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    Before you eat any types of foods, you should follow the pre-determined guidelines of preparation which are already well-established by countless experienced chefs down through Time, otherwise you just may create major problems for all involved. So too is it with the runes and their order.
    Therefore, only until you are honestly familiar with these wondrously remarkable staves should you begin to read and thus interpret for, let alone begin to teach others. It is in this respect that a deep understanding of the staves themselves, and the myriad ways in which they may be used, followed closely by the reasons they work in the fashion they do is called for, though you may, in fact, use them for self-guidance until you find how best to consult and decipher their meanings. To do this, you must first get thoroughly acquainted with the runic symbolisms, for the knowledge of the reader truly reflects the wisdom that is contained within these glorious staves.
    By meditating on each successive stave, you too shall notice the patterns begin to take shape, the one leading to the next, and soon progressing in a complete circle, whence the lessons begin once again on a new, higher level. Sadly, some folk tend to consider runic divination as a simple game, yet there is no greater power than knowing one's true self through spiritual awakenings, for it is from primal matter that creation springs forth. The runes are indeed a guide into those greater hidden mysteries of progression, serving as a complex code to activate the collective unconscious and thereby enabling the Seeker to gain insightful wisdom.
    You, as a potential Runester, should realize that once the inner door of your subconscious has been opened to seeking for the answers, any thought-form which happens by will respond to your stream of inquiry. Whether it be negative or positive wholly depends upon you, thus you should protect yourself with the proper preparation and thoughtful intent. It is this reason alone, above all others, that the Ancient Ones insisted upon a lengthly apprenticeship through a complex series of initiations to determine if the potential caster was ready to begin divining for others.
    You should honestly get to know and understand the runes though intense study and research, ((all the while you shall become ever more familiar with your own self through their glorious use)), before you should even begin attempting to read for anyone else so as not to cause dire confusion or even to fatally mis-lead others with something that, as an aspiring reader of the runes, you actually know or understand so little about. A Seeker should always keep in mind the three P's… Practice, Persistence, Perseverance.
    Think about it… any form of divination will, without a doubt, most assuredly reflect the inner mind of the reader, regardless of the state in which it may be in at the time in question. Therefore the more honest and direct your outlook as a reader, the more positive and accurate your feedback concerning the query shall be.
    No matter the query, it is you, the caster/reader, who must be the final interpretor. Therefore you must know and understand the runes as you begin to learn to recognize various patterns and trust the quick and ready insight of your inner guiding forces, for runic divination is indeed a true experience in the freest form, without any given boundaries, limits or simplified meanings.
    It is for this reason alone that each stave contains so many wondrously diverse meanings. Just to help you grasp this concept; the reason is not to give as many distinctly different interpretations per rune, but to enable as many different styles of assorted reasonings per stave with but one highly individualistic, focused interpretation for each of the widely various and wondrously different situations which do happen to occur in life to each and every one of us.
    Remember, you should learn to treat these facts which are revealed unto you without the slightest distortion brought about by any personalized feelings or other prejudices in a most clear and concise manner and do so with the utmost indifference to all worldly concerns.
    In order for you to successfully interpret a cast, you must speak what it is that you truly see, and learn to discern the diverse meanings of the runes for the given situation at hand, for people on a whole, are a most receptive lot, most of whom, by the way, will then lead their lives according to what has been told to them by you, the caster, for they are inclined to trust how you, as a student of the mysteries, may enlighten them.
    All too often this sadly leads to poorly made choices and a complete waste of time for both the querant and the caster brought about by the mis-understandings of one or t'other, though Grammy oft states, "It takes two…".
    You must first attain a quite peacefulness within your emotional mind and sensibilties as you begin to release all negative thoughts and feelings and then simply replace them by truthfully focusing on those wonderous beliefs of insipirational purity, which are quite easily brought about through the joyful release of your delightfully gleeful inner child. Come on, you can do it!
    One must realize that although the runes can, and often do, predict the past, present and/or future in a most subtle and successful way, this is not their primary goal. For in reality, it is the proven order of the individulistic runes which plays a vitally important role in containing the ancient language of a secret magickal learning of vast cosmological, mythological, and psychological aspects which are highly suggestive of broader view-points that tap into three distinctly different and unique types of Rune Streams: 1) The universal Cosmic energies, those of creation; 2) The Underworld energies, essential to our bodies; 3) The Terrestrial, enabling us to effect life changes.
    It is wise for you, at this point, to keep in mind that each rune-stave, in and of itself, is known to contain the primal layers of wyrd, ((pronounced 'weird')), determining that which shall be, and that it is for the betterment of humanity as a whole, and our own selves for that matter, to thus attain the awakening of the divine that resides within each of us.
    CLOSING NOTE: Archeological evidence makes it quite clear that the original Eldar Futhark contained 24 staves. Therefore, to accommodate new sounds entering into the language, the Olde English Futhorc was established bringing forth 33 staves, while the Norse language contracted, leaving 16 staves. The blank stave was _never_ a part of any of the original alphabets, and therefore diversion into that recent revision is _not_ recommended by this Vitki. Therefore, in closing, I would like to state that when learning to paint, you don't necessarily produce a masterpiece without first knowing the full spectrum of colors you will be working with…

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