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The Dynamics Of Runology:

Hailsa Seekers, One and All;
I've been thinking, and Ida ((Mine Frowe)) does seem to agree, that there may be those who seek a place to begin an enlightening understanding of what the rune-staves hold for them personally, but are not yet quite sure where to start.
Hence we do offer out the following. It is a study guide that was in fact thoughtfully compilied to enable all who are truly interested in the process of actually attaining a new level of consciousness to grasp a better understanding of each individual stave, as well as their own self.
For the runes are but a miniscule part of a system in which you, the Seeker, must make the time for study in order to progress. For how can you possibly know the workings of an entire system when, in fact, you do not understand the parts that make it run smoothly?
Therefore, by the time you have dilligently completed this easy to follow Lesson Plan you should not only know the order of the Elder Futhark, but also have gained practical ways in which to apply this knowledge for common everyday occurrences. Plus I am confident that a few hidden perks will also appear to you, the Seeker, there and here as you progress.
Also realize that adept Seekers may use this guide as a refresher course, if they so desire. The following then is how we personally see how one may be able to learn of an unfamiliar system, athough we are sure that there are some who shall disagree with our methodology. If you do so, realize that we are always attempting to be open to new ways of thought, so don't hesitate to send us yours.


Step One:
Draw each stave which comes to mind, without the aid of any sources other than that of your mind. This should enable you to find which staves you are unfamiliar with, and will also help you to memorize each individual rune of the Futhark.

Step Two:
Which rune is your favorite? Your least favorite? Now, take the time to explain in the fullest detail possible why.

Step Three:
Learn all you possibly can about these two runes from at least three different sources, although the more, the better.

Step Four:
What do these two staves have in common? In what ways do they differ? List your thoughts into two seperate columns for each rune, and respond in short, concise answers.

Step Five:
In what way can you utilize these two staves in your every day experiences, be it at work, home, play, shopping, or what have you.

Step Six:
Repeat this process continually until you have worked the entire Futhark in this way. Do not make it a chore, instead make it a relaxing adventure.

Sense they possessed not, soul they had not,
being nor bearing, nor blooing hue;
soul gave Othin, sense gave Hoenir,
being Lothur, and blooming hue.
Stanza 18 Voluspa

homeward bound

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