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H A I L S A ;

These Old Scania Folk Tales are true to form, and though they do often times contain rather unusual and sometimes unexpected circumstances for some, we feel that these particular fables from within the Northern Traditions hold a vast storehouse full of delightful wit and wisdom to be heard by all.
We have thoughtfully chosen the following stories from the extensive batch we have on hand, considering these to be the most beneficial for overall lessons. They all happen to contain various ideals and thoughts on social behavior and public morals, personal growth and self expression, even the consequences which one may receive by wrongful actions, thus making them perfect examples to utilize in order to teach and instruct our children.
Yet, some may feel these Tales we ae chosen to present are not intended for the young ones of today. We therefore suggest taking the time to have a once over yourself to deem if they are proper enough for the standards which you have set in regards to your own children, for our opinions may differ from yours. In fact, that's what makes us each, one and all, wonderfully unique.

Do You Wear Your Hammer?

The Draugr Of Fjelkinge

The Resslared Trolls

The Rose-Elf

The Honourable Penny

The Fearless Boy

The Adventurous Lad

Alfathers Present

The Mis-Understood Owl

The Auroch Boots

A Story of Two Men

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