are children involved in candle making, always supervise them! Hot wax is highly flammable and can burn skin - so be extremely careful. If you wish to make black cauldrons, add left over black candles or wax to can. If you don't have any, you can add black crayon pieces until you are happy with the color. Of course, if you want a different color, use the appropriate wax or crayon.
Prepare the wick: While the wax is melting, add the wicks to the molds. Press the wicking directly into the sand at the center of the mold. You will need to drape the top of the wick over a pencil or meat skewer that is placed over the top of the mold - preferably resting on the top of the box, to keep the wick from falling into to wax once it is poured.
Pouring the wax: When the wax is completely melted, put your oven mitts on, lift the can from the water and slowly pour the wax into the molds. You don't want the wax to cool too slowly or it may crack, so don't put them outside or in the refrigerator to speed the process.
Finishing the candles: Once the wax has hardened, you can just scoop the candles out of the sand. Trim off any wick that is sticking out of the bottom with scissors and brush off any excess sand.

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Battle Red

  #3.)     Subject: How to Make a Dreamcatcher

A pentacle dream catcher is not difficult to make. It requires a circular ring; even a large curtain ring will do. You will also need some thread, string, or heavy crocheting thread to weave the design upon this ring. If you really want to be decorative, you can string tiny beads on the thread and attach little feathers where the string is wound around the ring. To begin, tie one end of the thread to the ring. Wind the thread around the opposite side of the ring three times at a slight angle from the original attachment, pulling it tight. This will be part of the left leg of the pentacle. Each time you attach the thread to the ring, wind it three times. Now wind the thread about the ring a short distance from the 1st tying. Your design should look like an inverted V-shape. Pulling the string to the left side of the ring, wind it about the ring a little more than half-way up the side. Adjust it until it looks like the lower angle of the cross-arm of the pentacle. Now stretch the thread across to the opposite side and wind it about the ring. For the finishing angle, pull the thread back to the point of the beginning. If you carefully check the angle of the thread each time you prepare to wind it at another point on the ring, you can adjust the design. Make a small loop for hanging at the top of the pentacle. If you want to string beads on the thread, do it on each section before you wind the thread around the ring. I've seen one pentacle dream catcher decorated with a Samhain artificial cobweb and a tiny spider in the center. Dream catchers do work. They are symbols of personal control over dreams. And the subconscious mind which creates dreams only understands symbols.

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  #4.)     Subject: Make your own wooden pentacle:

Making your own Wooden Pentacle is usually fairly easy and the finished product is beautiful. The Materials needed are:

5 Wood Sticks (try to pick strong ones),  A ball of Hemp Twine or natural looking twine or Sinew,  Some beads,  Feathers,  Crystals,  anything else you wish to decorate your pentacle with.

Tie the sticks together with the twine at each of the points. You can adorn the Pentacle with the beads, crystals or feathers you have collected. For a really nice touch, add a dream catcher to the middle of the pentacle. Of course you have to know how to do a dream catcher knot before you can add it to the Pentacle. There are many books that will go through it step by step with you, (Subject #3 above gives such info). Dream Catcher How To Books can be found in almost any Craft Store! One really cool idea would be to make a pentacle with the pentacle dreamcatcher in it, and then another pentacle in the middle of that one, so it would have three concentric pentacles. Oh, and if you want the picture, the webpage is on there, but you don't have to follow a picture, just simply tie them in the shape of a pentacle.

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website unknown at this time…

  #5.)     Subject: Twig Pentagram

You Need: 5 twigs of desired wood and size, Ribbon, raffia, or cord of choice to bind together; Optional decoration ideas: rose hips, seed pods, pine cones, holly, mistletoe, herbs. Lay out and bind twigs where they cross and decorate. Voila!

These would make great ornaments, tree toppers, or wall decorations depending on size. Could also be incorporated into a wreath to make a pentacle. Grapevine wreaths, (like those sold at crafts stores), work well for this and could be decorated at and for any time of the year.

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a natural heathen

  #6.)     Subject: Making a Pentacle Altar Tile

I am always trying to be a thrifty Witch so making tools and items work well for me and cost *much* less than buying, not to mention the energy you infuse them with as you create your items.
Materials Needed:
* 1 ceramic tile, any size/color you want ;(I used the 4x4, and you can get these very cheap at home supply stores like HomeBase or Lumberjack, they are bathroom/kitchen tiles actually. They cost between 15 cents and 1 dollar+ apiece and come in different colors/sizes.)
* Acrylic paints in assorted colors ;(These you can get cheap at craft and hobby supply stores, they cost under $2 apiece and you can get them on sale, especially around the holidays.)
* Clear shellac in a spray-can or the brush-on kind (acquire at craft/hobby supply store also.)
* Small art paintbrush ;(if using the brush-on shellac, get a larger paint-brush or one of those sponge brushes with the handle, this type of shellac is thick.)
* Pencil
* Round item to trace ;(I use the bottom of a can.)
* Something to put your paints in ;(old egg cartons work great for this or you can get cheap palettes at craft/hobby stores.)

 If you want to paint a color background on the tile, do this first and let fully dry, otherwise leave plain. Then trace your pentacle circle on the tile using the can bottom. Draw the rest of your pentacle inside the circle. Using your paints and paint-brush, go over your tracings, using any color you like.
 You can add designs, element colors, anything you want on your tile, make it your own! While you work, visualize energy flowing into your tile, filling it with positive energy and empowering it.
 When you are done painting, set the tile somewhere where it will not be disturbed so it can dry.
 After it is dry, paint or spray the clear shellac over it to seal the paints so they won't scratch or chip off. Make sure to spray outside or in a well ventilated area over newspapers.
 Let dry fully, the thicker your shellac is, the longer it will take.
 Consecrate and bless your tile if you wish and place on your altar, or put away until you are ready to use it, for you are done and now have an original altar tile!
 This can be done to create all sorts of tiles for many purposes, to give as gifts or just to make your own to use or for decorations, trivets, etc. I have used glitter on some of mine and you can use all sorts of items like shells, beads, stones and crystals, fabric, small mirrors, etc.
 A friend added something to my altar tile instructions that I thought was good (thanks Cindy Lou!). She said to get those self-adhesive felt pads in the craft/hobby store that keep things from scratching the furniture, and to put them on the bottom of the tiles if you use them on plain surfaces (the tiles are rough on the bottom). I didn't think of this as I use mine on my altar cloth so they don't scratch my altar, and my others hang on the wall. But if you don't use a cloth and for trivets the felt pads are a great idea. Oh, and to hang the tiles up you can glue a picture hook on the back or glue a ribbon or fabric on the back to loop over a hook or tack to the wall.
 Happy Crafting!

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  #7.)     Subject: Herbal Heating Bags

I'm sure that you can use any oils you choose with this. To create a Headache Pillow, warm or cold, you just need to ensure that the "stuffing" is completely *dry.* Depending on how big you are planning on making it, for you can make it longer to be wrapped around the neck or just about a foot long to be placed on the forehead. You will need;

2 parts Lavender, the flower heads,
1 part dried Eucalyptus,
1 part combined bay leaves, chamomile, & mugwort
Cotton flannel
Stretchy velvet, (crushed velvet)
Fancy lace or ribbon

All you do is make a rectangular tube on the sewing machine. Using 100% cotton flannel cut a rectangle 15 to 18" long by 7 to 8" wide, fold it in half – (right sides together), and sew one short end and up the long side, thus leaving room for it to be opened. Use a scant 1/2" seam allowance, reinforce the stitches and finish the seam with a zig-zag. Turn right-side out. This makes a little sack.
 Then mix the herbs together with the rice and pour into the tube. Oh - DON'T fill the bag completely! It should have at least two or three inches unfilled at the top, this space is to allow the filling material to shift around so that the bag can be comfortably molded to the body. Now turn in the seam allowance on the remaining open end and finish with sewing across it, locking your stitches so the rice can't get out.
 Take another cotton square cut a little bigger. This is going to be the little pillowcase to put the rice bag in. I used a piece of soft velvet with ribbon or lace for the edge of the pillow, for the sake of appearances, or you can just leave it plain if you want to. Sew up this piece like you did the sack only finish off the open end like on a pillow-case on your bed. This will be what can get washed if it gets soiled. DON'T WASH THE RICE BAG!!
 Now, I would zap for the neck and cool for the head, either place your pillow bag in the microwave oven, (this the reason is why it all needs to be cotton), or keep it in the freezer. Depending on your microwave and the size of the bag, set on HIGH and time for 1 ¹/² to 2 minutes, or until it gets the warmth you want. Get it just warm enough so you can pick it up and it doesn't burn you.. You be the judge at how hot you want it to be, and use it like a heating pad. You can put it on the small of your back if your back aches or at the back of your neck or wherever you want. It will retain the heat for several hours. Just simply mush it around to help the natural scents to come out, AHHH!... simple aromatherapy!

To aches and pains say goodbye,
Arrange me and give a sigh.
Keep me cold, did you know I freeze?
Bumps and swellings are a breeze.

 Combined & Condensed From;
Ocean Harmony
Donna dja
and me Aunti


  For a simple No-Sew Herbal Heating-Pad use a sock, preferably clean, turned inside out so the soft inside part is on the outside, fill it with uncooked rice and herbs of your choice, then tie a knot in the sock towards the end. Birdseed or un-popable corn feed could also be substituted for rice and dried herbs and essential oils may added if so desired.

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  #8.)     Subject: Kissing Ball

Items needed:
red velvet ribbon, 1/2 inch and 1 inch
6 or 8 inch embroidery hoop
florist wire
hot glue & gun

1. Separate the two pieces of the embroidery hoops and fit them together, one inside the other, at a 90 degree angle. Secure in this position with florist wire or hot glue.
2. Secure a piece of the 1/2 ribbon to the bottom of the hoop. Wind the ribbon around the edges of the hoop, wrapping each "arm" in a spiral motion until the wood is covered completely. Secure with hot glue.
3. Form two bows with the 1 inch ribbons, leaving the ends dangling. Secure one to the bottom of the joined hoops, the other to the top.
4. Gather the mistletoe into a ball, secure the ends with florist wire. Insert inside the globe and twist the florist wire to the top of the ball.
5. Hang the ball somewhere you are sure to get kissed!

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Ocean Harmony

  #9.)     Subject: Seasonal Besoms

This is another that you can change with the seasons. A simple small broom that you can pick up from any craft store, and by adding seasonal flowers, fruits, berries, and some odds and ends you can have a decorative piece that will last. You can even apply this towards creating your own Besom.

1: Small broom, about 1' by 8"
2-4: Plastic seasonal flowers.
Berries or fruit.
Gourds etc.
1: Of 3 different colours of ribbon, about 12"-16" long.
Some thin (non-lead) wire, or you can strip garbage bag twist-ties of their paper coats.
1: Ornament oriented to the sabbat.
Wire Cutters, Scissors and some glue should you need it.

Using the wire cutters cut down the flower stems to a workable height. Using the wire, begin tieing in the seasonal flowers and berries at the base of the broom where the bristles begin. Manipulate the leaves of the flowers to lie flat against the bristles. This will give a good background for the colour of the flowers to show. Lay your berries and or fruits in between the flowers and tie off with wire. Once you have all the foliage in, wire in the sabbat ornament of your choice. To hide the wire tie the ribbon in a bow or whatever knot you prefer and let some of the excess drape around and under the piece.
 TO HANG: String a bit of wire through the top of the handle and hang on a nail in the door. If you prefer to hang your broom bristles up, then weave the wire through some of the bristles and really twist for strength. If you are hanging this on the front door, it's going to get a lot of traffic by it, so make sure it is secured well.

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Ocean Harmony

  #10.)     Subject: Twelve-herb Sachet

7 parts Juniper

4 parts Cinnamon

4 parts Allspice

4 parts Ginger

4 parts Caraway

2 parts Nutmeg
2 parts Rosemary

2 parts Lemon peel

2 parts Orange peel

1 part Clove

1 part Bay

2 pinches Orris root

Tie up in green or red cloth and give as gifts on Yule or Samhain or any of the Solstices for that matter.

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homeward bound

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